Tank Chats #80 Black Prince

Another in the series from the Bovington tank Museum. Enjoy.

The Tank Museum has the only surviving example of the Second World War prototype tank, the A43 Black Prince.

The designers of the Churchill tank were commissioned to build a tank which could hold the larger 17 pounder gun. The Centurion was chosen to go in to production instead of the Black Prince, due to its superior engine and armour.

SP70: The Failed Project that led to AS-90



As scheduled for post Tankfest, Our Shrivenham Defense Academy videos are now starting to come out!
This is one of my favourite armoured vehicle places in the whole UK!

My best mate Ed Francis and I visited the Shrivenham Defense Academy and in this video, we discuss how the AS-90 Self-propelled Artillery came to be as a result of the SP70 failed project.

A special thanks to SDA for having us!

Hope you enjoy!

Funnies: The D-Day Tanks

From The Tank Museum Bovington. To mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, The Tank Museum Curator, David Willey looks at the ‘Funnies’ tanks. Percy Hobart, head of the 79th Armoured Division, brought together these ‘Funny’ tanks and deployed them to great effect for Operation Overlord. Discover how weird and wonderful tanks, like the Flail, Sherman DD and Churchill AVRE, aided the Allies landing on the beaches of Normandy.