Ride inside WW2 Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther!



Here’s my newest tank video before attending Tankfest, for those going as well I do hope to see you there!

Had such a blast! Still can’t believe they gave me such an opportunity! First Saumur’s Panther and now the Weald Foundation’s Jagdpanther in less than 2 months, this is a dream come true for a cat lady!

Special thank you to Weald Foundation and Harkonen aka Duarte Teixeira for the invite!

To support history: https://www.wealdfoundation.org/




Russia created a robot that looks like a tiny tank called Uran-9:

Unmanned ground combat vehicle, has a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon, a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun and Ataka ATGMs, hasn’t seen combat yet and at least who built this was smarter than Microsoft because the Uran-9 is remotely controlled and not some Doomsday A.I.

The inclusion of the Ataka missiles gives the diminutive robot the capability to engage and destroy the most modern battle tanks from ranges as great as 8,000 meters. The robots are also fitted with an array of sensors—including a laser warning system and target detection, identification and tracking equipment.

Will be used as support platform and scouting: Continue reading

Czech T-72 ARVs pull stuck cargo ship



first of all a thanks to SilentStalker senpai for sharing this with me.

In Dresden, Germany a cargo ship with 800 tons of salt got stuck on a sand bank under a bridge for nearly a week which stopped the traffic in the area. The authorities had to extract the salt first and then called in 2 T-72 ARVs from Czech Republic to pull the ship.

ČSPL , the company owner of the cargo ship stated that the ship wasn’t overloaded and that it navigated 150-180cm deep, the river area according to German media is Continue reading