WoT 1.0.1 Public test update



The launch of the test sever has been postponed untill tomorrow Friday the 13th of April.

In addition to the main reason for the introduction of 1.0.1 ie the Italian tech tree there will also be the reintroduction of an old friend the map Province in HD, also a change to the in-game economy. In the garage you will no longer be able to buy Premium shells or consumables directly for Gold, you will first have to exchange Gold for credits.

handy guide to public tests.

To download the installer test client installer   Alternative Installer link

Progetto m35 model 46 Review – WoT Tier 8 Italian Premium Tank



We have a review of the new premium from the founder of the FILO Clan group so our thank’s go to him and the FILO family so we have this from this Page.

POSTED BY Nikita April 6, 2018

To be honest, I feel quite special that my first ever review as a CC for WarGaming is a tank like the Progetto 46.  It’s really unlike anything in the game currently and is almost as radical as the S-Tanks were when they were first introduced.

To my knowledge, the Progetto 46 is the first ever tier 8 tank to be the first to represent a new nation – this is a spot normally reserved for tier 6 vehicles. This one is a fully-fledged tier 8 medium tank and wow, what a start to the Italian line this vehicle is proving to be.

I’m quite a fan of medium tanks and whilst I prefer the scrappers that let you get in close and personal, this tank will very often get you dead quickly, if you don’t treat her with some respect. She’s fast – 55kph top speed and hits that very quickly – but make sure you appreciate the speed as you’ll find yourself getting to the fight at the same time as the lights – you’re just a bigger target for the enemy to shoot at than they are! Make sure you use this tanks agility to get you in and out to cover as quickly as possible.

The armour isn’t anything to write home about – 1400 hit-points and 60/30/20 hull armour with 80/60/25 turret.  The turret is, I’ve found, quite bouncy but the rest of the vehicle, even when angled, is pretty easy to penetrate.  Best trying for hull-down positions or something behind which you can poke – you know it makes sense!



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WoT 1.0 Test server Update 5


Yesterday there was an update on the test server. These were the contents:


Fixed problems:

– Colour filter selection interface errors
– Fixed a problem, due to which it was possible to change color correction parameters with minimum graphics settings in full-screen mode.
– Fixed an issue where the currently installed theme filter was disabled after switching to the user-defined color correction settings.
– Fixed an issue where disabling effects in the game settings caused all effects to be turned off on the map.
– Fixed a problem in the operation of auto-selection of players for team Battles.
– Fixed a problem causing the reload indicator to display incorrectly after minimizing the game while reloading.
– Fixed a problem with low framrate for Ultra presets for the first few seconds after loading the map.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused frame rate drop when switching to sniper mode.
– Fixed a problem that caused the client to hang when hovering over the marathon flag.
– Fixed an issue where the number of gun marks was not displayed in the garage .
– Fixed a problem that caused the turret to interact incorrectly with the hull after bombing explosions.
– Fixed a problem, due to which the shape of trees changed when you moved away from then towards them.

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Italian Camouflage in 1.0


The two types of each camo for summer, winter and desert on the Progetto 46.

Map Time p. 2 and 1 – Level Design




Wargaming layout the reasons and thinking behind some of the map changes moving to HD.

Improvements to Erlenberg, Kharkov, and Steppes

We’re back with a catch-up on level design improvements for another batch of maps being reworked into HD. Today, we’ll go over changes designed to end players “camping” in one space on Erlenberg, give both teams equal chances for control over Steppes, and make Kharkov enjoyable for each vehicle class.

NOTE: While we want to keep you abreast of upcoming changes, there’s always a chance that things could change between this article and the maps release. We’ll keep you updated as the work continues.



The Sandbox test showed that the team spawning in the south could easily rush through the lowland, leaving the other camp with hardly any safe retreat routes.


To make the right flank more playable for both teams, we added hills on both sides of the lowland. If you’re playing support on the northern team, sneak there and destroy opponents at medium to long range to slow their advance.

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Deffender not to be sold on EU


Forum announcement by WG staffer Kandly

Many of you already noticed that players in some other regions of the world have the opportunity to get their hands on the Defender in February. We would like to be as transparent with you as possible about this question and let you know that currently we have no plans to put this vehicle on sale on the European Server for now.

Here is why:
When the Defender was first introduced back in 2017, many of you expressed concerns about its in-game performance as you considered it to be too powerful. We took the time to analyse the situation carefully and – after looking at the data and your feedback – we came to the conclusion that the tank should not be put on sale as long as we considered it to be problematic.
Fast forward to today, a lot of work has been accomplished on the overall game balance, changing the metagame significantly, and leading us to re-assess the state of the Defender. While we still believe the vehicle to be a good one, we also believe the current meta no longer makes it the be-all-end-all of top-tier heavies. However, we know that the European community has had particularly strong concerns about the Defender since it has been introduced. For this reason, we have decided not to re-introduce the vehicle in Europe for now.

We understand that some of you might not agree with this decision, and we will continue to pay particular attention to reading your feedback about this topic. Please continue to share your thoughts about the Defender, we will be listening.

See you on the battlefield!

Personal note. Then they bring in the Russian tech tree changes.