New Author: Billywarren007


Good day to all you fine ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am Billy Warren and you may know me from several Twitch streams and from my common epithet “the Scapegoat”. For those that do not know me yet I am a 23 year old graduate in International Politics, French and Arabic and am currently in the process of joining the Royal Navy as a submarine warfare officer.

As of today my role on the blog is to cover content related to War Thunder, and with the recent release of 1.71 there will be plenty of topics to look at in the near future. As for my experience of War Thunder, I have been playing since the days of x2 daily, 20 ranks and that time when you were not able to bail out of planes. Managed to grind myself through blood, sweat and plenty of salty tears to rank 5 in all nations and forces minus Japan Ground Forces (not very honourable).

I look forward to bringing you all sorts of War Thunder content and if you have any questions feel free to message me on Discord.

Look to the skies and I will see you around!


WoT – Micropatch for 0.9.20


Server Downtime.

Some good news for Ranked Battle fans. This is a server-side update. On September 18, we will release a small update, which should eliminate long queues in ranked battles. Because of this, some servers will be unavailable. Timetable: RU 4,5,6 and 8 were updated this afternoon. Overnight RU1 + RU7 will be down from 04:20–04:40 (МSK). RU9 and RU10 from 03:00–03:20 (МSK).

EU1 server was updated from 14:40 – 15:00 CEST (that explains the downtime this afternoon). I suspect EU2 will be down overnight but WG EU gives no information. Nor so far does WG NA.


Victor Kislyi Q&A


A sort of Q&A. Not a terrible lot of information specifically related to World of Tanks, but more towards WarGaming in general. Still, it’s something on an otherwise slow news day:

-It’s more difficult for WarGaming to operate in China, as we don’t operate the game there directly, and there are several problems. We pay sufficient attention to all clusters, and as Slava Makarov says- we don’t focus on specific clusters, just the game itself.

-We’re at a point where all we have to do now is not drop the game, just keep improving.

-If something fails and we don’t finish something, I try to remain calm about it. Everything is in our hands. There’s only one real reaction- Lets try to figure out how or why something failed and get it up and running again. Continue reading