Fjords Changes



These are the supertest Fjords changes:

It’s nice to see they are tackling some of the issues in this map by making the bases perhaps more interesting but I am not sure about the main centre area, as since the last changes this map feels biased towards those who spawn on the right side with the foolish deforestation ideas and a hill which only the right side Lights can safely climb without getting shot by the camper TDs on the base.

Caernarvon Action X “Fearless” Camo


This “Special edition” camo is in the 1.1 test sever. The regular Caernarvon Action X Tier VIII British premium Heavy Tank  first went to supertest September 2017 but has yet to be released for sale. The Action X stats have been unchanged for a while and we have the latest test sever screen shot at the end. Update added the tech tree Carenarvon stats page at the end. Both stat pages will open in new tabs when clicked so that you can move them to view side by side.

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Spot the alternative tank facts



Thank you to the “Church of Comfort” lads for pointing this out.

Wargaming paid a sponsored article on the -Alien’s- History channel about tanks facts and dont have to elaborate much further on it for you to know what’s coming. I will leave you to your own devices and see if you can spot all the alternative facts.

It is too early in the morning here for me to even look at it.

V.1.0.2 #886 Test Server Changelog



I just finished compiling all the modifications on the new changelog for the patch V.1.0.2 #886.
Not many changes on this patch so far, especially compared to three years ago when I started doing these, it would take me sometimes nearly 2 days to compile and filter the changelog, now, it took me an hour (and I made lunch and coffee in between).

As usual:

-New (Previous)

New Vehicles:

-Polish HT Czolg T wz51 

-Soviet HT Object 277;
-Soviet MT K-91

Soviet MT T-34 shielded (It was called T-34 Experimental in ST but for whatever reason, they changed the name to shielded)



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