Latin American Server Incoming?


Yesterday World of Tanks Blitz players received an update which gave them the following:


Now obviously this is just for Blitz players at the moment, but as some have pointed out, WG isn’t going to go to the expense of purchasing servers in the region exclusively for Blitz, so it may be a good sign that PC may be receiving it as well. Not much more info is out at the moment, such as whether it’ll be a single server or cluster, but we’ll update if anything comes up.


From the lads at: Report de Batalla

WoT Blitz 3.6 Legendary Camos


Short post, a quick look at a few legendary camo schemes (camo schemes unique to one particular tank and can occupy any environment slot)

I gotta say, while not personally a fan of crazy paint schemes, these don’t look to bad. And its certainly better than making a whole new tank of it and charging $50 for it.

What do you all think?

WoT Blitz Communication Changes


Coming in Blitz update 3.6, the following changes to communications will be made:

– Players will no longer be able to communicate with the enemy team.

– Communication with allies will only be possible so long as your tank is alive.

– Platoon chat and training room chat will remain unaffected.


The Blitz devs justify these changes for the same reason cross team chat was removed on PC, denying toxic players chances to give away allied positions to the enemy and to cut down on toxic behavior.

WoT Blitz: Standard to Premium Tank Upgrades


Good day everybody,

WoT Blitz is introducing a very interesting option for players. Those who have a much loved tank in the tech tree will now have a way of making the most out of it, by upgrading that tech tree tank to Premium tank status for a set amount of time (14 days) or permanently. This bonus stays with the tank for the specified amount of time, regardless of the tank being sold or not. Continue reading

WoT Blitz Bug Fix

Valiant effort bug fixed.

From Wargaming: Our Developers have now fixed the issue with the XP bonus for the Valiant Effort reward.

In order to get the Mastery Badge when players have a defeat, players will need to have invested similar effort than for a victorious battle.

What’s more, the Bonus for Valiant Effort can now be received in case of a draw result.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that you’ll enjoy the 3.4 update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Your Support Team