WoT Console Dev. Steam Q&A 9/19


Once again we have another WoT Console Q&A, taken straight from their latest development stream. Mostly keeping to actual development related questions. A more “official” version may come later as this is a straight transcription from the stream. If there is any new info there I’ll be sure to post. This time we have lead developer Jeff Gregg:


When will players see missing maps return? (A large number of maps had been removed do to a number of stated reasons, from player response to Xbox 360 memory limits).

  • Maps. You know I feel your pain… I think right now we have 40 maps and over 80 if you count the variants, but I still understand if there’s maps that were in there that are not in there it never feels good to have something taken away, and we are working to get those maps back in. There is something I can tell you that’s being addressed as I talk and hopefully we can get out soon: As we looked into the current maps that are in there, we’re about to deploy a better distribution of the maps that are active in the game, to try to alleviate those people who may be seeing a lot of repeats… so not trying to poo-poo the answer or dodge the question, I don’t have an answer to say when, what I can say on what we got right now and we’re doing right now is trying to solve the problem of anybody who thinks they aren’t seeing enough of what is available.

On why those maps were removed: No new info. “Technicalities and design challenges regarding map size”

When can we get more emblem spots on tanks?

  • Emblem spots, ok. Typically most tanks have two that are either left and right turret or left and right hull. It’s a bit of a misnomer because of the way we have to set up all of the tanks is that if you have multiple hulls or you have multiple turrets we have to set up positions to every one of that tank’s turrets and hulls, because if you upgrade something it really wouldn’t be acceptable for one of those to disappear. More is actually technically possible, we would just need to look at each individual module and find room and space to put all those things, so it would just take time. If there are certain tanks that are a higher priority to people that might be helpful, but not a promise that’d be a fast turnaround to put that stuff in. Another thing we need to remember is if we add even just one more emblem to every tank, thats actually 30 more emblems that need to be rendered on the field.

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WoT Console September Overview


That time again, where we look over (and sometimes dread) some of the new content coming to World of Tanks Console through the month of September:

Mariya Oktyabrskaya & ‘The Fighting Girlfriend’

In a nice touch for those who are fans of historical tanks and commanders, WoT Console is introducing Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the first female tanker to ear the title “Hero of the Soviet Union” and her T-34 ‘The Fighting Girlfriend’.


Along with this, there will be a new earn op for the “Honor” variant of the T-28E.

War Stories

A new chapter of the War Stories mode will be added: Operation Sea Lion. Another alternate history scenario where the Germans begin their invasion of Britain. Continue reading

World of Tanks Console: Update 4.0


Good day everyone,

Tomorrow World of Tanks Console will be receiving a new update, primarily focused around the recently announced War Stories mode. As of launch, two PvE campaigns will be available, the first being Brothers in Armor: a short tutorial focused on an American commander training a Soviet crew on a Lend-Leased M4. The second will be Flashpoint Berlin, an alternate history scenario in which British armor must punch through the Soviet blockade of West Berlin. The campaigns will have comic style cutscenes, seen a bit here:

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WoT Console: War Stories


Good day everybody,

In an interesting move, WoT Console has announced a new mode exclusive to WoT Console: War Stories, a set of alternate history single player campaigns that will be introduced at the end of August.

The War Stories that will be available from the beginning will be:

Brothers in Armor– Essentially a tutorial set around a US commander training a Soviet crew on the M4 Sherman.

Flashpoint Berlin– Cold War tensions reach a breaking point during the Soviet blockade of West Berlin.

Future campaigns will include a German Invasion of Britain in “Operation Sealion” and the Cold War going hot during the Cuban Missile Crises in “Kennedy’s War“. Continue reading

WoT Console August Overview


Good day everyone,

Brief overview of the new content (hopefully going for quality over quantity) and events coming to WoT Console during August:

Beasts of Prey

In what may be one of the most confusingly named events ever, a new Earn Op. No details so far, though based on player feedback it seems that they will go for something similar to the American Dream Op, with multiple tiers of prizing based on points earned.

Beasts of War

In a welcomed move, WoT Console is seeing the introduction of three requested premiums from PC in the form they were introduced in on that platform: The Rheinmetall Skorpion G, the M46 Patton KR, and the Panzer 58 Mutz

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The Average Console Player, How The Meta Differences Matters and Why None Of Us Speak For Them


Good day everybody.

As part of our attempt to gather a variety of views and opinions from the World of Tanks Console playerbase, we’ve reached out to one of those in our Community Contributor program

By Jackth4Rippa

So I’m gonna start this off by saying that I DO NOT speak for the average player, as much as I maintain any ability level is achievable by any and all, I am aware that at current I am above average. But I don’t think personal rating, winrate, WN8 or any other form of generated number tells you about the person behind the controller, whether keyboard and mouse of a console controller. I make these points because I want to disassociate skill levels from the term average, and myself from it being claimed I consider myself to be among the core playerbase.

Chart 2

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WoT Console Dev. Q&A (June 19th)


Good day everybody,

Here is a transcription of the latest developer Q&A on WarGaming’s Twitch channel covering World of Tanks Console. Trimmed to questions related to content and the direction of the game (as I don’t think anybody really wants to hear about people wanting Doritos ads during the loading screens):

With the introduction of the Sherman Grizzly (being the first tank WG Chicago built from scratch) can we finally see the introduction of truly Console Exclusive lines?

Yes. So with the Grizzly not existing on PC it was our first attempt at creating a tank from scratch. Bringing it all the way through the game, creating all the files for it, testing it out etc. It was about an 8 or 9 week process for a relatively simple tank. So now we have the know-how for making tanks. So expect some console exclusives in the future… We have more suggestions than I know what to deal with.


Will we see implementation of Personal Missions or other long-term operations that would allow skilled players to earn tanks that will never be on sale?

We started doing longer ops, for example the month long ops where you could earn points and cash them in for any tank or premium from there, in the chart there was 10 level of prizes. We realized that players time is constrained, they’re not always able to play on weekends or get the ops done on weekdays, so we have been extending them out to be longer. We have another really cool one coming up in August. As far as having tanks that are exclusive to only people that complete the op: I’m not planning on having tanks exclusive to those things. I don’t see a reason to keep players who can’t complete the op or don’t have as much time to play from owning tanks. If they want to buy them go right ahead, or maybe earn them later. I don’t like the idea of taking content that is expensive for us to make and making it exclusive to a small number of people. I don’t feel like that’s fair to the playerbase. Continue reading

WoT Console Chicago Office: WG’s Kindergarden


This is an article intended to lay a foundation to upcoming ones of the same subject.

As most of you may be aware, I made known many months ago that I had started playing World of Tanks Console. At the time, I pretty much only covered WoT PC on this page but I did quite like the game and decided to give a voice to Console on Status Report.

For that, I brought along Deconoir as a co-author which was one of the best decisions I ever made. He’s someone without agendas who genuinely want to see the game flourish, has played console for a long time, was involved in the Supertest program for some awhile and has a far greater insight of the game than me, still, he always has taken the time to explain and teach me about this version of WoT and we always brief before he posts an opinion article.

Rest assured, every word Deconoir has written about Console has my stamp of approval.

With the Console niche created on the blog, we logically have attracted the Console community and I became more involved and especially now after TankFest 2017, I did not expect to have so many console players approaching to thank us and incentivising keep on sharing Console content and asking to get more things going.

On the latter, and this is something I did explain to those people at the event, is that we have, in fact, tried to create a communication channel with the Console staff like we do with the PC staff but to no avail. I formally requested things through the right people, that we solely want to have a proper constructive and friendly atmosphere going back and forth with Deconoir & I, you and they.

The answer I got back was rather offending if not alarming, to put it into simple words we got dismissed because they disliked the fact that we promote constructive criticism.

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Monetizing Options: WoT Console’s Update 3.9


Good day everybody,

This will be another sort of ‘state of the community’ piece for World of Tanks Console, specifically regarding the latest update, 3.9, and the justifications behind the differences between the different platforms World of Tanks is supported on. Most of this is opinion, as always, but opinion based on observation and several interactions with WG staff over the past couple of days

With World of Tanks Console Editions latest update WarGaming Chicago-Baltimore finally introduced a long awaited (3 years) feature to the game: National Crew Voices. After years of teasing and reasons that they couldn’t be implemented we would finally be able to have our German and Russian crews stop sounding like an American action movie hero:

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WoT Console July Overview w/ Opinion Piece


Once again WoT Console has released another overview for the next month. So far we’re in for… more of the same, but I’ll save the opinions for the later half of the post. So far, here’s what we have:

Frostbite Grizzly

To celebrate Canada Day and the 150th year since Canada’s confederation, WG is bringing out another Sherman variant, this time a Maple Leaf clad Sherman Grizzly:

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