WoT Console: Custom Flags


Good day everybody,

With WoT Console’s somewhat unexpected drop of update 4.2, there was little preview or fanfare to cover the new features implemented. So, despite being out for a day, here is a quick look at the new customizable flag feature for World of Tanks Console:

Flags are a new tab under Tank Customization, with the usual assortment of national flags:

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WoT Console Update 4.2 Patch Notes


Good day everyone,

With a bit of a chaotic week preceding, WoT Console has launched Update 4.2, bringing Tier X light tanks, a tech tree for viewing rare premiums in the armor viewer, and a few other things:

New Features

  • Multi-Base Assault: new game mode featured in only five maps initially and currently only available in Team Training and Tournaments.
    • Ghost Town
    • Cliff – Winter
    • Mines
    • Mines Rain
    • Liberty Falls
  • Tank flags: Expanding our players’ ability to customize their tanks by adding Flags! Players can choose a standard flag or create their own.
  • Premium Tank Tree: displays all rare Premium tanks that are currently in-game. Look up the armor profile, modules, stats, see what’s missing from your collection, or just admire the tanks in all their glory.
  • Log Tab: You can now access up to 10 of your most recent battles and they are now saved across game sessions on the same server.
    Replays expire after 14 days or when server/major version updates are done and will show “replay is expired”.
  • “Detected” alert mechanics changed to “Targeted”
    • Removed the “directional” requirement. Now the alert will trigger no matter what direction you are looking.

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World of Tanks Console November Q&A Roundup


Good day everyone,

Here is a quick collection taken from the weekly Battle Heroes segments of the World of Tanks Console site:

Will we be getting a driver/gunner view for replays?

Yes, we’re adding first person view to the observer cam in Team Training and Replays.

Some of us have racked up a large number of Premium tanks over the years, any thoughts on a trade-in event like in PC?

Interesting, we’ll have to ask the PC team how it went.


What’s the daily player count on each console (Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4)?

It varies depending on the day of the week and what promotions we’re running. The break down is basically 40/20/40 percent respectively for daily active users. Continue reading

WoT Console: Captured Tiger II


During yesterday’s surprise Swedish update, a new premium was spotted in the WoT Console website’s Tankopedia: A US captured Tiger II:


The entry was pulled pretty quickly do to the stats on the machine not being finalized, though from the looks of it, it will be a completely historical Tiger II. Whether it will stay at Tier 8 as it was listed or be dropped down a Tier like the historical Tiger Is remains to be seen.


Cheers to Rodent from the Status Report Discord for the historical image.

WoT Console Swedish Update


Good day everyone,

Some unexpected news from the console front, players woke up after an announced server downtime to find the Swedish tech tree added to the game. Lovely!

Unfortunately as of yet, there are no update or patch notes available, so I’ll be trying to wing it:

  • Swedish tech tree added
  • Primo Victoria Strv. 81 variant added to in-game store w/ Joakim Broden commander.
  • Par Sundstrom, Chris Rorland, Tommy Johansson, Hannes Van Dahl added to the in-game store as “Hero” commanders with Brothers in Arms fully trained.
  • “Band of Brothers” operation added, allowing players to earn one of the new “Hero” commanders for every 60,000 damage done.

That seems to be it content wise. As stated, this was a unannounced update, and there are no official notes out. If they are added we’ll be sure to update.

WoT Console Dev Q&A Roundup


Good day eveybody,

Quick roundup of dev answers from various weekly Q&As (when they’re relevant to development, and not another “When is X premium coming to the store) and statements through the forums for the month of October:

So it seems that Swedish tanks are coming soon… sweet. What about the tier X light tanks? When can we expect those?

The current plan is for early next year.

Why don’t we get the buffs World of Tanks PC gets at the same time and how exactly do you decide what you bring over from PC?

We consider each change PC makes when we move up versions and take the ones we feel are appropriate for the console game. Many times by the time we get changes from a new server version they’ve already been changed again on PC. We probably take more buffs than nerfs on average due to the changes we made to tank responsiveness when we launched. We have a very large number of data hooks and reports on how all the tanks perform and make our decisions using that data as well as the data from PC.

Any updates on the alternate artillery view?

That comes in a future version of the server we haven’t received yet. Sometime next year, we’ll start upgrading to it and see how we want to implement it.

Any updates on the “Mercenary tree” that was hinted at months ago?

It’s an exciting concept, but there’s nothing currently to announce.

Do you think we’ll see TOG Sea again?

Very likely.

Have you all figured out what, if any, changes to artillery to implement? When might we see these changes?

All significant artillery changes will happen at the same time that we upgrade to the server version that has the new artillery changes from World of Tanks PC. Continue reading

WoT Console Charity Livestream- Nov. 4th

Hello everybody,

Every year around this time, the World of Tanks Console Stream puts together a charity livestream to raise money for the Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. This year’s goal is $5,000

This year it will be a 25 hour livestream starting on November 4th, 8AM US Central Time.

The live stream will have developer interviews and presentations, community platoons, collaborations with Console community streamers, and of course giveaways (yes, some stuff for you PC guys is advertised as well).

So swing by, donate if you feel like, or just to show you’re support for a good cause.

For more info, take a look at the full post on the Console forum here.