World of Tanks Console- Q&A with TJ Wagner

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A few things from the last WoT Console developer stream with WarGaming Chicago Creative Director, TJ Wagner aka. PAINGOD.

Are there any plans for balancing certain game mechanics, such as RNG, or physics?

  • 3.5, which should be coming towards the end of this month, takes all of the physics changes from 9.15 on the PC, and there’s quite a few balance changes. The game is going to feel quite a bit different. RNG? No plans yet. We’ve talked about it but I don’t have anything concrete to share (other than somebody suggesting random RNG numbers per day).

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World of Tanks Console- Q&A with TJ Wagner

World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

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A few WoT Console players looked through the game sites Tankopedia and found these two tanks that may be potentially added soon. Heres what we got:

Tiger 131


A really interesting one here, the famous Tiger 131. If the image on the Tankopedia is anything to go by, it’ll be based specifically on its appearance in the movie Fury, with cloth and branch camo.

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World of Tanks Console Upcoming Premiums

WoT Console WG Fest Q&A

More from WG Fest, this time regarding the WoT Console versions. Answers come from Regional Operating Producer Anastasia Pribylskaya.

-The main achievement from this year was getting tanks out on PS4 and getting it caught up with the Xbox verzions.

-We’re looking to making something similar to ESL tournaments, n a platform bypassing the training rooms.

– In the next year we will do more entertaining game modes, for example, in January, we will have a comic look for some time, the whole game will look like a comic book.This is not the mode but simply a visual experience. Continue reading “WoT Console WG Fest Q&A”

WoT Console WG Fest Q&A