World of Tanks Generals- Closing and Currency Transfer


On April 15th the servers to World of Tanks Generals will finally be shutting down after the announced closure of the game last year. The official forum and support sites will be active until May 15th.

Free XP and purchased gold bars will be transferred to another game active on your Wargaming account, either the game you’ve spent the most money on, or played the most. If both of those are unavailable, resources will be transferred to World of Tanks

Source: WoT Generals RU Portal

World of Tanks Generals Shutting Down


Howdy folks, brief bit of news from the World of Tanks Generals team.

We regret to inform that the April 15, 2017 World of Tanks Generals project will be closed. Also, the “generals” will be excluded from the list of games that we offer, which will be reflected in the user agreement.

October 9, 2016 will be disabled in the Premium store payments. The remaining game currency you can use in the game until 15 April 2017. After that, it will be automatically transferred to the game universe, Wargaming, in which you play most often.

On behalf of all employees Wargaming thank you for your dedication and love for the game. We sincerely hope that every second spent on the battlefield, was joyful and pleasant.

Team World of Tanks Generals




today the following was posted on the World of Tanks Generals page:


“Dear players,

We regretfully announce that World of Tanks Generals will be stopping development as of today, 15 April 2016. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing. We want all of you to keep the battle going and continue challenging people from around the world because we’re making sure the World of Tanks Generals servers remain active.

We want to thank everyone involved with the game: our passionate beta testers, players, reviewers and those we had the pleasure of saying “hi” to at events all over the world. We still want you to get the most from World of Tanks Generals, and we hope you had fun battling and won’t let this stop you.

However, all of the team have come to the decision that it’s important we focus on other projects. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but you can rest assured that we will use the expertise and knowledge gained from working on this game to bring you even more exciting projects in the future. So stay tuned!

Thanks for all your support!

The World of Tanks Generals Team


Shame… I did enjoyed playing it but grew away from it pretty quickly, when it comes to games like this I believe their magic is on being able to invite friends over and play it on a table together.