WG Developer Stream- Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of the transcription of WG’s last developer stream:

On Ranked Battles

– We’re focusing on a short game cycle, ie Ranked Battles will reset once a week or so. We’re now discussing more deadlines.

– A good game in the losing team will be well rewarded. Playing well, you’ll move forward, regardless of your team. We will take into account not only the achievements of a particular cycle of fighting, but even more so for the long term, we will see who shows consistent results, how fast and how often they achieve top rank and try to reward those players further. Continue reading “WG Developer Stream- Part 2”

WG Developer Stream- Part 2

WG Developer Stream, Part 1

Good day everyone,

Here’s Part 1 of a more complete transcription of the WarGaming developer stream a couple of days ago, with Anton Pankov, Murazor, and a few others. Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Big thanks to Rita for assisting.

On Sandbox & SPGs

– Rebalancing of artillery is gradually coming to an end. We have introduced a new mechanics, rebalanced damage,  and made it so many could test this, I can finally say that we have taken action as a whole that has led to what we wanted originally. Continue reading “WG Developer Stream, Part 1”

WG Developer Stream, Part 1

WoT Micropatch

Update   A modpack update fixed it Apparently needed a new version of XVM.

Todays patch was to fix some technical issues.

Patch note:

  • Fixed the issue with the display of Battle Results after the end of a special battle, if there was no information about the enemy.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles could sometimes disappear from view in Arcade Aim in the Spectator mode.


When maintenance has completed please restart World of Tanks using the launcher file (WOTLauncher.exe) and ensure your game client updates properly.

If automatic updating has been enabled in the launcher settings, make sure that the client has finished updating.

On NA.

Maintenance will begin at 02:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.

During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.


I have had to start game in SAFE MODE to be able to mount and dismount equipment.It seems will need a Mod Pack update to be able to run Aslains again.

WoT Micropatch

T-103 Supertest Stats

Preliminary stats for a new premium Soviet TD, which is essentially looking to be a turreted SU-100Y:916xsevz7e4

HP: 1.250
Hull Armor: 100/100/60 mm
Turret Armor: 100/100/60 mm
Turret Traverse: 15 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 30 ° / s
Sight: 380 m
Speed: + 40 / -15 kph
Penetration: 258/307/65 mm
DMG: 440/440/580
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim time: 2.3 s
Reload Time: 10.2 seconds

T-103 Supertest Stats