AMX ELC bis 90mm

Good news for fan of tanks in the small and annoying variety, seems the ELC will keeping its 90mm gun.


With the 90mm equiped, turret traverse will be limited, equiping the 75mm will permit 360° rotation.

The 90mm will recieve appropriate changes to fit in the the new light tank balance.

AMX ELC bis 90mm

Sandbox Test Results

Good day everyone,

A few notes here regarding WGs thoughts on the latest Sandbox results:

Stage 1

In the first stage, WG changed the shot distribution within the aiming circle, this was an an attempt to curb the amount of ‘lucky’ shots at weakpoints and critical modules while on the move or not fully aimed in. In that aim, the change was succesful, medium tanks did 20-25% less damage than on the live server, with heavies and TDs seeing less damage done as well. The amount of ‘lucky’ shots also saw a considerable decrease. However, it also negativly affected shots by players who were stopped and fully aimed in, so it has been decided that this change will not move to the live game. WG will look into alternative methods after further reviewing. Continue reading “Sandbox Test Results”

Sandbox Test Results

WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

Interesting news from the WoT Korean portal: In mid-March, the Korean WoT servers will be integrated into the Asian servers.

Details  still being worked out, but so far the following will be transfered:

-Player achievments, Marks of Excellence etc.

-Goods, such as gold, Free XP, Tank XP

-Premium time (which will halt until account transfer is complete)

-Unused Personal Items

-Supplies, equipment, modules and ammo

-Permanent camo, emblems and inscriptions

-Personal Mission Progress

-All tanks (Except premiums) Continue reading “WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration”

WoT- Korean & Asian Server Integration

Tier V LT Detailed Stats

Slightly more detailed stats for the Tier V light tanks after the rework. As always, these are preliminary and subject to change. Also, yes, the M7 is looking to be a light tank now.


Tier V
HP: 350
Engine power: 460
Weight: 24.32 t
Power to weight ratio: 18.92
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 48 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.767 / 0.863 / 1.63
Hull Armor: 38.1 / 33.3 / 31 mm
Turret Armor: 50/31/31 mm
View Range: 380 m
Signal Range: 776.9 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 75mm M3
DMG: 110/110/175
Penetration: 92/127/38 mm
DPM: 1433.9
Rate of fire: 13.036
Reload: 4.603 sec
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim Time: 1.82 sec
Depression/Elevation: -8 ° / + 18 °

Continue reading “Tier V LT Detailed Stats”

Tier V LT Detailed Stats

Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats

Finally something actually news worthy. Preliminary stats for the Tier 5 light tanks, straight from Supertest. Heres what we have so far:


Tier V
HP: 320
Speed: + 60 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 38 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 44 ° / s
Hull Armor: 25 / 10 / 15 mm
Turret Armor: 25 / 15 / 10 mm
View Range: 360 m

DMG: 110/110/175
Penetration: 110/129/38 mm
DPM: 1245.38
Rate of fire: 11.32
Reload: 5.32 sec
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2.3 s Continue reading “Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats”

Supertest- Tier 5 Light Tank Stats

Obj.252U Changes & Sandbox End Date

Couple of bit of news, not really worth making seprate posts for:

First off, a few last minute changes to the premium Obj.252U (which will be released 23rd of February):

– Reload buffed from 16 sec to 15 sec.

– Armor above the tracks slightly modified to minimize the effrcts of the three caliber overmatch rule. (Original text doesn’t specify what exactly, sorry)

– Signal Range increased to 730 meters.


And finally, the set date for the end of the current Sandbox iteration will be 19th of February.

Thats all for know, folks.

Obj.252U Changes & Sandbox End Date