Help a Newbie Program!



so these past weeks -if not few months- I have been thinking about ways to improve not just the blog but also my engagement with the community.

The Status Report discord channel was definitely a good idea and a start. We have surpassed the 700 users and it has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Also, we have given and still are giving niches so that people can discuss properly different Wargaming products and even AW and WT among other miscellaneous channels (like #Foodporn, #memes, #music, #Historical and Rita’s shitty trivia, etc) so everyone feels and is welcome. I’m always connected there are tend to answer frequently and so do the RSR lads.

I also now started giving rewards to Patrons for their support (planning to improve it with time). For years I have run platoons with the Twitch Subscribers, RITA clan members and Viewers but I never really platooned with Patrons but I have corrected that now. WoT Patron Platoons are now a thing!

But I’m still not satisfied… In a conversation with Ph3lan at Tankfest2017 I realised that I currently no longer have a favourite tank after he asked about it. I still hold dearly the Tortoise and IS-3 but the game meta has changed so much so rapidly that I now find myself playing completely different tanks and most of the time I use them in different roles than they were initially and years ago intended for.

If I, someone who has been playing this game for over 5 years feels this way I can only imagine how it must be for the New Players! It doesn’t help that a lot of the information out there for newbies is very much so outdated but unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the game’s age and the fact that there are so many vehicles out there nowadays that such a task to update would be not only monumental but pointless because like I said, the game meta is changing very quickly.

Although I have and will always make time to answer questions to newbies and tomatoes I believe the best course of action is to take the matter into my own hands.


Launching the “Help a Newbie” program!

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Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes


Good day everyone,

Following the changes made to the top-tier Japanese super-heavies, the German line will likely be following suit, as part of an overall effort to refine the role of super-heavy tanks while trying to make sure they don’t over perform.

So far the only one discussed in detail is the Maus (though the Mauschen will be looked at as well). In short, it’s role as an armored fortress will remain preserved, with the only real armor changes being to the bottom hull, going from a very incorrect 250mm to its original 50mm.

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WG Tankfest 2017 Q&A


Good day everyone,

At Tankfest this year, a few Community Contributors had the opportunity to ask questions with a couple of members of the WG NA team, discussing everything from communication between developers and players, overpowered premiums, and HD maps. Here are some of the key points of that Q&A:

–  Part of the goal with the Defender and the Chrysler K was to build armor back into the game. This was accompanied by several changes to other high tier, heavily armored tanks such as the Maus and Type 4&5 Japanese heavies.

– While the Type 4&5 heavies will see some nerfs with the Maus, the Defender won’t be brought back for sale for a long time. At least not until some changes are made to armor mechanics. Continue reading

WoT French Rebalance Detailed Changes


Good day everyone,

Detailed changes listed here for the French high tier mediums and tank destroyers:

AMX AC mle. 48

  • 120mm AC SA46 now equipped with a magazine autoloader.
  • DPM reduced from 2404.6 to 1894.3
  • Reload for magazine 32.603 (from old 9.973 single shot reload)
  • ROF decreased from 6.016 to 4,736
  • Magazine Capacity: 3 shells
  • Per-shot reload: 2.703 seconds
  • Increased side armor thickness from 40mm to 55mm
  • Reduced accuracy from .316 to .355
  • Decreased aim time from 2.78s to 2.59s
  • Reduced dispersion during hull rotation from .23 to .134
  • Decreased dispersion during maximum forward movement from 5.98 to 3.49
  • Increased ammunition capacity from 64 to 66 shells

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Test Server 1.19.1 is up & Running


Update 9.19.1 Preview and Patch Notes

Here we have the usual Wargaming Synopsis of the changes plus the links to our posts.

We’ve got the Update 9.19.1 Common Test kicking off on 22 June at 19:00 CEST (UTC+2), packed full of improvements and new content. You know the drill—read up on the incoming changes, then take it for a test drive, and chime in on the forums to help us see the update through to release.

For this installment, we’ve focused primarily on fine-tuning the core of the game, following the feedback on 9.18. You took the time to play and explain your concerns to us, so now we are taking the time to respond to your feedback with some adjustments. The update also introduces a new training program for newcomers and 13 tank models reworked in HD. Let’s take a closer look! Continue reading

Supertest Stats & HD Screen shots For Bat-Chat 25 t


Notes from the developers:

Translation by DecoNoir

The purpose of these changes is essentially to make the tank more comfortable to play, and to differentiate the tank from the heavy autoloaders of the tech tree. The change in weaponry will allow the player to fire more confidently, as the increased drum size of six shells will make a single miss or ricochet far less fatal than they had been. The increase in clip size will also come with a shorter intra clip reload, allowing players to put more shells down range in a shorter amount of time.  Continue reading