Q&A 8/20


Good day everybody,

Not much going on today (at least until I publish this and some huge dearth of info comes out solely because I typed that) however there is a brief Q&A from the Minsk office. No, not the Q&A that Rita was gathering questions from the community for, this one is mostly related to the upcoming Grand Battles mode:

  • There are plans for Grand Battles to move into lower tiers. Unlike Ranked Battles, those plans are already underway.
  • “Grand Canyon” was initially designed for this mode. However it was never released for players and will likely be held from release.
  • On that note, there is a new map for Grand Battles already being tested by the developers. So far it hasn’t been revealed anywhere, but expect to see it as soon as it’s ready.
  • According to the developers and the in-game stats from testing, there shouldn’t be any issues with running out of ammunition. There is always the possibility, however the devs don’t think this should happen often enough to be considered critical.
  • There is a slight increase in players in Light tanks in the new mode, however there are even more players queuing up in SPGs. The question of arty in the new mode is always being floated around.
  • One third of players are playing on weak PCs.
  • According to WarGaming, only about 50% of players even open the options menu, and even less actually change anything. (Such as game modes)
  • New epic medals for 20-25 kills aren’t planned, however there is the possibility of stretching the existing medals by a few kills. On that note, nothing had been determined for sure.



WoT Supertest: Additional Tier X LT Changes


Just a quick add-on to our post from yesterday, a few additional stats that weren’t listed earlier, and with more detail. Mostly damage and DPM related:

Rheinmetal Panzerwagen

  • Damage reduced from 360 to 320
  • DPM reduced from 2206.3 to 2179
  • Reload reduced from 9.79 to 8.811
  • Rate of fire increased from 6.129 to 6.81
  • Aim reduced from 1.82 to 1.53
  • Expansion of aim circle during turret rotation reduced from 0.115 to 0.096
  • Aim circle expansion during hull movement reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Aim circle expansion during hull rotation reduced from 0.173 to 0.134
  • Aim circle expansion during turret traverse at max speed reduced from 5.06 to 4.22
  • Aim circle expansion during movement at max speed reduced from 12.95 to 10.07
  • Aim circle expansion during while turning at max speed reduced from 9.32 to 7.25

T-100 LT

  • DPM increased from 2188.8 to 2357.1
  • Reload reduced from 8.224 to 7.636

XM551 Sheridan (*Parameters for the 105mm)

  • Damage increased from 360 to 390
  • DPM increased from 2448.4 to 2652.5
  • Ammunition cost reduced from 3,056 to 2,821

AMX 13 105

  • Damage increased from 360 to 390
  • DPM increased from 2032.1 to 2201.4
  • Ammunition cost reduced from 3,042 to 2,808





T71 CMCD Supertest Stats


As you may remember earlier this month, we posted a reworked US light tank line with things split between auto-loading and conventionally armed US light tanks. Well looks like things are moving forward, as the T71 CMCD has moved to supertest with new stats:



Tier: 7
HP: 840
Engine Power: 340 hp
Power to Weight: 20
Speed: + 64 / -25 kph
Hull Traverse:  46 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 65 ° / s
View Range: 390 m
Hull Armor: 25/22/19 mm
Turret Armor: 22/22/22 mm
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WoT Supertest: Tier X Light Changes


Good day everybody,

Here are some changes that are currently floating around supertest involving the Tier X light tanks:

AMX 13 105:
– Increased DMG from 360 to 390
– Ammunition capacity increased from 30 to 33 pieces

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen:
– Reload time reduced from 10 to 9 s
– Aim time reduced from 1.9 to 1.6 s
– Dispersion during hull movement reduced by 20%
– Shot dispersion was reduced by 20%
– Ammunition capacity increased from 30 to 35 pieces

T-100 LT:
– Reduced reload time from 8.4 to 7.8 s
– Ammunition capacity increased from 38 to 43

XM551 Sheridan:
– increased DMG for 105 mm LT Gun from 360 to 390
– Ammunition capacity increased from 105 mm operation from 37 to 42 pieces

– Ammunition capacity increased from 36 to 40 pieces

Common Test 9.20, Third Iteration Improvements


Good day everybody, quick post on the changes going into the third iteration of the 9.20 Common test:

  • Marks of Excellence can no longer be earned in the Ranked Battle or Grand Battle mode. Battles in these modes have no influence on the player’s Marks of Excellence.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicating confirmation windows in Team Training lobbies.
  • Fixed the issue with camera binding to a destroyed vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to disable the chat with allies in a Grand Battle.
  • Fixed the issue where a pop-up hint about the prime times of Ranked Battles was displayed on certain dates when switching months in the calendar.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of mission conditions.
  • Fixed the issue where the commander’s cupola was missing in a destroyed Tiger 131 tank.
  • Fixed some technical issues.
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D: Fixed the issue with the display of Inscriptions on the tank’s second turret.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of the hint about Premium Account discount.
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to switch to 1024×768 resolution correctly.
  • T-34-2G FT: Fixed the issue that caused strong rocking of the tank’s hull when braking.
  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t: Visually adjusted the size of the tank’s top gun.


That’s all for now folks.

WoT & Sabaton “Primo Victoria” (and Other Music News)


After being announced several months ago, we finally have the music video collaboration between World of Tanks and Sabaton. Set to the bands existing song, “Primo Victoria”, it’s as delightfully mad as you’d hope:

In other World of Tanks soundtrack related news, WG will also be collaborating with Japanese game composer Akira Yamaoka (whose previous work includes Silent Hill) to create a new soundtrack for World of Tanks, along side work with Sabaton. Continue reading

World of Tanks Micropatch


Ru EU and NA server clusters will be updated tonight. The normal daily rollover will be replaced with Server maintenance work to upload the patch. This work is scheduled on the three servers as follows:

  • RU. August 16 from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSC) servers will be unavailable due to the release of a small technical update.
  • EU. The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 16.08.2017 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update.
  • NA.Maintenance will begin at 03:30 Pacific Time (10:30 UTC) and will last approximately one hour. During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

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