WoT Patch 1.5 – T78 Tier 6 US Premium TD


T78 (🇺🇸US, Tier-6, premium) in final form. This was initially intended to replace the T25/2 but WG diverted it to a premium ( I wonder why ?). Pictures and stat screen.

Wargaming Sloppy DMCA Takedowns against 3D Tank modellers


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Last week, an outrage occurred among the community of a 3D model website called Thingiverse after Wargaming.net decided to make a DMCA claim over printable 3D models. So, let me clarify things.

For those unaware, Thingiverse is a website which allows users to share their printable 3D models and while there’s a lot of original content created by the users there also happens to be a lot of stolen intellectual property from games like World of Tanks. It is to no surprise that Wargaming.net would eventually place a DMCA takedown notice on content which is rightfully theirs and they also have attempted to profit from in the past.

Until now sounds like there is no reason for us to be even writing this piece and we would not have but unfortunately instead of taking every copyrighted case individually, Wargaming demanded Thingiverse to remove every model found by searching “world of tanks” (without quotation marks) which brings up every model that has the words “world” and “tanks” in their name or in their description. This caused Thingiverse to remove models that had nothing to do with Wargaming or World of Tanks other than being tanks or having those words. The most affected users from such foolish decision were Zachary Kavulich (TigerAce1945) and m_bergman, who both make printable 3D models from war vehicles using their own sources and skills without using any models from Wargaming titles.

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Features of Update 1.5: Join the Test



Today, we’re launching the first Common Test for Update 1.5, which will bring Swedish medium tanks with a unique gameplay feature: air suspension. During the Common Test, you also have the opportunity to check out a new Premium Account concept and Excluded Maps, one of the most commonly requested features. Finally, get ready to experience battles with rebalanced SPGs and Swedish heavy tanks. Read on for a detailed overview for each feature!

It wasn’t that long ago that French wheeled vehicles arrived, but we’re already ready to show off something new. Along with Update 1.5, three new formidable vehicles will join our game, high-tier Swedish medium tanks. We already have Swedish medium machines in World of Tanks, but only up to Tier VII. Now we’re adding a kind of Swedish “sub-branch” for Tiers VIII, IX, and X. Researching the new branch will start at Tier VII with the Leo.

Starting from Tier VIII, the Swedish mediums all have a unique gameplay feature, air suspension. They will be able to adjust their clearance level and change their hull inclination angle, giving themselves better gun depression angles. It’s turned on automatically as soon as the speed drops lower than 10 km/h. If you start accelerating, and are going faster than 19 km/h, the vehicle turns it off and the hull levels out.

The suspension for the new tanks is similar to that of the Swedish TDs, but doesn’t give them any other advantages apart from additional hull inclination. Learn more about the new Swedish mediums and their unique gameplay in the dedicated article.

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