Supertest Lansen C : Pt 2


We now have a stat screen with fuller stats plus some more pics. Click to enlarge. The description in the screen shot goes roughly like this:-    The machine was developed by the Swedish company Landsverk for the Swiss armed forces. The tank was supposed to be armed with a Swiss copy of the British 20 Pounder tank gun. To verify the correctness of the decisions a full-size mock-up was built, but development was stopped in favor of the machine in the thirty-ton range. The vehicle was never built.

sweden-s26_lansen_c_tth RSR

Russian source WoT News.

Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 Pt 2


We now have a stat screen with fuller stats but still no wheel stats plus some more pics. Click to enlarge.

Panhard AML Lynx 6x6 RSR

Russian source WoT News.

Is World of Tanks Dying? An insider perspective


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Quickybaby has made a very well spoken and detailed video on the health status of World of Tanks given that the developer team started adding bots to fill empty team slots in the servers and mainly for the past two years the company has been ramping up P2W.

Quite honestly, QB got things very right from a consumer perspective but one thing I will add is that even although P2W has been pushed hard into the game for the past 2 years, there were already signs of this turn around roughly 3ish years ago with the introduction of the Japanese Heavy line but the true give away was, in fact, the Chieftain development which happened in the same period. Continue reading

Supertest:- Tier VIII Panhard Lynx 6X6.


From the forums:- The French Tier VIII wheeled armoured vehicle, the Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 enters closed testing. We will continue to test new game mechanics and balance settings of the vehicle. A decision will then be made, regarding the final mechanics and performance characteristics for the entire mini-branch, based on the test results.


The current build uses a different wheelbase to the previously tested Panhard EBR, having three axes instead of four. However, it still retains the all-wheel drive from the EBR. The new set of game mechanics for wheeled vehicles will feature on this vehicle.

The Lynx is armed with a 90-mm autoloader with a single-shot damage of 240 points. It follows the general concept of wheeled vehicles; fast and manoeuvrable when in motion but not able to turn when stationary. It also boasts good gun stabilization and concealment, countered by a reduced view range.

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Supertest:- Lansen C


Another Forum “leak”

The Lansen C is a medium with a remarkable specific power of 28.4 hp / t, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 50 km / h. But the best part is that this Viking quickly reaches this speed and can maintain it on any type of terrain. In addition to this, it has an impressive 10.5 cm cannon with 320 points of alpha damage. To compensate, the Swedish marksmanship and targeting parameters do not make it a good sniper.


And some pics of the textureless model.

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Supertest Tier IX Panhard EBR 90


Similar to its elder brother in many ways, this armored is equipped with a more powerful main weapon – the 90mm cannon. This Panhard has all the same mechanics specific for its type and is played like all active sighting scouts: relying on agility and speed.


This is the first test phase, depending on whose results we will change the parameters and the number and detail of the settings of the new game mechanics. Also some pics with its final textures.

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WoT Winter Challenge Missions


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So WoT is offering up the Soviet Skorpion, er…. SU-130PM for free if you complete a series of missions. Here is a breakdown of said missions and the rewards:

Stage 1

Mission for commitment  

  • Earn a total of 3 000 base experience points.
 *Only experience for being among the top-10 players on your team by experience earned is counted; can be completed in Tier VI-X vehicles only.

Mission for mastery 

  • Earn at least 850 points of base experience 1 time.
 *Available only for Tier X vehicles.



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