Challenge on Wheels: Get the Panhard EBR 75


Get the first Premium wheeled vehicle for free! The Challenge on Wheels begins. Days of Premium Account, Credits, Equipment, Personal Reserves, Directives, and Consumables—you can earn all of these during the event. The main prize is the Tier VIII Premium Panhard EBR 75 FL 10 wheeled vehicle with a crew trained to 100% and the Brothers in Arms zero perk. Take on the challenge! You can read more at the portal here.

Supertest: Tiger II (H),


Tiger II (P) banner_2

In November 2016 the Tiger II P was put into supertest. At that time it was intended as a tech tree tank but promptly shelved. Now it is back in supertest but as the Tiger II (H) a tier VII premium. We have the stat screens for then and now (click to open in a new tab).

Tiger II (P)

Tiger II (H)

We also have some in the wild screen caps.

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WoT: Micropatch 1.4_2

Banner patch

For RU and EU so far.

Down times.

  • For RU. February 19 Game servers (except RU3) and clan portal will be unavailable from 7:00 to 7:45 (MSK).
  • For EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 19.02.2019 from 04:00 – 04:45 CET due to this update. Clan Portal will be unavailable from 04:00 CET till 04:45 CET 19.02.2019.

Fixes: Will fix some technical errors.

WoT: Fair Play Policy Update: February 2019



May as well post the spiel video again before the numbers.

Third-party programs that manipulate gameplay by granting an unfair advantage are not welcome in World of Tanks. We’ve come a long way in weeding out harmful mods since we started taking action against cheaters.

Stats this wave.

  • For SEA: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 308. Second offence permanent ban, 90.
  • For RU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension,  ???.Second offence permanent ban, ???. (nothing to date)
  • For EU: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 2,500.Second offence permanent ban, 963.
  • For NA: First offence, Warning and 7 day suspension, 466.Second offence permanent ban, 215.

To make it as easy as possible for you to find game mods that are safe to use, earlier this year we have launched the new version of the Mod Hub, where you can find modifications officially verified by Wargaming.  Visit the Mod Hub directly.


KV-2 Ragnarok Marks


Smallest bit of news for those of you who bought the Warhammer 40k edition of the KV-2, you’ll finally be able to display Marks of Excellence. Each mark will be a crossed out black skull (fitting I suppose, not terribly familiar with 40k):

How to Fix Technical Game Issues



World of Tanks can be customized with mods. However, they can malfunction anytime, especially after an update. Also, outdated video card drivers and corrupted settings and cache can cause trouble.


  1. Make sure all your mods are up to date.
  2. If no luck, delete all mods.
    Default Mods folder: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\current_version*

INFO. *Leave the empty folder with the number of the newest game version.

Settings and Cache

  1. On your desktop, press Windows key + R.
  2. Type: %appdata%\\WorldOfTanks.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Delete the WorldOfTanks folder.

How to Update Video Card Drivers

Issues Persist!

  1. Uninstall World of Tanks.
  2. Reinstall World of Tanks.
  3. Still no luck? FOLLOW THIS LINK to contact Player Support.

WoT: Micropatch 1.4_1.1

Banner patch

RU and EU (no NA news yet) will be getting a micropatch overnight. There is little  information about the content of the Patch. Downtimes are as follows.

  • For RU: On February 12 game servers and clan portal will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSK).
  • For EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 12.02.2019 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET, Clan Portal ( will be unavailable from 05:00 CET 12.02.2019 till 05:45 CET

Patch Contents.

  •   A new folder for modifications will be added, as well as fixes for some technical errors.