Object 705A Stats


Good day everyone,

Stats are up for the new Tier X of the Soviet mini-branch of rear-turreted super heavy tanks, lets see what we have here:


  • Tier: 10
  • HP: 2,450
  • Engine Power: 1,500hp
  • Power to Weight: 15 hp/t
  • Weight: 100t
  • Speed: +40/-15kph
  • Hull Traverse: 24 deg/sec
  • Turret Traverse: 29.2 deg/sec
  • Terrain Resistances: 1,247/1,726/2,973
  • Hull Armor: 180/170/60mm
  • Turret Armor: 330/180/120mm
  • View Range: 390m
  • Signal Range: 720m

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Pilsen- HD Map Flyover


Good day everyone,

Here is a (Brief!) flyover video of what looks like the HD version of Pilsen:


Note: Thanks for pointing out that this is Pilsen everyone. As a console player it’s kind of hard to keep track of what’s going on as I cover PC content, and I appreciate your patience.

IS-M Supertest update & Screenshots


The machine itself (IS-M) is better known as the IS-2Sh and was first introduced in  WoT Blitz. The heavy tank IS-2SH is a proposal for the modernization of IS-2, proposed by N.F. Shashmurin at the factory number 100 in early 1944. The project provided for the relocation of the combat compartment, as well as the installation of a 122-mm long barrel gun. The project did not receive further development, as the development of the IS-6 tank (Object 252) began.

Here we have Renders, Armor layouts and stat screen shots with English overlay.

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Advent Calendar Day 13 + NA update



Todays vehicle is the ISU-122S Tier VII Premium Russian TD. This is one of the Berlin trio, we expect the other vehicles in the trio to also be available during the event. Two bundles as usual in the EU premium shop. We expect this to be duplicated in the NA premium shop . Confirmed.

For EU £25.66 / €29,99. NA $36.99

  • ISU-122S;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Crew: 100% on Major Qualifications and the perk ‘Brothers in Arms’;
  • Gold: 3,500;
  • 15×missions: x5 XP for each victory;
  • 10×Personal Reserves: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours.

For EU £16.29 / €19,04, NA $23.99

  • ISU-122S;
  • Garage Slot;
  • Crew: 100% on Major Qualifications and the perk ‘Brothers in Arms’.

Patch 9.21 Rolls out tonight on EU & NA


A reminder today is the last day to recruit the Female tanker given as compensation for Wargaming’s screw up of the missions.

The new patch rollout times and server downtimes are, for EU;

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on the 13.12.2017 from 01:30 CET to 10:00 CET due to this update.

Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation:

  • Clan Portal (eu.wargaming.net/clans) will be unavailable from 01:30 CET 13.12.2017 till 09:00 CET 13.12.2017
  • Global map will be frozen from 09:00 CET 13.12.2017 till 09:00 CET 15.12.2017

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