Dev. Diaries: The New Ranked Battles Season


The new season of Ranked Battles starts soon. So it’s time to find out how different it will be from previous seasons. What is role experience? How has the team damage issue been solved? What does the new progression system look like? Watch this video to learn more details. Enjoy!

Developer Diaries: WoT Premium Account


In this episode of Developer Diaries, we will talk about the new WoT Premium Account. How is it different from the current Premium, what new features does it have, how much does it cost, and how will it be added to the game? Watch now and leave your comments below!

Supertest: The Kharkov map. Final ?


Currently this is the only old map that’s set to return. It should go live after the next patch. Below is the full flyby, minimap and upcoming load screen.

Kharkov in HD (2019 ST WoT) | Map Overview

The map has been expanded to 1000m sq.

Source WoT Express.

Is your WoT/Game Center not working?



The last 2 days I got one too many players pinging me with a current issue happening with World of Tanks in which the Game Center is not being able to connect or update the game.


Screenshot taken by a fellow CC, EdvinE20, he has reported that when he tries to update WoT an error will show or sometimes nothing will happen at all. 

Unfortunately, a fresh reinstall, PC restart or “start by Admin” has been of no help but a member of Staff, Eekeeboo (EU CM) seems to have found a midway solution.

For those having the same issue, please try disconnecting the land internet cable and connect using your phone’s internet as that seems to allow the update to process, you can then pause the update and reconnect your cable and carry on patching through the standard route.

This is not a full fix but it should keep you going until the appropriate staff catches on with a proper repair.

I would still suggest those affected to contact support but please have in mind that things work very slowly on weekends.

I sincerely hope this helps the some of you.

Have a great weekend,


RNG Unleashed: How to Get Featured


Have you been dreaming of getting into the RNG series, but never knew how? This video is for you! Share an incredible moment, get featured in RNG, and earn your reward: 2,000 gold, a unique style, and the RNG badge (will be available in all regions)!

WoT: Micropatch 1.4.1_2


Banner patch

RU and EU will be getting a small micropatch overnight. The server downtimes are:

  • RU: On April 3rd Game servers and clan portal will be unavailable from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSK).
  • EU: Game servers and Clan Portal will be unavailable on 03.04.2019 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update.

Patch Note.

Some minor bug fixes.

World of Tanks Dev & Blogger Q&A Stream



Wargaming have transcribed this stream for blogs. Some of this we have already covered nevertheless here we go.

Key Notes from Big Stream with Devs & Bloggers

WoT Classic:

We wanted to give players a taste of this “classic” game for quite a while.

The client is beyond old (~9 years), it’s not optimized and doesn’t support modern technology. Not surprisingly, it went down some 30 minutes after we launched an event. Team spent an entire day reanimating it. We added extra server capacity and it should be all good now. Everyone should be able to enjoy the “classic” tanks: being one shot from arty, burning tanks, etc.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on Classic. We didn’t launch it purely as a fun April Fool’s Day prank. It’s an experiment and a testing ground for us to check several ideas (e.g., limiting amount of Gold) and we want to hear what you like and don’t like to decide on our next steps here.

What’s next for artillery? During the previous stream, you told that should changes prove inefficient you would reverse arty to its previous stage. It’s believed to fail in fulfilling the role you designed for it and became even more toxic and damaging because of stun mechanics.

We aren’t going to remove stun mechanics altogether. It would lower its damage per battle, while also increasing damage per shot. Having it with stun in-game keeps players from grouping into packs and being inactive. It forces them to spread, change positions. Essentially, it makes the overall experience livelier due to its psychologically discouraging effect, stun and damage. That’s how it fulfils its design purpose. It needs to be toxic, the question is “how toxic is too toxic.” That’s what we’re working on atm.
Instead of removing stun, we’re work on improving it. The 3-step stun revision plan has been revealed already and will soon get tested: .
The first step is lowering the effect of stun on vehicles that are already stunned: any further stun for them is going to be reduced by ½. Simultaneously, we plan to change minimum stun duration and the distribution of damage from the splash depending on the distance from the tank to the centre of the explosion.  Should this first step work, we’ll proceed to the second one and then there’s the third and most drastic step that involves returning AP shells. The latter however will work differently than regular AP. The plan is to give players choice between damage that’s lower, covers a larger area and has splash effect enabling damaging several targets or an AP damage that is likely to send an enemy back in the Garage, but also has higher risks of missing the target.
Timeline for revision: Step 1 is coming to an end atm. If all goes well, we’ll delay steps 2 and 3 until further changes are necessary for the balance of artillery.
The only issue that’s particularly toxic about stun is the ability to continuously stun an opponent and thus make them useless for their team for an entire battle. That’s what we plan to fix with the upcoming revision.
When we introduced stun, we lowered the single-shell damage for arty. The thing is that now stun stops a vehicle thus increasing a chance to get another stun, which in turn leads to artillery inflicting the same amount of damage per battle as before the introduction of stun. The difference being the inability to one shot a vehicle. This total damage per battle needs to be lowered for arty. The inability to keep an opponent continuously stunned should help with this.
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WoT Supertest FV 4005 Stage II


Together with the Japanese Superheavies The FV 4005 is back in supertest. We have the Forum “Leek” image with a fuller stat screenshot.

Screenshot original from WoT Express.