Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 5


Its finally time for another tech tree showcase! Here is Italy part 5 for WOWP. So since I started reworking the Attacker and second heavy fighter line i’m not gonna showcase them until I have finished them and i’m still searching for projects so the next tech tree showcase won’t be Italy but instead Poland which was voted as nr2 in the strawpoll I made a while ago.

Here is the IMAM, Piaggio and Macchi fighter line.



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World of Warplanes: The Spitfire


Three related videos. The first a WoWP Documentory then the Chieftain takes a 53 minute flight in a 2 seat Spitfire and last the Air War over the B.E.F. and a late addition a period film Story of the Spitfire from the fourties. Enjoy. (Video updated, It seams they re-edited the video and cut the Huricane and P-40 clips.)

The Spitfire: A Wargaming Documentary.

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Wowp – Operation Dynamo


Link to the Wowp page

Remember Dunkirk by taking part in special missions between now and August to claim two very special planes for your hangar!

It seems like WG stopped neglecting Wowp and are giving it a special hangar as well as some nice missions, in which you can earn 2 premium planes: The Messerschmitt BF 109 E-3 and the Supermarine Spitfire 1a with a special Pilot with two unique skills ( Unique as in: You can only get them with that pilot and there’s no other way on getting them on any other pilot in the game).

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Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 4


Its Monday and as promised here is Italy part 4. So far we have only showcased fighter lines so here is the (Twin tail) heavy fighter line to mix it up a bit.

Tier 2.

Breda Ba.65

breda b64 65

So here are 2 planes mixed into one since they are literally the same plane.

This is the Breda Ba.64 ground attack/bomber/heavy fighter thingy. Also known in its upgraded form as the Ba.65. There where several variants of the Ba.65 going from variants with gunners to variants with turrets to variants with no gunner at all. The base armament will be 4x 7.7 mm breda machine guns and no gunner. With fuselage upgrades u will be able to mount a 12.7 mm breda gunner and later a 12.7 mm breda gunner in a turret giving u a much better firing arc. The wing armament can also be upgraded to 2x 7.7 mm breda and 2x 12.7 mm breda heavy machine guns which will kill most stuff flying in front of your plane. Continue reading

Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 3


So here is part 3. This one will be shorter since these articles takes forever to write and i’m going away tomorrow.


So this is the Ambrosini SAI/Aerfer fighter line

It starts from the Macchi MC.202 Folgore which is in another line.

Tier 6

Ambrosini SAI.207

The Ambrosini SAI-207 is a weird plane. Its made entirely from wood and is considered a light fighter. It was developed from the Ambrosini Sai.107 trainer/racer plane. Its armament consisted of 2x 12.7 mm breda and on one particular sample 2x 20 mm mg151 in the wings. Since this is a tier 6 plane the 20 mm’s will come as default since 2 mg’s wont cut it unless u have a bunch of free EXP. This plane was really fast and maneuverable since it was made of wood. Its top speed is 640 km/h which is really good. Continue reading

Tech tree showcase [Wowp] Italy part 2


Well here is part 2 of the Italian tech tree. As some might have noted i didn’t say what type of aircraft the previous line was in part 1. Well it can be either fighter or multirole depending on how u want it. All planes has some ground pounding ability, especially the tier 9 and 10. This line is a clear fighter line though with very limited ground pounding ability. If someone wonders why it’s a mix of Reggiane and Caproni planes it’s because both companies don’t have enough planes for a full line and Caproni actually owned Reggiane.

Reggiane/Caproni (fighter) line:

Tier 2

Caproni Ca.114

The Caproni Ca.114 is a interwar biplane that was developed from the Caproni Ca.113 biplane trainer. It was armed with 2x 7.7 mm machine guns and had a top speed of 355 km/h. It competed against the Fiat Cr.32 to become the new main fighter of the Italian air force but lost due to various reasons. It was produced in 36 examples though and sold to the Peruvian air force. Its guns were rebarreled to 7.65 mm when in Peruvian service. So its standard armament will be the slightly bigger italian 7.7 mm machineguns but it will be able to upgrade them to 7.65 mm bullets which does slightly less dmg per bullet but the fire rate is increased by 100 rpm.


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Tech tree showcase – [Wowp] Italy: part 1


So now when the current Swiss tech tree is showcased its time to showcase the viewers choice! Here is the the Italian WOWP tech tree part 1.


Tier 1.

Fiat CR.30

This is what i picked for the Italian tier 1. The Fiat CR.30! Its historically superior to a lot of tier 1 planes in game but it fits the tree technologically as their tier 1. Its an inter war Italian fighter plane armed with 2x 7.7 mm breda (bread) machine guns with a top speed of 350 km/h. Continue reading