World of Warplanes Patch 2.1.1


The festive winter 2.1.1 update introduces new vehicles, aircraft balance changes, a marathon for the new Soviet multirole fighter, and, of course, New Year specials with a whole lot of surprises and gifts.

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • The Supermarine Spitfire Vb U.K. fighter. The aircraft is equipped with powerful machine guns and autocannons, and can boast decent maneuverability, boost, and speed;
  • Beaufighter V — a British Tier V heavy fighter. Equipped with two 20-mm guns and a turret. In general, it is a light version of the regular heavy fighter;
  • I-21 — a Soviet Tier V lightweight fighter. The aircraft’s performance is optimized for Tier V — reduced maximum dive speed, cruise speed slightly decreased, the guns’ characteristics in the “Specialist” configuration are similar to those in Stock configuration. The aircraft has a unique feature — five slots for equipment and five slots for consumables.


Winter Marathon for the Yak-7 M-82

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World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming


The new Patch will go live on July 11 on 08:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST ( July 10 23:00 PT to 03:00 PT for NA)

Patch 2.1 will include planes from the Nations of Sweden, Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

You will be able to Purchase the following planes in the in-game shop:

  • Avia Bk-534, a Czechoslovakian ( European) Tier 3 Fighter
  • PZL P-38 Wilk, а Polish (European) Tier III heavy fighter
  • Avia S-199, an Israeli (European) Tier VI multirole fighter
  • SAAB J 21RB, a Swedish (European) Tier VIII multirole fighter

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • Avia B-534, а Czechoslovakian (European) Tier III fighter
  • Yak-7 M-82 A, a Soviet Tier V multirole fighter
  • P-82B Twin Mustang, an American Tier VIII heavy fighter

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World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13


Greetings everyone, World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13 has just released and here are the patchnotes:

  • Daily Log in has been added

Every monday a new daily bonus “session” will start giving you 5k credits on log in and another reward after completing a battle and getting 3k personal points. After the seventh day of completing all daily bonuses, players will get a crate which have the chance to drop Premium Aircraft, Gold, Free Exp, Universal premium time, equipment, consumables, ammunition, consumables and materials ( WoT players might be interested in this as gold and free exp can be used in WoT and playing a wowp match every day seems easy considering you could get free gold out of it)

New Aircraft and Aircraft changes

  • USSR and German Tier 7-10 Bombers available for research
  • Horten Ho 229 has been added
  • Various damage models got changed ( F-84B, F-84F, FW 252, Ta 183, Me P.1092, Me P.1101)

Secret Trials: Horten Ho 229

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World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.12


Greetings everyone, World of warplanes will release a new patch tomorrow which mainly adds new Soviet Bombers as well as many other things. Here’s a summary of the new changes:

Added new Soviet Bombers:

  • Tupolev Tu-2, soviet tier 7 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-10, soviet tier 8 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-12, soviet tier 9 Bomber
  • Sukhoy Su-10, soviet tier 10 Bomber

This month, you can unlock the new soviet tier 7 to 9 Bombers through Special Orders during the Red Comet event.

After the event, players will be able to Research and buy the Junkers EF-131 and Sukhoy Su-10. People who have played during the event will be able to get a large discount on them in exp and credits.a86c3b15e0d8aa473e18806df9c39936.jpg

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World of Warplanes Development Plans for 2019


Greetings everyone, Wargaming has released a Development plans post on the official World of Warplanes websites. To make things short and tidy, here is a summary of the upcoming content:

  • US Bomber branch will be completed by the end of 2019 which inclused the B-29 Superfortress ( likely tier 8). Tier 9 and 10 won’t be disclosed yet, but they’re planned to be unconventional planes that however did take to the skies.
  • The small nation arsenal will be expanded and will add planes like the Polish PZL.38 Wilk, the czechoslovakian Avia B-534 and S-199 as well as the Swedish Saab J-21R. These small nation planes will be joined into one nation in the game.
  • Summer event to earn the Horten Ho-229 will come.
  •  Referral program will launch later this year, the main Prize for recruiters will be the P-82B Twin Mustang.
  • Log-in  rewards planned for mid year.
  • PvP gamemode planned, planned to have no bots and no ground targets, so a Dogfight only gamemode.
  • Mercenary Pilots will be added, they could change their nation or could possess unique abilities. More info will come later.
  • Specialist 2 will be added, it allows the pilots to get alternative loadouts for tech tree planes ( Like the Me 262 A-1/U4 or BF 109 with underwing gunpods)
  • Another Iron Maiden collab is in the works, they’re trying to get Bruce Dickinson to do another set of videos where he’d talk about Soviet planes. In addition we’ll get the ability to earn the Bristol Beaufighter Mk. V IM with eddie as the gunner, in addition to all of that there will likely be a Music Video of IMs song “Tailgunner”

World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.10


I apologize for being a bit late for this as the patch was released a week ago. But here we go.

Patch 2.0.10 will include the high tier German Schnellbomber. Tier 7 is the Junkers Ju 288A, tier 8 is the Ju 288C, tier 9 is the Ju 287 and tier 10 is the Junkers EF 131.

In addition to that, the Heinkel He 111 H-2 which until now was only a reward plane, is now available in the premium store.

Following Aircraft have been added to this patch for Supertester and Developers:

-Horten Ho 229, Tier 8 fighter

-Yakolev Yak-7 M-82A, Tier 5 multiorole fighter

The german tier 7 to 9 bombers are currently available from the Blade of Vengeance event. After the even, you can research those planes. The Ju EF 131 won’t be released for research until May, alongside the Su-10E tier 10 Soviet bomber.

From here on out it’s all copy paste.

Balance changes for some aircraft


  • Me 265 – updated damage model, reduced the tailplane’s susceptibility to critical damage.
  • Me 329 – updated damage model, increased the burst length and accuracy of the 30 mm MK-108 guns, increased bomb reload speed, slightly reduced the turret’s horizontal firing angles, increased maneuverability in pitch.
  • Ме P.1099B – increased the burst length and accuracy of the standard 30 mm MK-108 guns, the improved turret mount no longer affects the speed.


  • IL-40 – slightly reduced the turret’s horizontal firing angles, slightly reduced the forward-firing armament damage.
  • IL-40P – slightly reduced the turret’s horizontal firing angles.


  • Javelin – updated damage model, which will increase its survivability under fire.


  • J8M – increased the accuracy and cooldown rate of the forward-firing armament, increased maneuverability at high speed, increased speed and maneuverability at high altitudes, improved the optimal speed, updated the damage model.

Pilot Skills Changes

  • The pilot’s injury will now have a greater effect on the use of bombs and rockets. During a critical (red) injury, in addition to reducing accuracy, there will also be a slight decrease in the damage caused.
  • The effect of the Demolition Expert skill on damage and blast radius has been reduced from + 15% to + 10%.

Game Modes


  • Activated the Group respawn mechanics. The queue time for respawn will take about 15-30 seconds.
  • The number of times that the player’s aircraft has been destroyed no longer affects the respawn time.
  • The airbase no longer has the ability to reduce the queue time for respawn.
  • The Arctic Region: Winter War map layout is now available only for Tier II-IV battles.
  • The Arctic Region: Ancient Hill map layout is now available only for Tier III-IV battles.
  • The Cold Peak: Gem of the Mountain map layout is now available only for Tier VI battles.


  • The battle tier range for most map layouts has been changed from 4 to 2.
  • Added 3 new map layouts: Arctic Region: Night raid (battle Tiers IV-V), Cold Peak: Risky attempt (battle Tiers VII-VIII), and Alpine Gambit: Forgotten garrison (battle Tiers VIII-IX).
  • Improved some map layouts that were previously removed from the list of available ones: territories replaced, entry points were added or replaced as well for some map layouts.
  • Activated the Group respawn mechanics at 40-second intervals.
  • For some map layouts, the individual number of respawns available to teams has been configured.

Bomber Escort:

  • Changed the number of bombers departing in different waves.


  • In the Conquest and Attrition modes, the maximum number of aircraft belonging to the PvE-class (bombers and attack aircraft) was reduced to 4 per team.
  • In the Invasion and Escort modes, the maximum number of aircraft belonging to the PvE-class (bombers and attack aircraft) has been reduced to 5 for the attacking team.
  • Added separate matchmaker settings for new players. If the players earned less than 4,000 XP in the game, they will get into battles, where the entire enemy team consists of Bots.

Aircraft Type-Specific Missions

  • Two aircraft type-specific missions for heavy fighters were replaced with new ones. The respective achievements were added.


  • Changed the aiming system for Bots in order to increase their effectiveness against poorly maneuvering targets. Speaking about actively maneuvering targets, the Bot’s firing effectiveness will remain unchanged or slightly decrease.
  • Slightly reduced the territory type influence on the priorities of Bots. Now they will be less likely to choose more prioritized, but remote sectors, when the nearest ones are not captured.

Other Changes

  • Updated the sounds of jet aircraft engines. Single, double and multi-engine jet aircraft will now sound different.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the lack of graphic effects for a jet blast for some aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the display of propellers did not change when flying at an extreme altitude (engines did not stall visually).
  • Fixed a bug due to which the player’s camera in the Sniper mode could stop changing its position in space with the movement of the aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a black screen after the end of the countdown before the battle or reentering the battle.
  • Fixed a critical game client error when launching the game on Steam with a Steam Controller connected.


World of Warplanes – Operation Holiday Maneuvers


December is here, so it’s time to decorate a tree, turn on the fairy lights, and, of course, accept some gifts. Immerse yourself in the holiday bustle with the new Operation Holiday Maneuvers event!

Join the jolly winter marathon and collect candy to be rewarded with aircraft from the new branch of multirole fighters, a unique pilot, days of Premium Account, gold, and much more.

Complete daily missions and get the most out of each battle to collect a whole load of candy. Advancing along the marathon route depends directly on the amount of candy you have. Every candy piece you earn moves you closer to the coveted reward!

You can get candy by participating in battles, completing daily missions, or finding them in the holiday Supply crate: Continue reading

World of Warplanes Update 2.0.9


Original Article on the Wowp main page

Update 2.0.9 introduces new aircraft to World of Warplanes, balance and game mode changes, new opportunities to speed up the path to the best vehicles in the game, and, of course, the Christmas Event.

Fans of intense aerial combat might enjoy the new British multirole Hawker line as the key features of these aircraft are their high speed and powerful weapons. New boosters, in turn, allow players to get increased rewards for their efforts — earn even more credits and experience to make the most of every battle! Attack aircraft pilots might like the new opportunity to manually reload outboard weapons. This feature will guarantee that you will be fully armed when flying to any target. In addition, with this update release, all players get the chance to receive two unique Premium aircraft by completing special chains of missions available in the Supply Service.

Operation Holiday Maneuvers

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