World of Warplanes 2.0 open test


Greetings everyone,

World of Warplanes has just opened up a testserver for the patch 2.0 to the public.

How to install it: Open up the Wargaming Game Launcher, go to the Tab “All Game” and click on the button on the top right which says: “Install game by ID” then type in WOWP.CT.OPENTEST2017@ Continue reading

Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Poland part 1


So it has been a while since i did these. Poland was voted as second most popular after Italy in the poll which i made. Now i have been able to make 2 nearly complete lines but since Poland was occupied by Germany and the Soviets at the start of WW2 all of their plane development was stopped and didn’t begin again until the 50’s. Now since Polish airplane designers where very good at designing planes i have been able to make 2 lines up to tier 7 with only prewar plane designs. Some of them might need slight buffs in performance but none of them are forced into their tiers. After the war Poland mainly used Soviet fighters so they didn’t start to develop jets until the end of the 50’s and that’s in minimal numbers. I have only been able to find 3 fitting jet candidates that predates 1960 and one of them is 50% fake. So this tree will unfortunately only end in one tier 10 jet but that’s what happens when your airplane industry gets smushed into smithereens by 2 of the biggest military forces of the the 1930’s. So here is my tech tree proposal. Both are multi role lines with mainly bomb armament. One is centered around inline engines while the other is based on radial engines. The inline line will be mainly focused on speed while the radial will be turning better and have slightly better overall armament.

Now here is the tree. I will start with the radial line and end with the jet line.

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Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 5


Its finally time for another tech tree showcase! Here is Italy part 5 for WOWP. So since I started reworking the Attacker and second heavy fighter line i’m not gonna showcase them until I have finished them and i’m still searching for projects so the next tech tree showcase won’t be Italy but instead Poland which was voted as nr2 in the strawpoll I made a while ago.

Here is the IMAM, Piaggio and Macchi fighter line.



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World of Warplanes: The Spitfire


Three related videos. The first a WoWP Documentory then the Chieftain takes a 53 minute flight in a 2 seat Spitfire and last the Air War over the B.E.F. and a late addition a period film Story of the Spitfire from the fourties. Enjoy. (Video updated, It seams they re-edited the video and cut the Huricane and P-40 clips.)

The Spitfire: A Wargaming Documentary.

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