World of Warplanes on Steam


Greetings everyone, it has been brought to my attention that apparently, World of Warplanes has been added to steam on the 12th of September. So for those who don’t like the WGC or just can’t be bothered to download it can play it through steam. You can switch between the different servers using the Steam client. Also keep in mind that, just like WoWs, you cannot use your WG account on the Steam version. And if you haven’t tried it, i recommend you give it a shot and rate it, what this game needs the most is more players.

Visit the Steam page

World of Warplanes patch 2.0.6 full patch notes


Source from the WoWp EU page

New Aircraft

A new aircraft line appears in the World of Warplanes tech tree – USSR bombers, including the famous “Peshka” Petlyakov Pe-2. These high-speed machines with a powerful bomb load are very mobile and effective over a wide range of altitudes, destroying ground targets from an unachievable height or launching rapid offensives in a strafing dive. Powerful engines and good defensive weapons allow it to effectively resist fighters, and the Pe-2’s good manoeuvrability and forward-firing weapon makes attacking enemy aircraft a possibility.

USSR Bombers line

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World of Warplanes partners with Hurricane ( 303. Bitwa o Anglię)


Source: Wowp EU portal

So far it has only be announced for EU, but chances are that all Regions will get it.

World of Warplanes partners with Hurricane (303. Bitwa o Anglię)

To commemorate the 78th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Wargaming have partnered with Kino Świat on the theatrical release of Hurricane. Starring Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), and Directed by BAFTA and Emmy-Award winning director David Blair, the movie tells the story of 303 Polish Squadron, one of sixteen squadrons of Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. The squadron was equipped with Hawker Hurricanes and racked up an impressive combat record.

Release date

The movie is out today in Poland! The UK release date for the movie is 7 September.

In-game content

To celebrate, we will introduce a brand new hangar in-game. The RAF Northolt aerodrome, which features in the movie, is the latest and (one of the) greatest hangar to be introduced to the game. Of course, we couldn’t have a collaboration with a film full of Hawker Hurricanes without having one in-game! You will be able to climb inside the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane, complete with Squadron 303 insignia, to pay homage to the brave Polish pilots who flew them in World War Two.

World of Warplanes invite code for EU


Hello everyone, this code has been provided by WG and can only be used on the EU server and can only be used on new accounts.


The code includes

  • 7 days of premium time
  • 300’000 credits
  • Tier 5 UK Multi Role Hurricane IID ( 50% crew)
  • Tier 5 USSR Ground Attack Aircaft IL-2 with rear gunner ( 50% crew)
  • Tier 4 German Heavy Fighter Messeschmitt Bf 110 C-6 ( 50% crew)
  • Aerial verification consumable ( +25% exp)
  • Ground verifiaction consumable ( +50% credits)

World of Warplanes Iron Maiden Spitfire Mk. Vb marathon


Greetings everyone, for the next week from August 6th to Augist 13, you’ll get the chance to Earn a tier 6 Premium Spitfire Mk. Vb in the Iron Maiden theme including Eddie as the Pilot.

All you have to do is finish 5 Missions in order to get your hands on it. they are all tier 4 and up.

First mission: Win a battle.

Second mission: Deal 5000 damage to enemy planes in any number of battles.

Third mission: Siege 5 Airfields in any number of battles.

Fourth mission: Earn 7500 exp in any number of battles.

Fifth mission: Destroy 10 fighters, 5 heavy fighters, 10 multi role fighters, 10 attack aircraft and 5 bombers in any number of battles.


WoWp- WG 20th anniversary event


Good morning everyone,

This event is for all Regions ( NA, EU and RU)

World of Warplanes is celebrating WGs 20th anniversary. You get the chance to earn a Free tier 4 Soviet Premium Fighter, the Polikarpov I-153 DM-4  starting today until the 6th of august.

All you have to do is complete 5 missions:

  1. Become one of the top 3 players on your team by Personal Points
  2. Play a battle
  3. Win a battle and be in the top 5 in Personal Points
  4. Earn 25k Personal Points in any number of battles
  5. Complete mission 1 through 4

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World of Warplanes partners with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden


Greetings everyone,

As the title implies has WoWp partnered with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden to bring many awesome things like a WoWp themed music video for Iron Maidens Aces High as well as a weekly video series Running from June to August and can be compared to the Tank Talks from David Fletcher.

In Addition World of Warplanes will have subtle Iron Maiden imagery in their Hangars so keep your eyes open.

And according to the official Post on the Wowp website, there will be more to come.