WoWs: Developer Diaries 0.8.4

New Developer Diaries will unveil a little bit of information about upcoming Update 0.8.4. It brings the second stage of the “Victory” competition, a new season of Ranked Battles, new changes to aircraft carriers, and dynamically changing weather in your Ports! Join the Public Test today!

WoWs: Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers



From the Portal.


We continue to work on improving the gameplay of aircraft carriers and today we would like to tell you about the changes that are being prepared for the next few updates.

Please remember that plans sometimes change. The information below is preliminary: deadlines may be moved, and a little later new points may be added.

  • Update 0.8.4 will bring a period of time at the beginning of each battle during which aircraft carrier squadrons will be unable to take off due to them having to go through some initial servicing. This change, taking into account the time it takes squadrons to reach the targets, will allow ships on both teams to start moving to the control points and take advantageous positions before any squadrons are in the air.
  • The Engine Cooling consumable has been standardized for all aircraft. Now the consumable will give the same increase in speed at all tiers – 35 knots (40 for Japanese aircraft and attack aircraft of all nations) and equally slow down the aircraft by 17.5 knots (20 for Japanese aircraft and attack aircraft of all nations). The change will reduce the effectiveness of squadrons as scouts and also the strike potential at the highest tiers.

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WoWs: Dasha Presents Update 0.8.3

Update 0.8.3 will start new Soviet cycle. New friendly competition “Victory”, early access to Soviet battleships, collaboration with Azur Lane and much-much more!

Commanders! Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable

0801 clock
From: Thu. 25 Apr. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 25 Apr. 06:00
To: Thu. 25 Apr. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Thu. 25 Apr. 09:00

Update size: 1.7 GB

Portal artical is HERE .

WoWs Update 0.8.2 Update

Very short post. For WoWs EU.

We are happy to announce the release of the 0.8.2 update for World of Warships.

The World of Warships server will be unavailable on the 01/04/2019 from 06:00 to 09:00 UTC due to this update.