WoWs Italian Cruisers: How To

Italian cruisers are set to join the World of Warships fleet very soon. The ships of the Italian branch have a number of advantages that can surprise your rivals and help you find a way out of almost any situation. We’ll tell you about gameplay features of each of these steel giants. How to play?

WoWs Dry Dock: Thunderer

Today, we’re focusing on a special Premium Tier X ship from the branch of British battleships—Thunderer. The project of the Royal Navy battleship with increased firepower was designed taking into account British shipbuilding experience of the World War II period. The ship is armed with 457 mm main battery guns that were developed in the early 1920s and were the most powerful British naval artillery systems.

World of Warships: Halloween

The story of the Raid

How will you fare against other treasure hunters, and will you stand up to dangerous enemies, the destruction of which could grant you treasures beyond belief? Will you employ the dark magic of the other world, or stick to conventional technologies? The choice is yours!

WoWs: Developers Diaries 0.8.9

Update 0.8.9 introduces the Italian arc and our Halloween-themed event. In this episode of Developer Diaries, we’ll tell you the story of what went into creating the new ship branch and its gameplay features. We’ll also lift the veil on a new “scary” game mode.

WoWs: Update Audio Hotfix


A patch to fix the audio was uploaded overnight.

With update 0.8.8 we improved most of the sound environment in the game. Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, and with the change, a few bugs crept in. In we will fix these sound bugs so that you can enjoy the roar of the guns again.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed an error that caused the message about the destruction of a ship to be repeated if a unique commander is assigned to the player’s ship;
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect functioning of the sound settings.
  • Fixed an error that caused the engine start sound to playback after closing the tactical map;
  • Fixed a bug that caused AA defense and secondaries sounds to incorrectly play whilst controlling a squadron;
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect functioning of the Azur Lane audio modification.
  • Changes in the transmission of sound through space of enemy and friendly shots. The sounds of the shots will now play correctly depending on the distance of the sound source;
  • The volume of the fire alarm has been reduced;
  • The sound of the ship’s horns has been adjusted;
  • Adjusted the sound for voice announcements about hits when using the artillery camera to track shells;

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