WoWs: Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.6

Update 0.8.6 opens up the French arc, which is set to span two updates. Players will enjoy a new game event, gain early access to the French destroyer branch, explore the new Crash Zone Alpha map, and experience many other features.

But how did we select the ships for the new branch and what are its peculiarities? How did we create the new map? How did the last Clan season go?

Watch the fresh episode of Developer Diaries to find answers to these and many other questions!

WoWs: Dasha Presents Update 0.8.5


With Update 0.8.5, World of Warships takes you into a post-apocalyptic future. What’s coming your way? Nine modified destroyers, four-team battles for Fuel Tokens, a new Clan Battle format, the return of the Ranked Battle Sprint, improved matchmaking, and much more!

World of Warships Twitch Drops Return


Twitch Drops are back! With the freshly-released Update 0.8.4, you will once again get the chance to reel in some purple-coated rewards just for watching World of Warships from the comfort of your home!

Since last year, World of Warships has held a few Twitch Drops campaigns, but this time we’re changing things up…

Want to know what’s up for grabs? Never heard Twitch Drops? We’re here to clear it all up!

What are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops is a system via which viewers who have both Twitch and accounts can receive in-game rewards for watching streamers play World of Warships. This includes the Official World of Warships channel or anybody else with Drops enabled. Viewers have a chance of getting up to five Regular Twitch Drop containers, and one rare chance to get an Epic reward, each having different contents and chances of dropping.

The more you watch, the higher the chances of getting the drop!

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WoWs: Soviet Battleships: How To

Soviet battleships are set to join the World of Warships fleet very soon. The ships of the Soviet branch have a number of advantages that can surprise your rivals and help you find a way out of almost any situation. We’ll tell you about gameplay features of each of these steel giants. How to play?