World of Warships – Naval Legends

History of the US Carrier-borne Aviation. Part 1

CV rework arrives in Update 0.8.0. For that occasion we’ve prepared a special two-part episode about the history of U.S. Naval Aviation. The first part will tell you about the birth of Naval Aviation and its development up to WWII. Enjoy.

WG Codes from WG Fest 2018



These are for World of Warships from Wargaming Fest, all seem to work and I got 4 containers so far. For now all codes seem to be used up.

  • 2018WWWGFEST : 5 detonation flags.
  • 20WG18FESTGO : American cruiser container.
  • TY20WGFEST18 :  Santa Box.
  • KU20WGFEST18 : French container.
  • H2K0WGFEST18 : French container.

Stay tuned for more code updates!