“Unique Rocket”



Yuri Pasholok sent me this gem today:


He commented on his page: “I give an idea to the developers of other game where all the equipment is not paper. These unique Rockets are not planned for WoT and neither is the Nation”

Gaijin/Warthunder an year later: Flips the disk but plays the same



It’s been pretty much a year since the last time I wrote about Gaijin/Warthunder, went to take a look and seems like they haven’t changed:

I used to play Warthunder years ago, even long before Ground Forces was in the game and I used to enjoy it. Even nowadays I believe there’s potential in WarThunder as a game, because it’s not a bad one! It’s those who run it and work for it that drove me away because of their shenanigans. Often you ask me why I don’t cover WarThunder material on RSR and truth is, I wouldn’t feel be honest with myself, you or any of my colleagues if I did so. Also last year, because Gaijin can’t censor blog articles like they can (and have been) censor Youtube videos, I was harassed by the company’s staff after I didn’t buy into lies they emailed me, in a petty attempt to make me change certain articles I had written. Continue reading