War Thunder 1.87: Sea Hawk FGA.6


Hello everyone, today is a good day for War Thunder news as we have been given another devblog. Today’s sneak peek is a new Fleet Air Arm addition to the British Aviation tree in the form of the Sea Hawk FGA.6, a ground attack variant of the Hawker Sea Hawk that was introduced to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in 1953. A mighty fine looking aircraft, it will come in at Rank V and give the British Tree a decent ground attack that it has been missing for some time.


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War Thunder 1.87: Challenger 2 and the introduction of Tier VII


Good day everyone, some big WT news today: Tier VII is coming to War Thunder Ground Forces and the vanguard of this news is the British Challenger 2 MBT. For the Challenger 2, we are told to expect a vehicle similar to the Challenger 1 but with much-upgraded armour and armament. The armament consists of an L30 120mm cannon armed with improved ammunition compared to the L11 and the armour focuses on the turret which receives a decent level of protection: up to 500mm for kinetic and 900mm for HEAT. It should be noted however that the lower glacis remains a glaring weak spot for the tank, relegating it to second-line duties similar to the Challenger 1.


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War Thunder: Lunar New Year Event


As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said: “Hello there”. For those of you who have been wondering where I have been, I have recently got my commission in the Royal Navy and I am now capable of devoting a small portion of my time again to writing for you guys.

So today, War Thunder is getting on board with the Chinese New Year and providing the following decal for players:

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Gaijin: -“They already screwd up this year? Ok. Hold my Vodka!”


Author: Sonoda_Kotori

Gaijin messed up. Wait, again?
Yes, but this time, it has a solid proof from me, an ordinary gamer who happened to be a novice dataminer and a forum/reddit user u/Sonoda_Kotori.

Such issue was first pointed out two days ago when I posted the datamined results of Gaijin’s slope effect modifiers on a Chinese WT forum. Commenters below my post quickly noticed that the APDS shots have a sketchy penalty curve. To understand such issue, we must first have a look inside Gaijin Entertainment LLC’s black magic of how their slope modifiers work: Here are some extracted codes from damagemodel.blk:

"slopeEffect0deg": [0.0,20.0],
"slopeEffect5deg": [5.0,17.0],
"slopeEffect10deg": [10.0,15.0],
"slopeEffect15deg": [15.0,10.24],
"slopeEffect20deg": [20.0,7.2],
"slopeEffect25deg": [25.0,3.72],
"slopeEffect29deg": [29.0,2.76],
"slopeEffect30deg": [30.0,2.46],
"slopeEffect35deg": [35.0,2.24],
"slopeEffect40deg": [40.0,2.064],
"slopeEffect45deg": [45.0,1.8],
"slopeEffect50deg": [50.0,1.4],
"slopeEffect55deg": [55.0,1.2],
"slopeEffect60deg": [60.0,1.024],
"slopeEffect65deg": [65.0,1.0],
"slopeEffect70deg": [70.0,1.0],
"slopeEffect75deg": [75.0,1.0],
"slopeEffect80deg": [80.0,1.0],
"slopeEffect85deg": [85.0,1.0],
"slopeEffect90deg": [90.0,1.0]

The [X, Y] values in the brackets are where magic happens: X value determines the angle of the armor (0 degrees meant that the shell is parallel to the armor plate, while 90 degrees indicate a perfectly flat plate. This value basically means how many degrees off from parallel is the shell with the plate.), while the Y value determines the penetration penalty to such slope. For example, an APDS shot undergoes a penetration decay of 2.46 times when it hits a plate that’s angled 60 degrees, or 30 degrees away from the parallel position. Pretty logical, huh? Let’s see it in action.

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War Thunder 1.75: SAu 40


Good day ladies and gentlemen, today War Thunder has unveiled it’s first non pre-order French tank, and it is the current WoT Tier IV Tank Destroyer the SAu 40. In War Thunder it will be armed with an 75mm APX cannon, it’s main addition to the battle field is going to be a very potent AP shell that has a very decent HE filler.

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