Cavalier: WG’s employee attempted stealth in Status Report

Cavalier: How difficult it is for Wargaming to Follow blueprints?


After half a decade of running Status Report I have become quite experienced at noticing comments that are out of the norm of the usual ones that I get and I also particularly pay attention to those who are regular viewers, so when someone like this,


who I never saw before and who suddenly comes asking for unusual questions it always tickles my curiosity.

Mind, I have also had a long history of other blogs and even gaming companies prying and even harassing for private information out of me so ofc, one cannot be too zealous so I may occasionally verify comment’s IP (which only I have access to) and low and behold it is Wargaming Minsk!

If Greywind so likes to see confirmations on my articles so here it is, (I obviously hid most of the IP for legal reasons but showing you enough so that you can CONFIRM);


As you can see the GreyWind commented from Belarus, Minsk:


I wonder who else is in Belarus, Minsk, oh yes, that multimillion Ruble company we have heard of!



So why does this bother me?

To add context to this article, GreyWind was answering to this one comment from my Status Report Co-author Jerry:


Jerry’s comment comes from an inside joke that “this very renowned historian from Bovington” has been giving me all tank info.

Greywind, rather than contacting me at which is plastered very much on the top right sidebar of Status Report page, in case if anyone needs it, he chose instead to go through my Co-author to try and find information which is very devious and sneaky.

I typed this before and I type now, if Wargaming or any Wargaming employee ever need something or want to offer any feedback they should do so properly by the means stated above instead of sneaking around my page.

And to Viktor Kislyi himself, this sort of behaviour from a lot of employees (a lot because there has been more to it) is not professional and something that needs to be investigated and fixed.

All the information on the discrepancies between WG’s Cavalier model and the actual tank is easily available online and I also know plenty of people in the field whether historians, museums, private owners and in this case even a Cavalier owner which very kindly provided me with the measurements of what Wargaming got wrong!

So rather than trying to shut people off from making the community concisely aware of your “own interpretation of history” maybe we could work together and get things right!

And before I finish the article, I actually bothered to ask all of my insiders if they recognised the nickname “Greywind” and turns out he is Sergey Chmeluk:


Who as you can clearly see, is not just a zealous WoT’s Moderator but the Head of Military History himself.


And Sergey Chmeluk to answer your question, that famous Tank Historian who Jerry spoke of? Say hello to Bill Bovington who has decades of experience in the field and also helps run the arena show at Tankfest every year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You can tell by his grabby hands we are rather acquainted and how I got all this historical information that Wargaming got wrong from! 😂😜

You know where to find my email and have a nice day!

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Cavalier: WG’s employee attempted stealth in Status Report

28 thoughts on “Cavalier: WG’s employee attempted stealth in Status Report

  1. Jon says:

    Which begs the question, what happened to any pretense of being historically accurate? I thought it was murazor and all the unbalanced tanks. But this guy becoming the head of history also coincides with all the fake tanks.

    And if you read this, leave the tech tree alone! It’s not difficult to understand, it’s great to add stuff like a cavalier T6 and BT5 but don’t take stuff away.

    1. Bold of you to assume WG thinks anything of their customers. The customers are just sacks of money they need to exploit 😛 historical accuracy (and moral integrity) be damned

    2. Murazor is more a muppet that screwed up balance mainly deciding to make armour into a balanceable stat which of course screws balance up as we have tanks with historical armour fighting with tanks with fantasy armour. I can understand a little bit more armour here or less armour there but straight up giving us crap like the Type 4/5 heavy armour buff was stupid.

      This guy though, as a head of military history, probably did not give WG enough research to get is another US medium line but enough to make multiple US tanks into CW and premium vehicles.

    3. Historically accurate doesn’t = easy money.

      War Thunder went with a historically accurate approach with mild success but WoT has always been a gameplay first and historical accuracy second. Basically if they can go for historical accuracy thats good but not if it impedes the financial viability of something or that tank making sense from a gameplay perspective.

      At the end of the day if you want historical accuracy then WoT definately isn’t the game for you. At the same time ATGMs and bomber planes are going to endlessly piss you off when you play War Thunder GF.

    1. Is easier than that, the real benefit is to sell silver or gold or RL money, they get less tanks to develop on the tank line, so u can get higher tier faster (high tier higher running costs and prices on the tanks) so then the “special” tanks can be bought without developing the line, the player needs more silver to buy them, that’s a vicious circle they are trying to lure us in, I decided not to spend any money on this product till they make the changes it needs but they keep on the RNG and greed way … that has no future

  2. Grasho says:

    As an ex-manager within a big organisation, Greywind’s question strikes me as a possible (but clumsy) attempt to identify if someone in WG has flamingo’d up. Are Greywind’s people lying to him? If so, he can only prove it (and improve future outputs) by finding evidence they have lied (e.g. finding out which historian provided the original designs and comparing what that historian provided to what WG’s designer produced. To openly suggest your people are lying (before you have evidence) is not a good thing so it would make sense to try to get that evidence covertly. Contacting you directly would not help as you are outside the company and therefore cannot be trusted to not share a juicy bit of sensitive inside information about a problem. I’m not saying I’m right and this is the case, but it’s an alternative possibility. Maybe he’s trying to track down why (and where) WG are going wrong?

  3. Zonda says:

    Never judge the book from its cover. Never swim in shallow waters and call it dark I will drown. You don’t know his actual intention, therefore, you may wronged him with out knowing.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Didn’t you literally type on another article accusing me of being “rude” when I was being jesty sarcastic to a sarcastic comment? 😋

      1. Rita Sobral says:

        Yes, I may not remember what I had for lunch an hour ago but I will remember almost every community’s nicknames, even years after. Something people kinda known from my streams. The Community has and always will be my number one priority which is why I pay so much attention and those who have watched or interacted long enough with me know when I am being playful or speaking in jest. 😉

  4. one thing is for sure, it was not a fanboy
    a fanboy would simply deny any point you try to make, but that was not what we saw

    that sort of passive-agressive way of doing things is typical from someone with a high enough position in a company, they don’t accuse you directly of lying but make questions hinting that «if you can’t show proof for your claims, it is proof you are lying»

    1. I don’t think we can blame it all on him, from the Q&A’s from the last 2 or 3 WG Fests I think we can read there’s no interest whatsoever in making the US TT appealing, neither from WG HQ or even the NA office

      the most recent American tank on supertest is the Concept N.º1B, funnily enough someone in Sweden found documents about it that date from 1978, that puts its development past the MBT-70 and completely ignored many prototypes and concepts (many of those were made into mockups/models) from the 50’s and 60’s

      this shows us that right now they are simply looking for the next most exotic looking premium candidate because looks can sell, furthermore The_Chieftain did say during his private Q&A video that pretty much every tank he wanted to see in the game was added and that there’s not much else left to add

      1. Oh but there is so much more to add. The T95/6 medium tanks with its multiple variations where the hull of the T95 is used on two British vehicles, and two T95s are used as CW and reward vehicles for the US. Then there is the T54E1 which WG decided to put into serial production in their fantasy heads as the M54 Renegade.

        Lets not forget the US’ Cold War MBT, the M60A1 and its brother, the M60A2. So Germany, Japan and France can get their Cold War MBTs but the US is stuck with the M48A5 from the 70s that needs to have fantasy turret armour to work in this game? Even the MBT-70 could fit into WoT. Who knows what other US tanks that could easily fit into the tech tree.

        Just because The_Chieftain says what HE wanted to see has been added, doesn’t mean there isn’t actually more tanks that others want to be added.

      2. # SpectreHD

        believe me that I know all about that, I just commented that from info that came directly from WG employees (available on Q&As and youtube) the feeling is that everyone gave up on it and that at least in this case their head of military history is not the only one responsible for the current situation

        I am fully aware that we can fix the progression/gameplay for the current lines and be able to add many more lines and still have enough left to be added as premiums (the kind they like the best)

        btw, since the Concept N.º 1B and Chr Futur 4 date from the late 70’s there’s really no reason why the MBT-70 would not fit into WoT, even its simplified version (XM803) that came in the following decade

  5. kawaiiduck says:

    As someone, who worked with GreyWind before, I’m not seeing any covert attempt to sneak. He’s using his nickname, under which he is well known in Russian military history community, nickname which he uses in facebook and in modelling community.
    And knowing the way he works, he probably was trying to figure out if it’s even true and if it’s true – who and why let it happen in WG.

    It’s not like WG has a single entry point for all blueprints, sometimes weird people get into process, and ruin it.

    And yes, you can check my IP, hello from WG Austin 😉

      1. Kawaiiduck says:

        My name is Andrew 🙂 and I’m not working on WoT franchise since 2014 😉 but it was a good guess, probably Nicholas would be interested to comment on this article as he is part of our military history effort. I’m only interested in this topic because it’a about Sergey.

      2. Rita Sobral says:

        I guessed based on the fact you too wrote very similarly and with same arguments. Arguments which I already posted on the blog. And you probably left the company in good time, things have changed a lot since and not for the best.

        Best wishes.

  6. So many other “cosmetic” issues with this as well – but, WG never seems to listen nor care.
    For example; if you set LOD graphics settings above HIGH, then track tension becomes laughable. Tracks so incredibly loose they would come undone from the wheels in real life. Here’s some screenshots to illustrate this issue: & So, I find myself forced to not set my graphics LOD settings at Max or Ultra.

    Or how about the phenomenon where the Russian Churchill 3 has a better HP/t ratio and higher top speed than any of the UK Churchills?
    That Churchill 3 NEVER EVER had more than 350 HP and it didn’t go faster than the British Churchills – unless WG has taken creative liberty and says it’s the same engine but with removed speed governor – BUT then, this Churchill 3’s engine should also breakdown really quickly.

    And to further illustrate how crooked it is in WOT, these UK Churchills are deliberately kept at their historical 300 HP, while the PZ-IV H has 440 HP which it NEVER had in real life – rather, it had 300 HP. I guess it performed in real life like does in the game, but that only shows how WOT’s game engine does not have the ability to faithfully recreate mobility based on horsepower output, engine torque and ground resistance all in one formula. Instead, the game engine can only take HP/t into account and thus WG had to magically inflate the PZ IV H engine power to represent its real life mobility performance. Meanwhile, the Churchill’s don’t get this favorable treatment and are left to rot to power creep.

  7. Nameless says:

    “Your words are not confirmed by anything at the moment.”

    If he hadn’t written this single line, then it would seem like you attacked him without a reason. Bad play on his part.

    Then again, I’d like to stress that maybe he’s trying to gather information on the issue from outside sources. We might be dealing with a case of misinformation from within; if so, then the guy doesn’t necessarily deserve to be flamed.

    I personally would’ve contacted the guy directly but, who knows, maybe he really did intend to attack you.

    And if you think I’m a WG employee or fanboy: I’m not. My IP shows it. Could also tell you my account name, if that doesn’t convince you already. I’m just a guy that has pretty much switched to War Thunder and is occasionally coming back to WoT.

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