Cavalier: WG’s employee attempted stealth in Status Report

Cavalier: How difficult it is for Wargaming to Follow blueprints?


After half a decade of running Status Report I have become quite experienced at noticing comments that are out of the norm of the usual ones that I get and I also particularly pay attention to those who are regular viewers, so when someone like this,


who I never saw before and who suddenly comes asking for unusual questions it always tickles my curiosity.

Mind, I have also had a long history of other blogs and even gaming companies prying and even harassing for private information out of me so ofc, one cannot be too zealous so I may occasionally verify comment’s IP (which only I have access to) and low and behold it is Wargaming Minsk!

If Greywind so likes to see confirmations on my articles so here it is, (I obviously hid most of the IP for legal reasons but showing you enough so that you can CONFIRM);


As you can see the GreyWind commented from Belarus, Minsk:


I wonder who else is in Belarus, Minsk, oh yes, that multimillion Ruble company we have heard of!



So why does this bother me?

To add context to this article, GreyWind was answering to this one comment from my Status Report Co-author Jerry:


Jerry’s comment comes from an inside joke that “this very renowned historian from Bovington” has been giving me all tank info.

Greywind, rather than contacting me at which is plastered very much on the top right sidebar of Status Report page, in case if anyone needs it, he chose instead to go through my Co-author to try and find information which is very devious and sneaky.

I typed this before and I type now, if Wargaming or any Wargaming employee ever need something or want to offer any feedback they should do so properly by the means stated above instead of sneaking around my page.

And to Viktor Kislyi himself, this sort of behaviour from a lot of employees (a lot because there has been more to it) is not professional and something that needs to be investigated and fixed.

All the information on the discrepancies between WG’s Cavalier model and the actual tank is easily available online and I also know plenty of people in the field whether historians, museums, private owners and in this case even a Cavalier owner which very kindly provided me with the measurements of what Wargaming got wrong!

So rather than trying to shut people off from making the community concisely aware of your “own interpretation of history” maybe we could work together and get things right!

And before I finish the article, I actually bothered to ask all of my insiders if they recognised the nickname “Greywind” and turns out he is Sergey Chmeluk:


Who as you can clearly see, is not just a zealous WoT’s Moderator but the Head of Military History himself.


And Sergey Chmeluk to answer your question, that famous Tank Historian who Jerry spoke of? Say hello to Bill Bovington who has decades of experience in the field and also helps run the arena show at Tankfest every year!

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You can tell by his grabby hands we are rather acquainted and how I got all this historical information that Wargaming got wrong from! 😂😜

You know where to find my email and have a nice day!

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