Cavalier: Why is it so hard to receive concise, constructive criticism WG’s WoT?

Cavalier: How difficult it is for Wargaming to Follow blueprints?

Cavalier: WG’s employee attempted stealth in Status Report


Greywind, also known as Sergey Chmeluk, Wargaming’s Head of Military History for World of Tanks also left another comment on my Cavalier article:


Edit: I missed this comment at first as it went straight into “For moderation” I believe because of language reasons, I noticed it today, a day later while fixing another reader inability to comment on the blog, usual WordPress automated sec. system being overly zealous.

Which pretty much roughly translates to “The author of the article is an amateur. A bunch of factual and real errors in the text.”

So what errors are these Sergey Chmeluk? Can you back up your claims?

Please give us the factual proof of:

  1. A Cavalier with a Vanguard Turret;

  2. A Cavalier with Cromwell track adjusting tool;

  3. A Cavalier with those bulges over the driver’s periscopes;

  4. A Cavalier with a serial number that doesn’t range between T129620 – 130119.


I will eagerly wait!

It is interesting that if was Sergey Chmeluk’s first interest was to fix the WG’s Cavalier model he could have politely, professionally and easily not just emailed me but lets also not forget that I am a WoT and even WoWs Community Contributor and the options to reach me are endless, instead this guy not only tries to discredit me who got this information from factual sturdy sources but also goes on a witchhunt implying someone leaked me information they shouldn’t.


And then Nicholas Moran aka The Chieftain, that had absolutely no need to insert himself in this subject dares say to us that Sergey Chmeluk wasn’t being malicious:


In these screenshots, not only Nicholas attempts to pull wool over people’s eyes like even himself doesn’t know how things work in the company with some very poor arguments but we once more see Wargaming taking the usual route of blaming one “persons direct personality” or “Oh well those Russians be Russians!” type of standard response as an excuse for employees bad conducts.

Very recently Wargaming EU issued a long statement pretty much inviting Community Contributors out of the program for some of the “colourful” ways they were addressing Developers on Discord which quite honestly is something that I very much agree with, ever since I started Status Report back in 2015 I have been advocating that if people want to “throw potatoes” like old Storm (WoT’s old Developer for those who don’t remember) used to say to at least be constructive about it but there was nothing in that statement about Wargaming promising to deal or even discuss how some employees have been treating us. 

An excuse that has long ago gotten old.

 I typed on the last article and I type it now, Viktor Kislyi, this needs to change! 

And to speak quite frankly, I am also known to be quite direct, I personally even welcome and love when someone else is direct, but this was more than just being direct, this was sneaky, malicious and an attempt at underhanding. 


And to you, dear reader, what other British vehicles would you like me to investigate next?  As I very much doubt Sergey will ever give us any proof to corroborate his attempt at discrediting me and my sources, he will probably file the excuse that “its NDA” or private company’s data like it is not available publicly, that’s what they usually do anyways.

By the way, all the information I used on the Cavalier not only can be easily found publicly but part of it was also from a Cavalier owner itself who is very well respected in the Armoured Vehicle community for its knowledge in Tanks, I would be very careful to discredit these people, Sergey.

Have a good day and again my email which you have not yet used if you are actually interested in fixing your tank is !


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