Changes in WoT 1.4 Common Test


This morning there was an update to the 1.4 Test Server. These appear to be the changes:

We have spent much time monitoring the tests of the wheeled vehicles and how you play them. When it was necessary, we urgently responded by changing particular characteristics of the wheeled vehicles (for example, their top speed). During the tests, we observed one thing: the boost mechanics available in the French wheeled vehicles was rarely used.


  1. Boost mechanics turned out to be too hard to use. Sometimes it was not clear when those extra seconds should be used to take full advantage of the mechanics. Within these precious moments, the combat situation could change and the use of the Boost lost its value.
  2. There was a high risk of losing control of the vehicle during the use of the boost. It was especially crucial on slopes and in confined spaces when it was impossible to predict how exactly its activation would affect controllability.
  3. Considering the current settings, the boost provides no significant “boost” to the dynamics of low-tier vehicles. Players would rather switch to the Rapid mode to achieve a similar speed-up effect.

All the above led to the fact that the mechanics were in low demand by players. To change the situation, we considered various options. However, each of them (e.g. improving to the boost mechanics or reducing the time of its activation) would result in deterioration of other technical characteristics of the wheeled vehicles or would negatively affect their balance.

Final Decision

After thoroughly considering all the pros and cons, we made the decision to disable the boost mechanics for the French wheeled vehicles at the third iteration of the Common Test.

Previous test server changes.

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Changes in WoT 1.4 Common Test

4 thoughts on “Changes in WoT 1.4 Common Test

  1. Ahahhahahah

    This is getting funnier and funnier.

    Not 9nky are they utter terrible trash but they got nerfed and now a mechanic is being removed.

    Hahhaha. Why WG hate lights and dynamic play….

  2. OopSAA says:

    Nothing to say about the Tier 8 American TD, the TS-5? It’s also in the 3trd iteration of patch 1.4 public test, according WOT express.

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