Cheat Mortar Arty Mod


There is a WoT mod for arty that for lack of better names I’m simply calling it the Mortar Arty mod, it allows arty players to shot vehicles that by normal circumstances would be safe by cover, a clear cheat mod.

This is not free by the way, it costs 20 dollars.

Honestly, whoever made this, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your ass and may your arms be too short to scratch it.

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Cheat Mortar Arty Mod

180 thoughts on “Cheat Mortar Arty Mod

  1. Rita, do you know how many people have downloaded this mod because of your words? I understand you want to make a positive environment of this game. However, from the conducts you have done, it doesn’t help at all. Players downloaded these mods because you unintentionally introduced that to them.

    1. Lol I’m not gonna lie, I had no idea it existed… It’s a double edged sword… She has to let us know it exists, but at the same time I wonder how many shitters downloaded this crap.

    2. Major Rager says:

      Well look at the bright side, Use this for ALL the clowns on the wot forum asking for entitlements ! (Need proof, replay or it did not happen, tinfoil hat conspiracy, learn to play, your stats suck so your post means nothing) because they are TOO lazy to search for themselves.

      Aside from that this game is in such a MESS anyway! I do not think WG will notice an extra worm in their can of worms.

      1. madogthefirst says:

        It ain’t no one else’s job to back your claim up. Now that it is known there is some evidence to back your case.

    3. NekoIzMase says:

      Yesterday i got shot in town from unbealiveable angle with arty…direct hit…which is imposible..and i saved replay from it…
      So even before she posted ppl ardy using this crap cheat…bcz this is not mod…so acusing Rita for saying here is silly
      If she didnt write abaut it…i would not send report with replay…bcz i would think i might saw wrong

    4. I think its not to blame who made it, but WG who enabled it to be made…If this is indeed some kind of cheat that all blame goes to WG for allowing such things to be made. Esspecialy since calculations are made on server side.

      1. Naročito što sam pre godinu dana pisao o opasnostima “modova” i poslao opsežan mail Wargamging-u. Mislim da bi ceo res_mods folder trebao nestati iz igre. Apsolutno bilo kakvi modovi moraju nestati. S druge strane, to bi možda i oteralo većinu ljudi iz igre obzirom da je prosek igrača izuzetno niskog skill-a.

    5. In the short term, yes, there will be a sharp spike in its use, and its presence on the server… but at the same time, it will draw WG’s attention to the mod’s existence that much quicker, hopefully making them act against the users of the mod that much more quickly.

      What you can do for right now is take screencaps of artillery as they are using this mod. They should be relatively easy to spot as they’ll be propping the front of their vehicles up on terrain to give themselves the gun elevation that they need in order to get this mod to work on most of the vehicles in the game. Additionally, they’ll typically be aiming much higher than 45 degrees relative to the map’s plane while trying to mortar targets.

  2. One thing no-one has mentioned is, if this mod costs cash, it’s making a profit from WG’s Intellectual Property. Which I would have thought was just plain illegal, unless WG license them…

    1. SFC_Storm says:

      Arty needs no help in the balancing department aside from being thrown in the trash.
      Anything that can either 1 shot you or miss completely should never be in a game. It takes away majority of skill.

      This cheat wouldnt be OP if arty wasnt unbalanced to begin with. And im so sick of WG saying it will come in the giant re balance. They need to re balance it last year.

      Arty almost killed this game, as the majority of Unicums left it until this got fixed. ny guys who stayed were streamers and a few others but the backbone of good players moved on.

      1. just another pixel basher says:

        You clearly do sound like all the other “never played arty” arty-experts that have expert opinions about arty being OP and whatnot. First of all, removing anything that can 1 shot or completely miss you, means all tanks, tds and arty . . . well chosen.
        As for skill – a player needs a lot more for playing arty well since it has been nerfed beyond the point of breaking. As for being killed by a random ammo rack or weak point hit – well duh – that is a killshot for most vehicles in the game.
        Any cheat unbalances the game, this one less so than many others. Rebalancing arty will not solve the problem of cheaters.
        As for blaming arty for almost killng the game is a blatant lie and propaganda. The truth is that a lot of players left every time arty was sledgehammered time and time again by the nerf-bat. That was accomplished thanks to all “arty experts” moaning and whining about the weakest dpm vehicle type being op in the game. Most spgs require 5-10+ shots to kill a tank, unless they are lucky and rng hits a weak spot. Even then many of them do so little damage that is laughable. The “op arty” whiners never complain about balance when a tier 5 spg shot against a same tier 5 tank does single or barely double digit damage, because the balance so ultimately is in their favor. God forbid they get killed, because then there is OMG, HACKER and REPORTED being yelled in the chat. Then add the DISHONEST BULLYING of spg players, being reported for playing a spg or simply being shot by a random teamate for playing a spg. Would you return to a game where you are treated in that way?

        What I believe broke the game, was the redesign of most maps, turning them into a small flank protected shooting galleries for peekabo style combat only. A redesign that caters to only one player type.
        That removed the need for spotters in the game, making many light tanks obsolete as well as tank destroyers and self propelled guns. Furthermore, it severly damaged if not killed off teamwork in the game. Additional players left the game due to premium ammo removing the need for skill to kill a tank from a tank. Any new player could 1 shot a Unicum.

      2. says:

        @JUST ANOTHER PIXEL BASHER: I guess you are not very good at reading so let me help you with this one.

        Storm said that the arty is broken in the first place, not OP. If you don’t understand the basic difference between the two things, which you clearly don’t, I have bad news: you are just one of thoose ignorant twats, who think arty is good at it is.

        Yes, arty was nerfed. Why? Because it WAS OP back then. Now it is an RNG-based class which require far less skill than any other class in the game. Basically the only thing you have to watch on your screen is whether the line is green or red. I hope you don’t consider this as skill. You have to relocate every once in a while. Which leads to one of the factors why arty is broken: cause it can fire through the map without punishment. I won’t explain this, it is crystal clear why is it bad.

        Because of the fact, that I know that this conversation won’t turn into a constructive one, given your ignorant first comment, let me cut this short: arty got nerfed because it was OP. It does not do the job it is implemented for in the first place: it does not punishes camping, it fucking encourages camping. The reason why the tomato-army doesn’t see arty as a huge problem, because they are the main audience of artillery (good players don’t really like to be RNG-dependant) and they camp in fucking A1 on Prohorovka, next to the allied arties.

        Have a nice day!

  3. whitebaron777 says:

    WG could easily fix this by making arty shells disappear after their standard max flight time expires

  4. Does the cheat allow for higher gun elevation by chance? Because to me I literally just saw an arty player getting creative and firing his round upwards at extreme angles. And apart from what looked like really weird gun elevation on the arty, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

    1. BattleBudgie says:

      Just wanted to ask the same thing. It’s known for quite a long time (it’s just common sense after all) that if you park your arty in a frontally elevated position, the arch of the shots changes and you’ll be able to shoot behind covers AND increase the range of your arty. Why would you need a mod for that? I suspect that there’s something I didn’t notice while watching the vid.

      1. Kouga says:

        Getting more arc by going against the hill is perfectly fine. However, once he was in that position, he was able to shoot anywhere he wanted as illustrated by shooting a tank in D7 at 3:28 when his arc should only been able to hit no further than the 3 line. Its a complete cheat. One his last shots on the A line came from the south east of the map when the shot should of been directly from the south where he was.

      1. But you haven’t explained how it’s a cheat Rita.

        All you showed was an arty player driving up a small, steep hill and combining it with the tanks gun elevation to lob the shots into low earth orbit to allow it to fly over and drop behind cover. If anything, he should be commended for being creative.

        Of course, if it’s a an actual cheat that changes the parameters of the tank, like increasing the elevation, then yes, it needs to be stopped.

        But if it’s just a creative arty player, you need to stay on your toes and keep an eye on the sky.

      2. Michael Dixon says:

        WG should be made aware of these but how is it good for the community?

        Some people will now go and look for this mod.

        Im still hoping that the ability to add mods will be removed from the game after they add the common mods to the game. It’s crazy the game makes it easy for people to make mods it just shouldn’t happen

    1. pixywing says:

      @Blackest of Metal

      This is a cheat as it allowed the arty to make shots other arty could not who are not using this mod. He was able to shoot anywhere he wanted as illustrated by shooting a tank in D7 at 3:28 when his arc should only been able to hit no further than the 3 line. This mod completely removed his gun arc and made his shots go dead sideways instead of forward.

      1. Actually… considering his gun was near vertical, it doesn’t take much of an angle to the side for it to hit sideways. Draw a 4 degree negative slope parabola on a piece of paper, and make it go very high. It’ll still have impressive horizontal movement.

      2. pixywing says:

        But his gun was still forward and his shell flew out 90 degrees to the right of where his gun was facing.

      3. If you look at the video again, you will notice that his gun is basically pointing near vertical. Like a joystick on a table, it can aim slightly to the right, slightly down, slightly to the left. Because its basically aimed at the skybox, the 6 or so deg’ of gun traverse is enough for the shell to land a few hundred meters to the right of the arty itself. Its simple ballistics. Real life example.

        Say a gun with 100m/s muzzle velocity is pointed vertically, with 9.8 m/s^2 of gravity. One deg’ forwards, 20 seconds later, it will land 35m in front of you.
        One deg to the left , it will land instead 35m to the left.

        Now, the T92 has a shell vel. of 460m/s, and iirc WoT uses different gravity values for arty.

        Assuming it is 9.8 m/s^2 anyways, and assuming the T92 is pointed vertically, 6 deg to the side will mean it will roughly go 750m to the right after flying for 93.8 seconds.

        Obviously, in WoT it only takes 10 or so seconds, but that’s why despite facing north, it was able to basically aim off towards the north east with ease.

  5. Anonymous says:

    THIS IS NOT A HACK!!!!!!!
    He is sitting at a 90 degree angle on the hill that is why he can hit those shots

      1. pixywing says:

        Yes because having no mods allows you to make the shot at D7 at 3:28 despite his gun arc not being able to go past the 3 line . . . This mod removes your gun arc from the game which is a cheat.

  6. Tychus says:

    Guys, the only mod that was there was the one telling you what angle you need to hit those shots, that’s it. Basically exaggerating the elevation angle of the gun at the cost of range. You can do this without the mod. However the RNG is gonna become a pain in the ass, tried this some time ago in the m44, bert and s-51( only still play the bert 😛 ) NONE of the shots fired except one shot by the bert hit it’s mark, it’s not worth doing that.

  7. A quick experiment with a Hummel proves that, yes, this mod does change the aiming system, since I couldn’t get an aiming circle, and my shots all flew off the map entirely when I tried this. While I could improve loft a bit driving up a hill, not by much – I’ll stick to the Bishop.

  8. Dark Eagle says:

    Arty should auto hit campers. I don’t play much any more because the the tool box jackass campers that camp in base have cost more games for people than most can count.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The problem with calling this a cheat is, that the only thing required to make this work, is a mod that shows the elevation of the gun relative to the flat surface. Then you use the normal artillery aim, and note the elevation of the gun. Then you can look up the elevation for the higher trajectory in a table. The table is specific for each gun, but you can make it by test firing in a training room, then set the gun to the required elevation and shoot. (This is a bit simplified because it does not take differences in altitude between shooter and target into consideration, but you can add that too to your tables.)

    1. Drakko says:

      So skills are cheating nowadays, huh? A skilled player(unicum for example) will have an advantage over others and will thus be cheating according to your mental gymnastics, huh?

  10. Rick says:

    Dont blame the guy who made the cheat but WG for allowing this cheat to be made as well as others.Get rid of all the mods to get a fair game is the answer plain and simple.

  11. wolvenworks says:

    i notice that reference from a 9gag post recently

    may that modmaker eternally suffer a constant feel of discomfort

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes! Ban all and every vehicle, which uses slope to shot higher than his gun elevation allows or shot lower than his gun depression allows.

  13. GU-7 says:

    This is funny, how butthurt people are by this mod, maybe if arty wasn’t so god awful, and broken, maybe then people would stop making ‘cheats’ for them. If anything, you all had this coming, for bashing on arty for so long. People got fed up on taking crap, and nerfbat, after nerfbat.

    Wargaming already beaten this sick puppy to death with RNG, aimtime, inaccuracy, and reload times. I really don’t want to hear it, but here I am, reading this ‘QQ’ post, as if people DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING.

    Im staying neutral here, I hate seeing cheats, but I also hate seeing hypocrites, and naysayers. How bout you bash on the real cheats out there like Warpack, or the other mods that are clan exclusives, yeah I said it, but nope, nobody wants to do that, don’t put shame on so called ‘skill’. I can see why people are leaving this game in droves, the community is nothing but toxic, and is VERY toxic towards arty…

  14. It’s a UI to support extra gun elevation. Not a ‘hack’, just a smart way of abusing terrain. Not that I don’t agree that it’s making arty even worse 😛

    But the worst part is going to be people crying about ‘haxxx’ every battle now.

    1. Hakz says:

      Tell me why exactly this mod makes arty even worse? Because it punishes retard campers? Because it makes shooting moving targets almost impossible, thus making the game much safer? Because it encourages active and aggressive gameplay?

      Honestly, if this – “way of shooting”, or the option to swtich between the current one and the “cheat” one – had been implemented from the earliest of days, the game would have been so much better….

      1. Squiggle says:

        Do you just have a single one size fits all comment for all occasions?
        It just isn’t addressing anything regarding this mod.

    2. This actually is a gamebreaking cheat, as it doesn’t stop at simply being a clever way of using terrain. It programs the client to aim your artillery to the first firing solution it comes across either aiming up from 45 degrees, or aiming down from 90 degrees relative to the map plane, rather than aiming up from 0 degrees relative to the map plane… resulting in the game seeking out the higher trajectory shell arc of the two ballistic firing solutions that are available against any target location outside of the maximum range. The game, maps and all the vehicles are balanced around artillery seeking out the lower ballistic trajectory of the two options.

      As an artillery main, I’m coming out and calling this a straight up cheat, and personally demand that it be added to the banned mod list.

  15. Anonymous says:

    How retarded to post this on a popular website that tons of world of tanks players read. I had no idea about this mod like I’m sure many people didn’t Now thanks to you people know about it and more people using it will appear in game. So stupid.

  16. kilo_india_alpha says:

    WG said that there are no illegal mods on EU. You as a player are entitled to choose whether this gives an unacceptable advantage or not. I cannot see that advantage when I play. THX WG Paris.


    Ceterum censeo Lutetiam esse delendam

  17. Some arty players are defending it, likening the reaction to this mortar mod to the reaction to BA.

    As an arty main myself though… There is a big difference between the Battle Assist Mod, and the current Mortar mod.

    The Battle Assist mod mostly just made aiming artillery more intuitive for players to pick it up. Having looked over hundreds of rookie arty replays, a trend was that they’d mouse over the center of a tank, for the majority of tanks this was also the location of the turret. As a result, they were effectively “Aiming High” on the profile of a target relative to the shell’s approach trajectory… reducing the chance of hit, chance of catastrophic hit, and the chance of splashing the target. When the BA mod came out, I saw the players aiming more towards the center of the target’s profile than they were in the past. There are perspective related issues that can punish over-dependence on it but about the only thing it really enabled players to do that they couldn’t do before was aiming at players hiding underneath long strips of hard cover (Though use of the gun lock and pulling forward to center the reticle was something players could do if they really needed to get a bridge troll back before BA).

    The Mortar Mod has significantly greater implications. To start off with, it completely erases the balance between low trajectory class artillery and high trajectory class. Traditionally, the balance of benefit between these two ends of the trajectory spectrum were that low trajectory artillery also had faster shell velocity, and thus lower shell travel times, making them better at engaging maneuvering targets out in the open, or those players that were more arty conscious. High trajectory artillery had an easier time engaging targets that hid behind hard cover where the longer shell travel times were of little consequence due to the more static nature of these sorts of targets. In many cases lower trajectory artillery didn’t even have a chance at getting a shot in. Toss in the fact that high trajectory artillery also have max range considerations, and you get a pretty fair distinction between by which to vary artillery gameplay.

    With the Mortar Mod, high trajectory artillery simply becomes obsolete, because in addition to being able to do long range rapid arrival shots, flat trajectory artillery can then also prop themselves up on a rock or hill, aim skyward and get shells to drop in right on top of targets that were previously the domain of the high trajectory artillery… in many cases, the flat traj arty will be able to get the shells in at a higher trajectory and more accurately than non-mortar-mod high traj arty could achieve, and do so from a longer range, as witnessed with the T92 replay in the video Rita posted.

    Additionally, because of the way the shells would be traveling, it would be quite possible for an artillery to use the mortar mod to cover a significantly greater arc in front of them than their physical gun traverse limitations are. With artillery, Gun Traverse arcs tend to be a major consideration when artillery is given dispersion penalty and aim time stats, even accuracy in a few cases. Sure the shell well take 10 seconds from the moment it is fired to the time it arrives instead of the usual 4 or 5 with the 203mm B-4, but the travel time penalty is preferable to the 16+ seconds of aim time I’d have to go through to adjust for a player who suddenly moved in an unanticipated manner that took them out of my gun traverse arc and forced me to adjust my hull..

    So those are some major balance issues with the mortar mod, and that’s simply speaking of how arty gets balanced relative to other arty. When one takes into the account the implications on general gameplay, it’s an absolute nightmare, especially with the current Corridor Template that most maps are currently built around. Add to it the map imbalances that can occur as a result of this mod… here’s just one example… Standard or Encounter Siegfried line. Two M53/55’s are spawned on the map, one on each side. Traditionally the north spawn has things a little harder, depending on how many of his MT and LT allies get spawned inside the bowl (seriously that thing needs to be filled)… but it gives the north spawn arty a significant slope that is well suited for propping up the M53/55’s hull to enable full use of the mortar mod, and is able to deploy it freely in any direction. At the south end, the hills are much more gradual, limiting the maximum gun elevation they are able to achieve save for maybe using the dragon’s teeth to help prop up the front end of the arty… putting them in a pretty exposed position. The northern Artillery essentially gets free reign on targets inside the city, while the southern arty is much more liable to be forced to focus on the more mobile targets out in the field simply because he doesn’t have the same opportunity to prop up the front end of his arty, or has to take excessive risk in order to attempt to do so.

    I’m going to have to say that while I felt the BA mod wasn’t unfair or unbalanced (indeed I think it to be suboptimal as the primary aiming method when compared to the standard top down view), the mortar mod definitely feels like a gamebreaker to me.

  18. Marshall Dale Tavares says:

    Obviously this needs to be fixed but I hope someone first manages to MRSI with the tier 10 french arty.

    Couldn’t happen to a “nicer” company.

  19. GU-7 says:

    @Squiggle Wasn’t being bias towards anyone, you have taken my words out of context… As of late, arty has been on the receiving end of non-stop nerfbat to the face, and honestly, there are worse things out there than this mod, yes it is game breaking, and need to be fixed I do agree… But what I was trying to say is, If arty was fun to play to begin with, then why would people hack it in the first place, catch my drift?

    Every time I play arty and kill some poor sap that doesn’t know how to use cover, I get hate messages though the game, or some stupid response that honestly I don’t care for. So why should arty be singled out for all the toxicity, and rage in the game. Whats next? TD’s? then heavys? It just never stops, because people want a fair and balance game that no side or tank has an advantage, or disadvantage.

    I’ve been around long enough to get my fair share of hate in this game, especially in arty, and honestly I’m tired of it…

    1. drealgrin says:

      ground cancer doesn’t know how to play so they whine.

      whiney baby, whineygamer and jingwhine are responsible for encouraging it

  20. Glenn A says:

    Umm hate to break it to you but thats no mod…in the video he is simply angling the arty to adjust the angle of fire.

    I’ve done that quite often to get rounds into normally unreachable areas when the arty I’m using is on level ground.

      1. Dave says:

        Actually they are. However, without the mod it takes lots of practice and some preparation. If you can pull this off *without* the mod then that would be, wait for it, SKILL.

  21. drealgrin says:

    i’m so glad this mod is out there to help heal us from all that ground cancer in this game.

    SPG unite!

  22. Roland says:


    And problem solved, maps are not prepared to keep a good playability with clickers. Maps like Prokhorovka, Steppes, Serene coast, etc. become unplayable with this trash “class” designed for worthless players…

  23. Anonymous says:

    this is not a cheat LOL he is elevating his tank to get more shell trajectory or arc what ever its called my friend was doing it and he thought me how to do it XD guys want to have this hack for free ? elevate your tank upwards and shoot over hills… simple… and your welcome 😉

  24. YouJustGotArtied says:

    This mod has been around for a while. Its call Battle Assistant and WG knows about it and its not illegal. As for arty parking on the hill side, well that is math and using the terrain to get the correct angle of a shot. I don’t need a mod to to what they did in the video, just position my arty. So go learn something and cry some more.

  25. Flounder2760 says:

    the funniest bit about this is real artillery units use this tactic…and yall are bitching and whining about how dare an arty do arty things…

    i mean shit the flight time on the round doubles and people still get hit….. i dont think this is cheating at all.

    i just think anything that lets arty stay competitive is gonna wig your shit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    How can you make that kind of mod? people have bad time vs arty already in the game.If you wanna do something good make cheat mod against arty.You will have much more downloads.And just delete that mod this is SICK.

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