Chi Nu Kai code giveaway

Good Afternoon everyone.

Let’s have a little giveaway, shall we.

You get the chance to win a Chi Nu Kai bonus code for the EU region only. It works until the first of june, so be quick once you win it. We will contact the winner per e-mail so make sure you check it regularly.

Just follow this link and enter the giveaway

I wish everyone good luck

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Chi Nu Kai code giveaway

10 thoughts on “Chi Nu Kai code giveaway

  1. As if it’s their fault….

    It’s WG shitty system and way if doing things. Especially the shitty commu ovation between management of different servers.

    To be honest. It’s a chi nu kai. You aren’t missing much. I’ve got one and if I could sell it for gold I would in a heartbeat.

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