Chieftain Spotted in EU


Thanks to Woddak for emailing.

A Chieftain has been spotted over the EU server being controlled by Balance_EU:


Just shared this to make the community agonise just a bit more… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Chieftain Spotted in EU

36 thoughts on “Chieftain Spotted in EU

    1. Last time I saw it it looked like straight up worse version of Action X Centurion. Also if I remeber correctly that was the reason they didnt put it in the game in the first place – it sucked (more than they expected).

      1. A Dude says:

        Having its stats right in front of me it looks more like a AX on steroids gun-wise.

        1,3 aim time and one of the best stabilizations in the game, 270mm penetration, 7,1 seconds of reload time (3300+ DPM, AX has 7,4 seconds @ 3100ish DPM with rammer).

        The frontal armor is a weak 85 mm…angled at nearly autobounce 70°, side armor we won’t talk about. This is practically a better Conqueror, and retains the supporting role whilst having better gun stats.

        Believe me when I say this thing will rock.

    2. whitebaron777 says:

      Yeah, because the t67, t57 heavy, t110e5, e75, jagdpanther II, vk4502b, e100, jgpz e100, grille 15,113, m41, t37, fv215b, fv215b183, 85% of non-russian arty, hellcat, OI, OI experimental, pz IV H, amx 50B, amx 50 120, elc amx, Matilda, etc are soooooo much worse than their Russian counterparts. Oh wait, no they aren’t

      1. Xavier says:

        Yeah totally no Russian bias.

        That’s why the US’s Tier X medium is from the early 1950’s, and Russia’s is from 1961

  1. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I just hope they’ll make the frontal turret armor + gun elvation + L1A1 gun really good or this will be a massive disappointment 🙁

    1. Well its already on the console version so im guessing they are thinking that it is enough testing if it made it there. Also the tank has been seen alot on the SEA server for sometime.

    1. Robert Adamson says:

      why would it be a medium ? we already have the AX, and if you mean because of the weight then thats irrelevant, look at the amx 50 100

      1. Terminus says:

        Look at the weight of the swedish Kransvagn at 45 tons, hmm what does a panther weigh?

        Pretty sure WG gives 0 fucks about classification by weight.

    2. zombietropa says:

      I can be pedantic, so I will. The Chieftain is neither a medium tank nor a heavy tank, but a Main Battle Tank. The “light, medium and heavy” system used by WoT reflects the system that the Germans used during WW2, classifying tanks by the role that they would perform, rather than weight like the Americans did (the Pershing was orginally classified as being a heavy tank). Since a MBT doesn’t fit into the German system, then WG have to fudge it a bit.

      1. zombietropa says:

        You cheeky scrub you…

        I think the Leopard was a ‘universal tank’, like the centurion and the AMX 30, an evolution towards the MBT from the medium tank (and so more fudging by WG).

    1. Terminus says:

      Even though they said, Chieftan is coming, expect it to branch off from the Conqueor. We just don’t know when?

      Im not a huge fan of the tank myself, but i doubt with its in demand popularity it would ever be a CW reward.

      1. tango35 says:

        Think about what WG did with the US M60. Despite players screaming for the tank to be made available to everyone, the M60 was awarded to the clans.

  2. anodjl says:

    the Cheiftain Mk.6 WOT is already present on the PC before even planned on WOT console
    it was added with the shift that added to the tanks to Czech Christmas 2015
    This is a Premium tier X heavy

    le Cheiftain Mk.6 est déjà présent sur WOT PC avant d’être même sur prévu sur WOT console
    il à été ajouté avec la MAJ qui à ajouté les chars tchèques à noël 2015
    C’est un tier X Premium lourd

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