Chieftain/T95 Status


small update for some, bigger to others… after some discontentment over the CW’s reward, WG has given the following statement:



After further discussions following this miscommunication, we insisted on providing a better solution that would suit both us and especially you which why the following decision has been taken:

In the nearest patch, the tank Chieftain/T95 will be switched to it’s rightful premium status.


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Chieftain/T95 Status

35 thoughts on “Chieftain/T95 Status

  1. svalsbard says:

    I’m confused. Are they saying that it will be available for the unwashed non-CW masses as a premium tank or it will just get premium status for those CW master race who “win” it?

    1. It was the reward for the latest campaign. The tank was advertised as a premium, but when players received it, it didn’t make any extra credits. They will change it in 9.15 to produce extra credits like any other premium tank.

      1. Glenn A says:

        It didn’t have premium credit multiplier so in 9.15 it will get the premium credit multiplier.

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      They will probably not sell it, just like they never made the IS-5 available for cash. Sort of frustrating for people like me who refuse to play in clans, but then, hey, it’s their loss.

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        Yup, so much potential income lost. Also, unlike USSR, the British tree isn’t exactly bloated with premiums.

      2. Slartibartfart says:

        You do realize that WG want people to join a clan, and by doing this they are rewarding the people who are in a clan and being succesful in the clan. I got the tank, but I played the clan wars campaign from about 20:00 to 23:00 for 2 weeks straight, if this tank would be available for cash after the campaign, I wouldn’t have done the campaign and I wouldn’t have bought it either because, the great thing about the chieftain is that it is a special tank. It gives you a status. which would be ruined if they sold it for cash.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      As a reward tank it most likely already has premium XP modifiers as well as 50% crew XP bonus, just like the PM reward tanks have. It however has standard repair costs and standard credit modifiers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks WG now it might be worth playing it….well, its penetration with gold is 238 which is fun against tier 10 heavies, its too slow to work with bad penetration like to T54 Ltwt can as it only goes at 42. Then you give it a nice turret, 250 mm armour but decide lets put a cupola that O-HO HE can pen. It was free so cant complain too much Kappa.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The cupola complaints are as weak as the cupola.

      The turret besides the cupola is extremely strong, the upper front hull has a disgusting slope.

      The gun is average for a T8 med.

      But the whole package, if it didn’t have the cupola, is obscene when hull down and using ridges to exploit its -10 depression.

      Not just peeking and baiting shots. Sitting there and not moving there is nothing worth firing at besides that cupola when the LFP is not visible.

      Without that weak point it might as well be given a different gun and made a t10 tank because without the cupola it that armour layout doesn’t belong at T8.

  3. Dani says:

    I got 50000 credits after a 5000 damage games and 6 kills. I get more in an IS3.
    The thing is it’s status is “premium vehicle” and is worse than a normal tank.

  4. Good news. Who would like to waste many nights only playing WoT, just to receive a normal T8 tank… I get it that T10s do not make money, but I have no idea, why this one could not right from start…

  5. Anonymous says:

    good news, although I´d be happy to see this toy avaliable for all CW participants, just like the IS-5

  6. WileyCat says:

    this is still stupid for people who just dont have the time to neckbeard into countless hours of clan activity

    the chinese server is on the right track but their approach is extreme


    heres some new content but you have to pander to the assholes that unfortunatly run some of the big clans to even get


    thats just my extreme cartoonish take on what happens

    but other games are becoming my go to as with pretty much any player that had previosly stuck around but didnt play in clans

    1. Pikolo01 says:

      Don’t worry, you wouldn’t get it anyway. I played for 13 days and was 100 points(a victory on tej ladder is 12-19 points, province battles have an x5 cooficient) behind the 8k. To get it, you needed a top 250 clan who devoted all 2 weeks. There were 80 k people who played at least 1 battle and 20 k who played at least 35 hours. There were too few tanks, they gave 12k tier Xs and that wasn’t too easy to get into

  7. Random pubbie says:

    I’m never going to have that tank (I don’t have time for CW because I have other obligations) so I don’t care.

  8. Nobby says:

    It was only missing the credit boost, all other ‘premium’ features were there from the start. WG screwed up by describing it as a premium tank instead of a reward tank and not clarifying when questioned. Players proceeded on the assumption that it’d be a full-on premium then cried when it didn’t churn out credits despite never knowing how many credits a premium tank is supposed to deliver (seriously, WG have never released that information – the complaints were based on what other ‘premium’ tanks can generate, there was nothing concrete behind the crying).

    No one comes out of this looking good, particularly the players on forums who are enabling the next round of “omg nerf arty now” posters by claiming to have ‘won’ a concession from WG. Thing is, even the concession doesn’t say how many more credits the tank will earn from the next patch so there could be another round of whining if it’s considered not to be enough.

  9. I see a lot of people complaining about the tank being for the CW elite and that is unfair and they should give it to everyone. Well sonny they don’t play everyone that plays sports the same as say an NBA star or NFL star. The tank is not given to anyone, we had to play and compete to get it so I would like to ask that you do not diminish something that people have worked for by asking WG to give it to you because you have money.

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