Chinese TD Supertest Stats

Supertest stats for the Chinese TDs that have been making rounds lately.

Note: The status of these machines is still up in the air. It’s not currently confirmed whether these will be premium or tech tree vehicles, or even if they’ll be seen outside the Chinese server.

With that out of the way, here we go:

WZ-120-1G FT

Tier VIII, premium (?)
HP: 1100
Engine Power: 580hp
Weight: 36 t
Power-to-Weight: 16:11
Speed: + 50 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse 42 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.959 / 1.151 / 1.918
Hull Armor: 120/80/45 mm
View Range: 380 m
Signal Range: 600 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 122mm A 60-122TG FT
DMG: 440/440/530
Penetration: 248/330/61 mm
DPM: 2809.3
Rate of Fire: 6.385
Reload: 9.397 s
Accuracy: 0.355
Aim Time: 2.78
Depression/Elevation 6 /? °


WZ-120-G FT

Tier IX premium
HP: 1700
Engine Power: 520hp
Weight: 36.290 t
Power to Weight: 14.33
Speed + 47 / -20 km / h
Hull Traverse: 38 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.959 / 1.055 / 2.11
Hull Armor: 150/80/45 mm
View Range: 390 m
Signal Range: 600 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 130mm 59-130JG ft
DMG: 560/560/660
Penetration: 262/340/65 mm
DPM: 2944.5
Rate of: 5,258
Reload: 11.411 s
Accuracy: 0.374
Aim Time: 3.07

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Chinese TD Supertest Stats

11 thoughts on “Chinese TD Supertest Stats

      1. The swedes armor only holds against lights and meds. If you want a counter them, get in a HT or TD. Near every HT and TD can x3 the sweds armor even 1 tier lower and last but not least Arty.

  1. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    surprisingly not that OP excluding the amount of pen the tier 8 has on its prem rounds.
    unusual for grorious people’s repubric

  2. Xelianow says:

    Why doe thes T8 look better or equal in terms of hard stats than the SU-122-54 one tier higher? @_@ Comperable gun (lower pen does not matter considering the lower tier), comperable mobility, better armor, no hugh weak point on top that sticks out behind hills long befor everything else does…

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