Chinese TD: WZ-111-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots

Hello, here are the statistics and screenshots of another upcoming Chinese tier VIII Tank Destroyer, WZ-111-1G FT



Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1100
Engine Power: 600
Weight: 44,500 kg
Power-to-Weight: 13.48
Maximum speed: 47/18
Hull Traverse: 21° sec
Turret Traverse: –° sec
Terrain Resistance: 1.055/1.342/2.205
Viewrange: 360m.
Radio range: 750m
Hull armor: 180/120
Turret armor: — // —

Gun: 130 mm 59-130JG FT
Damage: 560/560/660
Penetration: 271/340/65
DPM: 2,502.9
ROF: 4.469
Reload: 13.425
Accuracy: 0.345
Aim Time: 2.4
Elevation/Depression: +15/-6

Source WOT Express

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Chinese TD: WZ-111-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots

36 thoughts on “Chinese TD: WZ-111-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots

  1. Charcharo says:

    560 damage? On a tier 8 ?

    OK, I want my Chinese TDs, and such damage on a Tier 9/10 machine would rock…but this is too much.

    I like this machine in general, but IMHO it needs 490 damage. 500 at the most. The (I hope) 2 tier 10s can use 560 damage on their 130mm guns, not this thing…

    1. Uuuhhh says:

      It’s a vehicle line dedicated to a private special Chinese server. Of course they’re going to make them the best.

      1. Charcharo says:

        … Except that isnt how game design works…
        Nor how the Chinese do things… sorry but the world doesnt wok in this fashion mate.

  2. Vinz says:

    That thing is too OP for a tier 8… 560 dmg, 271 pen, 2.4 aim time with -6 gun depression ? Plus trollish armor + high mobility, this thing beat the shit our of everything (may be except for ISU-152 / Skorpion G)

    1. 271 pen isn’t that impressive when you realise the Strv S1 has 288 pen on it’s standard ammo with better gun depression, is stealthy and is also fast as hell. 560 damage isn’t impressive either since you have the ISU-152 that does 750 at tier 8

      Oh well, it’s supertest so things will probably change and they are penned in as Chinese server exclusives so it’s not like we need to be concerned with them at the moment

      I’m interested in them anyway

  3. rubberboas says:

    More of these Chinese tds are probably real than most people think. That weird boxy tier 9 premium thing, for exampl, is an actual authentic design

      1. I’m guessing this one will be the premium, or the start of a branch off to a second tier 10 TD… I’m way to interested in these

  4. dddzxc says:

    Fake tank.
    It’s scary, a line are all fake tanks.
    As a Chinese player, I am very angry with KZW and WG.

      1. well China did import Russian tanks so there’s the possibility that they are clones or based off them, the top tiers also look to be based off the MT and HT that we have currently in-game.

        I don’t know much about Chinese tanks nor do I have access to documents on any but I’m willing to give them benefit of the doubt until a reliable source can confirm or denounce the historical nature of them

      2. dddzxc says:

        Tier 4 has some basis, China did have plan to refit the 85mm to Su76M. The others are all fake tanks.
        According to reliable sources, this line is drawing that KZW let the tank industry personnel painting.

      3. ok well, not trying to be rude but quoting your friend as a reliable source… doesn’t make it a reliable source for others.

        I don’t know who they are.

        If you want to claim something is fake you need to at least have the evidence that it’s fake such as quotes from tank historians who have gone through the archives.

        “a friend of mine asked” doesn’t exactly qualify as a valid source

      4. dddzxc says:

        However, my friend asked the person who is just WOT China tank information provider.
        In fact, there is no need to prove that they are false, and that WG and KZW need to prove that they are true. These TDs can not find any clues in the relevant information in China’s tanks, And there are a lot of loopholes in the introduction exposed of these TDs.

      5. dddzxc says:

        In 59-Barton 、121B, WZ132A, WZ132B of these fake tanks warning, I don’t think this line is credible.

      6. dddzxc says:

        As a matter of fact, I’m curious why you think they are true, and that these TD have no photos, drawings and text descriptions as evidence. Their names are illogical. There are many loopholes in their introduction.

      7. I’m not saying they’re real, I question their authenticity as much as the next but I dont know enough Chinese tanks nor have I been through their archives to either confirm or deny their existance.

        There is a saying “innocent until proven guilty”

        We know which tanks in-game are fake because information on those tanks are readilly available to us, far more so then the Chinese tanks. As such I won’t make a call on the legitamecy of them

      8. dddzxc says:

        There are so many reasons why I think they’re fake tanks:
        1 my friend got the information about the fake tanks from the Chinese tank data provider;
        2 in China’s material,we can not find any traces of them;
        3 there are a lot of BUG in their description;
        4 their names are illogical;
        5KZW has made a lot of fake tanks.

      9. dddzxc says:

        The most authentic one of these fake tanks is Tier 4. China did have plan to give Su76m a 85mm gun

    1. yingyu0502 says:

      does it matters? German E line are alost all fake, How many of people would likely to trust one 122ton tank could be relied on WW2 engine and still move with 28 speed? comeon, just a game, dont take so seriously. At least we could get a new line of chinese works right soon, thats point.

      1. dddzxc says:

        In fact, China can have a historical TD tree. But KZW choose to do a fake line, which is maing me angry.

  5. God, of all the lines added over the years, I have to say I have the least enthusiasm for the Chinese td.. It looks like carbon copies of Russian ones. Why even bother?

  6. Charcharo says:

    If KZW chose to make a fake line over a REAL historical one, then that is downright stupid.

    But, if these HAVE a bases in reality, then I am all for them.

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