Chinese TD: WZ-111G FT Statistics and Screenshots


the statistics of the tier 9 Chinese Tank Destroyer, WZ-111G FT just came out:



Tier: 9
Hitpoints: 1600
Engine Power: 600
Weight: 45,910 kg (Max. Load: 48,000)
Power-to-Weight: 13.07
Maximum speed: 35/16
Hull Traverse: 22° sec
Turret Traverse: -° sec
Terrain Resistance: 1.247/1.726/2.781
Viewrange: 360m
Radio range: 750m
Hull armor: 200/120/ ??
Turret armor: — // —

Gun: 152 mm 59-152JG FT

Damage: 750/750/1100
Penetration: 290/395/90
DPM: 2 607.1
ROF: 3.476
Reload: 17.26
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 2.4
Elevation/Depression: +15/-6

Gun: 130 mm 59-130JG FT
Damage: 560/560/660
Penetration: 271/340/65

Tank Price: 3 500 000
Engine’s chance of fire: 12%
Shell velocity: 760
Camo % while stationary: 25,8%
Camo % while on the move:  15,5%

Model and armour:

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Chinese TD: WZ-111G FT Statistics and Screenshots

12 thoughts on “Chinese TD: WZ-111G FT Statistics and Screenshots

    1. leggasiini says:

      Chinese server*

      Stop mixing SEA and Chinese servers up guys :/

      SEA is regular server, but Chinese server is owned and ran by own company, Kongzhong, which also have created this entire line.

      Im pretty sure that gunmodel is placeholder. No way that it has 290 mm AP pen with fucking ISU’s derp gun. This isnt first time that have happened, though (panzer 7 used to have same model as 7201K even tho it had 128 mm instead of 150 mm)

      1. leggasiini says:

        200mm front armor, though? That is nasty, and lmao @ 395 HEAT pen at tier 9.

        Why the hell they made it clone of 704 though when Kongzhong had free hands at creating pretty much everything they would have ever wanted? Kongzhong seems to be at least as retarded as WG, if not even worse.

    1. leggasiini says:

      This is Kongzhong’s fake, even WG’s fakes arent this retarded…

      There is hope that the gun model is placeholder.

  1. dddzxc says:

    KZW and WG win!
    They succeed in creating a line that are all fake tanks!
    They succeed in creating a new lower limit for the game.!

  2. Backslash says:

    Interesting conceptual tanks. Not totally fakes as there may be a basis for their designs ( ex. Waffentrager e100 was bassed on an e100 hull with the experimental auto-loadind 15cm flak Gerat 60F). The only thing that worries me is that the gun stats may be a little on the overpowered side for these vehicles.

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