and to finish, here’s the tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer, WZ-113G FT statistics and screenshots:



Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 2 100
Engine Power: 750
Weight: 46,205 kg (Max. Load: 49,000)
Power-to-Weight: 16.23
Maximum speed: 38/16
Hull Traverse: 28° sec
Turret Traverse: -° sec
Terrain Resistance: 1.055/1.247/1.918
Viewrange: 370m
Radio range: 750m
Hull armor: 230/120/ ??
Turret armor: — // —

Gun: 152 mm 59-152JG FT (Same gun as the tier IX)

Damage: 750/750/1100
Penetration: 290/395/90
DPM: 2 712.6
ROF: 3.617
Reload: 16.589
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 2.21
Elevation/Depression: +15/-6

Tank Price: 6 100 000
Engine’s chance of fire: 12%
Shell velocity: 760
Camo % while stationary: 26,2%
Camo % while on the move:  15,7%

Model and armour:

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  1. leggasiini says:

    I expected ultra OP retarded killer machine that laughs at everyone who laughed at Chinese knock-offs, but instead its slightly better 268 or the tier 9 with +500 HP tier higher. Pls Kongzhong, you dissapointed me.

    I honestly have no interests for getting these tanks into the other servers. Kongzhong had literally free hands in making the line, they would have made at least unique designs. Why the fuck they went in and made a 113 – 268 fusion with ISU’s derp gun that magically has 290 AP pen?

  2. dddzxc says:

    KZW and WG win!
    They succeed in creating a line that are all fake tanks!
    They succeed in creating a new lower limit for the game.!

    1. you do know that they’re gonna be exclusive to the Chinese server to milk the chinese playerbase with OP chinese tanks?
      I don’t think that anyone had to tell you that as it was mentioned a couple of times pretty much everywhere.

  3. Backslash says:

    If kzw are actually going to release vehicles with these stats, the su 122 54, 268, and French tds better get some deserving buffs.

    1. Tankerzero says:

      But its not OP. Tell me what is OP on this TD? As far as I know its a clone of the 268 which trades top speed for slightly better armour which can easily be pen by gold rounds.

  4. Shrike58 says:

    If these were available outside of China I’d certainly grind them (I like my TDs) but I’d rather the alternate tree that was floated with a version of the PTZ-89-2 at Tier X.

  5. A Dude says:

    I first wanted the chinese TDs on the regular servers as well, but seeing this makes me think otherwise.

    230mm sloped frontal armor? No real weak spot? Uber gun? That’s Kranvagn turret on steroids shit. No thanks, sir! I would have at least expected a better 130mm gun, make it more like a better looking Object 263.

  6. Why do these tanks have “WZ” in the name? I thought that was specifically for tanks that were actually made which is why the 113 or 110 aren’t WZ-113 and WZ-110?

    1. Technically is a factory designation… W-武器 aka wuqi: means weapon
      Z-装甲战车 aka zhuangjiazhanche: means armoured combat vehicle

      But we are talking China here…

    2. Akina90 says:

      KZ don’t know much of the Chinese military stuff even though they are Chinese.

      The T-34-X and 59-Patton already proved that.

  7. ryanlj says:

    With that kind of armor, and the weight of cast iron, the front plate alone weighs around 2 tons, and I’m being generous with those predictions….. that’s freakin one quarter the tanks weight. Do the Chinese even think about this stuff?

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