Chinese TD: WZ-120-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots


here are the statistics and screenshots of the upcoming Chinese tier VIII Tank Destroyer, WZ-120-1G FT:



Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1100
Engine Power: 580
Weight: 36 000 ton
Power-to-Weight: 16.1
Maximum speed: 50/20
Hull Traverse: 42° sec
Turret Traverse: –° sec
Terrain Resistance: 1/1.2/2
Viewrange: 380m
Radio range: 600m
Hull armor: 120/80/45
Turret armor: — // —

Gun: 122 mm 60-122TG FT A
Damage: 440/440/530
Penetration: 248/310/61
DPM: 2692.8
ROF: 6.12
Reload: 9.80
Accuracy: 0.37
Aim Time: 2.9

Crew: 4 (Commander/Radio Operator, Driver, Gunner and Loader)

Model and Armor:

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Chinese TD: WZ-120-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots

10 thoughts on “Chinese TD: WZ-120-1G FT Statistics and Screenshots

  1. Patat precius patat says:

    AHahahah , compare this to the ruskie premium…ruskie has more pen, better accuracy, And a freaking turret…good shite…

  2. Sifatullah says:

    I saw somewhere a long time ago that Japanese artillery will be introduced. So far nothing yet. Can anybody tell anything about it?

    1. NDGR says:

      I believe we won’t see any new artillery for the time being, as the class is in a rather tricky spot right now. The rework is not being accepted by a lot of players, while others like it. Until the playerbase has made up its mind, nothing is going to happen with regards to the new arty tree imo

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