Chinese TDs- M3G FT

Quick stats for the Chinese tank destroyers. This time the Tier 3 M3G FT. Here’s what we have:

Tier: 3

Hit Points: 160

Engine Power: 296hp

Weight: 13.5

Power-to-Weight: 21.93

Max. Speed: +55/-12 kph.

Hull Traverse: 50 deg./sec.

Gun Traverse: 47.1 deg/sec.

Terrain Resistance: 1.630/1.822/2.589

Hull Armor: 25.4/10/??mm

View Range: 310m

Signal Range: 395m

Gun: 76mm ZiS-3

Penetration: 85/106/38mm

Damage: 115/115/165

DPM: 1262.4

Rate-of-Fire: 10.98

Reload: 5.47 sec.

Accuracy: .364

Aim Time: 1.82 sec.

Depression: -5

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Chinese TDs- M3G FT

14 thoughts on “Chinese TDs- M3G FT

    1. armando30 says:

      I think the gun is too far in front for the tank to keep its normal M3 Stuart level of mobility, but that is thinking they bother with it being “historical”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Not exactly, i think what they are planning is something similar to what most other nations td lines did which was most have the TDs be fitted with AT variants of the Guns of the mediums (And oftern heavies) that are about ~1-2 tiers higher. from the same tree

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