Chinese TDs- Screenshots

Bit of a short post today, but the WoT Asia Facebook page has posted the following:

Today we will share some info about the new Chinese branch of TD from Super Test! 🚀🚀

Chinese TD of Tier VIII and IX: WZ120-1G FT and WZ120G FT On Tier VIII there will be a compact and mobile vehicle, armed with 122 mm gun. The vehicle of Tier IX is armed with 130 mm gun with alpha damage as 560. By their gameplay these TDs will be similar to their analogues from other trees.

Now you may remember from our last post on the subject that these were to be exclusive to the Chinese server. Whether they’re moving out to the Asian server as well, or this is a bit of miscommunication, seems to be up in the air at the moment. We’ll update with any new info.


Edit: Some screenshots/collision models:

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Chinese TDs- Screenshots

22 thoughts on “Chinese TDs- Screenshots

  1. as someone on the Asia server I haven’t heard anything about us getting Chinese TDs. And We tend not to do anything that the Chinese server does, we stick to the official WG releases

    1. which makes it interesting that the WoT Asia FB is sharing images of the Chinese TDs. Chances are it is just miscommunication as you suggested may be the case, DecoNoir

  2. dddzxc says:

    As a CHinese player ,I can tell you they are fake tanks.
    This message is confirmed by the staff of asia server at the China WOT Forum。
    Because of the fake Chinese tank(62C、WZ132-1、those TDs、121B、59-patton),I give up the WOT and go to war thunder.A friend of mine is collecting the information of Chinese armored vehicle to repair the tree that damaged by GAIJIN for war thunder Chinese server。There will be a historical tree.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The type 62, 121B, and the WZ-132 series are not fake tanks. The type 62 was a tank designed off of the type 59. The prototype was the type 59-16. You must also remember that anything labelled WZ are just the industrial indicators. The type 59s industrial indicator is WZ-120. As for the 121B with te L7. Its not a Chinese tank persay. The type 59s in the commonwealth ( Pakistan and bangladesh owned) were offered an upgrade to the L7 by England. The 132 was a heavier prototype of the type 62G which was eligible for the L7 upgrade as well. Wargaming uses the WZ indicators to create different tanks. Like the WZ-120 is the type 59. The guns may not be historic but the tanks are

      1. Statpadderlol says:

        You are really making up stories here. WZ-121 stands for the known Chinese type 69 tank, and the WZ-121D is the first Chinese tank using L7 gun, which is also known as type 69III/79. Later, the type 59-2 (WZ-120B) also has Chinese produced L7 as its primary armament. Nobody knows where that “121B” comes from. Moreover, the WZ-132 never has the plan to use L7, the project was canceled before Chine get the L7 gun… WG is making up tanks…

      2. dddzxc says:

        In addition, I asked the translator to translate the article。Maybe you can see it here and soon.

      3. Anonymous says:

        I’m not saying China gave their tanks the L7. The L7 was given as an optional upgrade to Bangladesh and Pakistan to modernise the type59/ type 69s that these two countries (both part of the commonwealth). England gave the option to receive the L7A3 for their arsenal of the type 59 and type 69s. So the 121B is probably a tank that could have served in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Not China.

      4. dddzxc says:

        It’s impossible。 121B is a suture monster. Its chassis(底盘) is in China Tank Museum,Between WZ111 and a type 69。This chassis has no information。And WG give it fake turret and gun.The 121B is a fake name.

    2. “Because of the fake Chinese tank(62C、WZ132-1、those TDs、121B、59-patton),”

      But didn’t the WOT developers state that they don’t make tanks up?

  3. Charcharo says:

    IDK if these are real or not but I want them on the EU. I like my Chinese tanks.

    And if there are good historical versions that were at least on a napkin… use those.

    1. dddzxc says:

      This line is similar to Soviet TD and is unhistorical.I don’t think they are interesting.
      A historical TD line can be completed,but WG and kzw don’t need them.

  4. I have conflicting opinions about this matter, my completionist side cannot stand how the chinese and japanese tech trees have been left without TDs and arty for so long (same for british and japanese light tanks), on the other hand I’m not so willing to accept anythingjust because it means it gets complete
    if several sources have said some tanks are fake it makes hard to accept, on the other hand most “alternative” proposals rely on more modern designs or other classes to fill the gaps, like arty and SPAAs, which is better but still not ideal

  5. Katanga says:

    IMO if they will put chinece TD line it will be one for all servers. Why? Wargaming exsist as all companiest to make a profit. If they put an effort to create chinese TDs they will want to get a revenue . If that kind of a line will appears it will be also possible to create premium chinese TDs which eighter can be bought 4 real money or get via event like recently (US Pilot tank event) which aleso will make a … profit (premium account time, etc.)

  6. Getoveryourself says:

    As I’m the SEA Ser Dr, I can say that the monkey that runs it has not idea what the he’ll he is doing. We can not even get our patches on time much less host a new line of tanks alone. I hate to say it but..this sounds like “fake news”!

  7. Nyx_Sky says:

    The current 122 mm on the WZ 120 (Type 59) is also unhistorical, There is nothing about this gun, only the british L7 and later on the russian 125mm.

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