Chinese TDs- Screenshots

Bit of a short post today, but the WoT Asia Facebook page has posted the following:

Today we will share some info about the new Chinese branch of TD from Super Test! 🚀🚀

Chinese TD of Tier VIII and IX: WZ120-1G FT and WZ120G FT On Tier VIII there will be a compact and mobile vehicle, armed with 122 mm gun. The vehicle of Tier IX is armed with 130 mm gun with alpha damage as 560. By their gameplay these TDs will be similar to their analogues from other trees.

Now you may remember from our last post on the subject that these were to be exclusive to the Chinese server. Whether they’re moving out to the Asian server as well, or this is a bit of miscommunication, seems to be up in the air at the moment. We’ll update with any new info.


Edit: Some screenshots/collision models:

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