Chinese Tech Tree changes


here are the changes for the Chinese Tech Tree:

-WZ-111 5A Stats and Screenshots

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Chinese Tech Tree changes

13 thoughts on “Chinese Tech Tree changes

  1. armando30 says:

    can’t see the need for it right now, I mean, the 113 would not be as popular with the pros if it was not a good tank

    1. The only difference is how the 113 is being handled.

      On the Chinese server: 113 becomes a premium while the A is made the tech tree tier 10.

      On every other server: Both the 5A and 113 are researchable from the 111 1-4.

      1. StevoMS says:

        thank you avalon this news has made me a VERY happy tanker, I thought it was a China server exclusive

  2. Seth says:

    So does this mean I need to turn off Accelerate Crew Training on my 111-1-4? Any idea on when we will get this in the game?

    1. i saw on the wot forums that this would happen on 9.19.1 so yea i would turn off the A.C.T (Accelerate Crew Training) on your tank grind to about 100K exp then turn it back on and wait to see what the real cost of it would be

      1. GlennA says:

        The cost would likely be around the usual 170k to 210k range so grind around 160k xp. Tier 10 heavies almost never go below the 170k xp range.

  3. ROMBAT says:

    And if it will be the next mission 2.0 reward tank? Like obj260?.
    On paper looks good enough for people to go for it in impossible missions 2.0

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