Chrysler K Heavy Tank Supertest Stats

Good day everyone,

The Chrysler K heavy tank has been spotted in supertest, here are that stats as they are at the moment:


Chrysler K

Tier: 8

Hitpoints: 1500
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 60 tons
Power to weight: 20 hp/t
Maximum speed: 30 (for.)/14 (rev.) kph
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s
Turret traverse: 20.9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.959/1.055/1.918
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 745
Hull armor: 114.3/76.2/?mm
Turret armor: 228.6/127/?mm


105 mm Gun T5E1A
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 198/245/53mm
DPM: 1854
ROF: 5.794
Reload: 10.356
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 1.82 sec


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Chrysler K Heavy Tank Supertest Stats

59 thoughts on “Chrysler K Heavy Tank Supertest Stats

  1. Looks interesting, very strong turret front, you’re going to need some good 250+ pen and luck to get through it, 20 hp/ton is pretty impressive and terrain resistances are above average so it will be pretty nippy. Front hull armor looks like trash, don’t shoot the lower plate is all, the side armor is well angled and at 76 mm thickness it will bounce any caliber less than 152 with relative ease. DPM looks average for tier 8 but the aim time and accuracy are significantly above average for an american tank. Then at 60 tons and its power to weight, this tank can ram very well. This tank looks fairly interesting, probably more akin to a super sized Obj 216 rather than the VK 45.02B.

  2. This one is ugly but kinda interesting..
    And why do we need two Tier8 US heavy tanks in the test right now, even if we have a prem with normal MM now? Do I smell a new season of personal missions?

    1. Hunnicutt states “Front plate 30 deg from vertical” but when you look at the drawing in his book it looks a bit more slopped then that. The lower plate may have been 30 deg while the upper was more.

      Wouldn’t be the first time he had incorrect numbers, another source with more details on it could clear it up.

      1. he generally had “correct” numbers for everything, at least he always presented the numbers found in the official documents in the archives and normally he only states incorrect numbers when the official document itself is wrong, like the case of the T29 mantlet actually being 152mm thick (6 inches) instead of the “estimated” 8 inches (203mm) that can be found in all official documents in the archives

        it could be that WG asked Chrysler itself for access to their original blueprints or something, maybe it was simply the case of the actual design being modified from the initial concept proposal or simply beause of an error in the documents found in the archives

    2. If wargaming has proven anything with the new Swedish tanks coming out with historically inaccurate stats, they are not above fudging hard values for game play purposes instead of soft stats like terrain resistance and aim time. Also, if this tank did have 177 mm of frontal armor, it would be very comparable to an obj 430 II at tier IX so something had to get nerfed for the tank to be at tier 8

    1. There are several more that could be added but only two come to mind atm is the t58 (t57 with a 155mm autoloader, would be hard as hell to balance imo) and another is the H1 or the H2 (not sure which one has a turret) which would pretty much similar to the t110e4.

      1. you are forgeting two important designs that have been mentioned by devs and historical consultants (TheChieftain, obviously, and Yuri P. when he talked about the possibility of soviet, french, american and british having a super-heavy line)

        I’m talking about the famous “Super-Heavy Semi-Trailer Tank”, a 150 tons tank armed with either high-velocity 105mm gun or a long 155mm gun, the armor was to be as thick as possible within the 150t weight range
        for this tank they would need to do the same they did with the japanese tier 9 and 10, they add the weight of all internal components (engine, transmission, radio, etc…), then add the weight of the gun and tracks and with the remaining weight (150t-“all components”=armor weight) they “recreate” the armor layout based on american standards (thick frontal plate, frontal turret and mantlet armor with thiner sides and rear) and from that in combination with the “artist impression concept” you get a new tank model

        the other famous design would obviously be the nuclear powered heavy tank that as been mentioned by several people (probably as a joke, like saying “they even designed a tank powered by a nuclear reactor”)

      2. So you weren’t talking about U.S. heavy tanks but U.S. super heavy tanks? no need to get salty dude haha, it’s an easy distinction to mistake in the current game model. Would be cool to see some super heavy tanks for other nations like the Americans, French, and British lines, would be pretty exciting for the armor meta to get reinstated in the game.

    1. Also why do we need all these new premium heavy tanks in the america tree? We have a good heavy in the t34 but we are lacking a a td in the tier 8 slot that will remain there permanently. Sure we have the tier 7 scorpion but thing comes and goes.

      1. James k says:

        They really need to add something to the tree. It seems that most premiums lately don’t make their way into the trees. Even with them scaling back gold gobally.

      2. Asghaad says:

        thgey could rebalance T34 as TD as it plays like one anyway (DPM and aimtime increase with HP nerf would be nice on that shittank …) then replace T34s heavy slot with this thing

      3. The T34 really doesn’t have the rate of fire or aim time to be a td, it’s kind of like a T30, front line ridgline warrior, if you’re not using terrain to shot gun your enemies then you’re not really using the tank’s strengths. Plus all those hit points and armor are better used for blocking shots rather than letting your teammates die around you.

      4. More premiums are fine, it gives players more options, say some players driving slow tanks and want a faster aim time than 3.4 with better side scraping potential than the T32 and T34 in cities. The Chrysler K will still allow that niche community to train their american heavy tank crews. Plus wargaming’s hundred’s of employees can get a change from eating ramen and chinese take out every night. The problem arises that new premium tanks only encourage paying world of tanks players to play the game and world of tanks needs a steady stream of free content for everyone to enjoy and pump up their servers: which they are, with two new lines of Swedish tanks and hopefully more Swedish tanks to come with the rumored new French Heavies.

        TL;DR: Wargaming should introduce partial lines like the Italian and Polish tank lines are personal mission tanks so they get more content out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How are those machine guns at the rear of the tank supposed to work?
    It almost looks like they’re on semi traversal-able turrets with gun elevation that goes beyond 180 degrees.

    1. Asghaad says:

      same gun as T29 and T32 ? only thing that pisses me off with those guns is that low pen gun should have good aimtime (here it does) and accuracy

      1. 2.3 aim time and .4 accuracy on american heavies is bad? my good sir, I take it you only play tank destroyers and camp at the back of the map. You should definitely try out the Russian and Japanese tanks before complaining about what tanks are inaccurate.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      It’s possible they’re remotely controlled. Consideriing they’re all the way to the side of the front they would be awkward for humans to operate. Plus there’s no viewports there.

    2. In the case of the K tank they are remotely operated guns. I do believe they used a similar system that is on the B29 where they use a system called electric fire control system. Here is a good article on it : ( I don’t entirely know if that is how it worked as it could have been a mechanical system but probably worked very similarly if it isn’t electric.

    1. T49 only has 76 mm of pen, it will be a 50/50 pen chance if the T49 can get to a 90 degree angle at point blank against this tank’s 20 hp/ton while dodging its 1.7 aim time for 390 alpha, also, good luck not hitting the tracks.

  4. Amrael87 says:

    That hull armor is horrible, either this thing sidescrapes for the whole match (like pre buff VK B), or even some Tier 6 are going to pen it from the front. Not sure why WG would consider this a better alternative to T26E5.

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