Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Straight from Supertest

Four Clanwars reward tanks are currently undergoing testing of changes. These are the M 60, VK 72.01 (K),121B and T95E6. These are the given changes.


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Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Straight from Supertest

33 thoughts on “Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Straight from Supertest

      1. Kyros says:

        E100 is still a good tank, the only reason it sucks playing it is gold ammo. And instead of finaly nerfing it, they buff it’s pen, but then they buff armor of tanks that already destroy the balance (hint Type5), now gold ammo can’t pen Type5. What to do ? Oh yea ! Buff gold ammo ! Oh no heavy Tanks die too fast, let’s buff their Armor ! And so on and on and on…

        Here I give you something to think about

        350mm*1,25= 437mm max pen
        350mm*0,75= 262mm min pen

        That’s why 25% RNG and high pen is bad, it makes skill useless and replaces it with a full random mess. WG is holding on it bacause it’s the only thing that keeps tomatoes playing, and the average WoT player is a tomatoe. If they would remove it, the skilled would have no boundaries and will start to rise, the tomatoes will fall because nothing helps them anymore. They will realise that they suck and leave the game. That’s money running away and WG ofc don’t want that.

    1. Kyros says:

      It’s funny how you all scream op tank and soviet bias. But forget that when 907 was first released it was garbage because every hit on that tank was ammorack and the 2nd was ammowrecked if you didn’t repair fast enough.

      Now that they fixed it, it’s a good tank and suddenly you all average WoT players don’t know where to shoot at it to do dmg because you’re already used to load gold and shoot with WGs autoaim. 430U>>970>140 At this moment 430U is way above 907

      1. heinz says:

        your argument is valid, but russian bias in general is true. simply because russian tanks are best adapted to the small and flat corridor maps we have in wot. in addition to that some russian tanks got unnecessary buffs in the past: eg t44, t44-100, obj. 140, is-7…. some were introduced in an overpowered state: obj 257, obj 430 u, obj. 268 v 4. thats not what people feel, thats how it is.

      2. Infernal969 says:

        “you all average WoT players don’t know where to shoot at it to do dmg because you’re already used to load gold and shoot with WGs autoaim”

        Come back when you can argue above the level of a 10 year old.

        But yeah, 430U is OP, so 907 is obviously balanced. 3000 IQ right here, folks.

  1. tony says:

    again war gaming don’t give a crap about the biggest community of players that don’t do clan wars and are not interested in it,i’m not surprised they are losing players on unsustainable levels. the graphics will help with bring some people back or new players in, but the core game still has to many faults for most, as they say, you can’t polish a turd, you can just roll it in glitter. nearly everyone on my friends list stopped playing a while back, and i have shown them the new graphics etc, but they always ask about the game play and ask if its still as bad as it was, well what can i say, it still needs loads of work, not new tanks all the time. The game needs to limit premium ammo, look at skill based games coz i’m fed up with teams having all blue and unicum players on one side and te other team with red and orange players with a few token green ones thrown in. the price of premium tanks needs to be reviewed, after allm once the gaphics work is done, there is no other tabgable item to be produced, and if wargaming went under tomorrow, then you would have nothing to show for it, fractured space has a very reasonble pricing tstratergy. there also needs to be an actuall anti cheat program, not this claimed software that wargaming pretend to have. i’m sure a lot of players would disagree, and the simple minded will just spout out “learn to play”, but they are missing the point, if there are a large portion of the player base tha feel the same, then wargaming will continue to hemerage players.

    1. GreatGameDota says:

      These tanks are (and probably still will be) complete trash. They needed a buff. Sorry this doesn’t affect you but I don’t see any reason you should be here commenting in the first place.

      1. tony says:

        i’m here coz like many people i pay into the game and have just as much right to comment like anyone else, why should i stay silent over something i personally think is wrong with the game. i don’t like clan wars coz i don’t have the time to play them, but i have to fight these tanks, and why should it be excluded from players that can’t play CW or just don’t like it.

    2. Would you care to support that claim with some evidence? Because from what I can see on the independent online trackers like vbaddict, the number of concurrent online players has been rather stable (even rising in some regions) for the past year. H*ll, even the NA region has stabled out.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Too right sir. Pacifying a small minority at the expense of the majority is never the way to make money. Yet again WG with its messed up priorities.

  2. astoxos says:

    Nice “buff” to the worst reward, T95E6. Nerf it in 3 aspects and just give it insane dpm. Like you can use that, with the tumor on your turret.

      1. Kyros says:

        STB is garbage because of 0.36 accuracy, E6 will have 0.42. Good luck hitting more than 50% of all full aimed shots. For comparison, with my 4skill crew STB I hit below 40% where I aimed.

      2. Keep in mind that as long as you keep the engagement in close to mid range, a tank with good gun dispersion values and mediocre accuracy will outplay a tank with terrible dispersion but good accuracy most of the time

      3. Swatdennis says:

        Jeez, .36 is horrible?

        With .4 I can hit 65% of my shots, but .3 gives me 71% accuracy, so there is still something wrong with WOT’s way of “calculating” where all the shots go…

        Just learn to aim or pray more to RNGesus 🙂

      4. Kyros says:

        @cluster626 You can’t use your depression or go in close combat, because the 60mm commander cupola is the first thing that appears behind the hill.

        @Swatdennis It all depends on the distance and the Tank you are driving, a heavys in close combat has no problem with 0.4 or more. A med with a 60mm weakpoint has no problem with 0.4 hitting enemys in close combat, making 4/6 hits for the whole game, hey here we go your 65%. Dieing with 1600dmg on Tier10, but hey you got 65% !

    1. I don’t know how they will justify nerfing the penetration to 220mm when it isthe same gun used by the M103 and T110E5 (120mm M58) will they also further nerf the US top tier heavy tanks?
      their guns are already nerfed for “balance” reasons (aka: so that they can’t pen soviet tanks from the front) and now the T95E6 get’s an extra nerf? I don’t know what to expect for the regular ones, especially with the recent german and soviet tanks that have way too much armour, especially the soviet mediums with over 300mm in the turret

  3. Anonymous says:

    WG are quite the funny guys sometimes – nerf the sh*t out of T95E6, which is probably the worst reward, and keep Obj 907 as it is. Totally not biased.
    Also, they buff the pen of some of the gold rounds, wonder why?

    1. Kyros says:

      VK72/Pz7 is no where near strong, it’s a average Heavy Tank. Nothing specially good or bad on it. I met one with Amx65t, he freaked out after I did 3x in a row dmg to him with AP, he turned around and escaped the front. That was quiete hilarious. I guess only good player know where to shoot at it and the average WoT tomatoe need some more years to figure it out

  4. Lovely, if the VK buffs go live, I am selling the E-100. The VK will be the scariest tank on the battlefield.
    And of course, no OPject 907 nerfs. Nice, WG. Nice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dumbest thing I have seen all day. Why do the self proclaimed “best players” need even better reward tanks. Is this just to make normal players game play suck even more?

  6. FlashBoredom says:

    Can we get a buff to the tier 8 Chieftan cw reward tank also, that thing is so underwhelming now, seeing as all the other brit meds got buffed and that thing is just lacklustre now.

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