Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Pt II


Further changes leaked from supertest:

M60 Tier X American Medium tank Clan Wars Reward.
– Max. forward speed up from 48.3 to 50 kph.
– Max. reverse speed up from 20 to 23 kph.
– The premium shell penetration (HEAT-T T384E4) up from 330 mm to 350 mm.
-Aim time down from 1.73 s to 1.53 s.
– Shot dispersion at 100m down from 0.336 m to 0.316 m;
– Aiming circle spread on Turret traverse down from 0.096 to 0.077;
– Aiming circle spread on max speed turret traverse down from 4.03 to 3.22;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed vehicle Movement down from 4.63 to 4.79.

T95E6 Tier X American Medium tank Clan Wars Reward.
– Standard shell (AP-T M358) Penetration down from 258 mm to 248 mm;
– Damage per minute up from 2744.4 to 3128.6;
– Reload time down from 8.745 s to 7.671 s;
– Rate of fire up from 6.861 to 7.821 rounds/min;
– Hit Points down from 2000 to 1900;
– Shot dispersion at 100m up from 0.364 to 0.403;
– Aiming circle spread on vehicle Movement down from 0.153 to 0.115;
– Aiming circle spread on max speed vehicle Movement down from 8.64 to 6.48;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed hull Traversing down from 7.06 to 5.29.

VK 72.01 (K) Tier X German Heavy tank Clan Wars Reward:
– The premium shell penetration (Gr 39 H3A G) up from 334 mm to 350 mm;
– Hit Points up from 2500 to 2850;
– Aim time down from 2.78 s to 2.59 s;
– Shot dispersion at 100m down from 0.384 to 0.364;
– Aiming circle spread on vehicle Movement down from 0.201 to 0.173;
– Aiming circle spread on vehicle Travers down from 0.201 to 0.173;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed vehicle Movement down from 6.65 to 5.7;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed hull Traversing down from 4.83 to 4.14.

121B Tier X Cinese Medium Tank Clan Wars Reward:
– Damage per minute up from 2392.4 to 2711.4;
– Reload time down from 9.781 to 8.63;
– Rate of fire from 6.134 to 6.951;
– Viewrange up from 400 m to 420 m;
– The premium shell penetration (HEAT M456) up from 330 mm to 350 mm;
– Aiming circle spread on Turret Travers down from 0.115 to 0.096;
– Aiming circle spread on max. speed Turret Traversing down from 4.83 to 4.03.

From WoT Express


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Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Pt II

42 thoughts on “Clan Wars Reward Tank Changes: Pt II

    1. Anonymous says:

      as per, the tank with the highest DPM is the AMX 30b with 3000. With the changes stated above, the T95E6 would take that title.

    2. ErrorCreator says:

      907 has 2953 base DPM, T95E6 will have 3000 base DPM, tied highest with AMX 30B for highest of all tier 10 meds.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hard to justify the premium penetration buff. 330/334 has been MORE than enough. The TVP, 30b, 705a, and IS7 have ~300 to ~317 premium penetration and they work fine. Seems to an unnecessary change.

    Everything seems ok, although, paper and practice are very different things; gotta wait to actually test them out!

    1. ROMBAT says:

      As far as a read wg want to make this reward tanks usable in cw and in cw 90% of fired shoots are premium. So encreasing penetration on premium ammo should make them a better choise than the other regular tanks. From my point of view even with this buffs some of reward tanks are useless. Just 121b can be an option with a more dpm buff.
      Anyway if this reward tanks are not tempting nobody will loose time in cw for them. The,ll just use the bonds for other stuff not buying useless reward tanks.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Putting a band aid on a gun shot wound. In other words, instead of addressing the issue they are taking the easy way route. Premium ammo needs extensive rework, and wargaming seems to be delaying its rework more and more.

    2. All the buffs VK has received are useless (mostly)
      BOTH VK and Pz VII need to get remodeled , its extremelly annoying to get penned right trough gun mantlet by is7 with AP (250mm)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I do hope that buff all the German 150mm. (including the grill 15), as with the same kinda treatment to the Pz.7 Probley be fine to give it per nerfed test server stats.

  3. Anonymous says:

    King of DPM is AMX 30B not obj 907 🙂 T95E6 after buff should have same DPM as AMX 30B so it will be highest DPM medium alongside with AMX 30B

  4. Partybooper says:

    Instead of lowering the penetration of gold shells to make them less attractive, let’s increase them! *facepalm*

  5. Anonymous says:

    As if a bunch of asshat Clan wars players need even better buffed tanks. Thanks WG for making the game even more shit for the normal players. How to kill a game 101.

  6. Berto72 says:

    I have Vk, M60 and T95. after older buff, Vk, is pretty good. I got M60 because at time it was better than Patton, now after Patton armor buff, it need same armor buff. (if Patton needed… M60 too) T95, despite stats, have AP that fly muddy and do not pen about nothin, it is a big total crap. See penetration nerf of it is a big surprise… add crap over crap… absolutly useless loading buff… dust and rust in garage. over and over….

  7. WhiteBaron777 says:

    The prem ammo buffs are kind of pointless. The things you can’t pen with 330 you usually can’t pen with 350 either. The only place that I can think of where this makes a difference is maybe the cupola of the t110e3

  8. Momo says:

    Instead of fixing tanks that players actually spent money to purchase, WG fix reward tanks that players pay nothing to obtain. Really show WG’s priority..

  9. Anonymous says:

    These r all tanks that belong to pretty much all the really good players. So now they’re going to buff their pen? Wtf? What about the regular vehicles? Who the hell thought this scheme up? And before anyone says, “this is probably just the beginning, they’ll probably buff the regs later.” I wanna know y did they choose to start with these then?

    1. GreatGameDota says:

      Because they are worse than most tech tree tier tens and clan wars are a large group of people they can make happy.

  10. SirGruut says:

    Are all of those base stats or with 100% crew (110 on everything but commander). Im pretty sure the m60 has 1.8s aim time currently

    1. Anonymous says:

      How are clan wars people pricks?
      I’m not in a clan by the way.

      We owe a lot to competitive clans; they keep the game alive in many aspects (wargaming cancelling many events on NA has somewhat reduced the population/competitive drive)

      It’s a vital part of the fragile economy world of tanks has. To some people, a necessary evil.

  11. Mikosah says:

    The question is are they buffing premium pen as a deliberate way of countering the armor meta in CW, or are they doing it in anticipation of some sort of upcoming premium ammo rework?

    Because if they haven’t thought of either and are just doing it for teh lulz, then they have some explaining to do.

  12. Ilnahro says:

    These tanks have never been used in cw because they are so much worse than regular t10s. In fact all of these are currently woefully underpowered with the exception of the vi which is OK but considerably worse than the pzvii.

    With these changes (not all of which are buffs), they may finally become playable. Although I expect that only really applies to the 121B and maybe the vk. The m60 and t95e6 the problem wasn’t so much firepower as it was/is armor. The m60 is downright crap whereas the t95e5 has a massive weakspot making it utterly unplayable.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      isn’t CW just packed with gold? if every pleb out there in CW shoots gold, what’s the big fuckin deal with armor then? better go the 60s route: trade armor for speed and agility. if all that armor ain’t gonna save ya, better to have the ability to run…

  13. Anonymous says:

    First things first guys – this is a BUSINESS.

    Put that in your mind before you start thinking about the context of the changes.

    M60 +20 premium round pen.

    T95E6 nerf Non-premium rounds -10

    VK 72.01Great Alpha and high armor penetration with Premium rounds +16

    121B Premium rounds will get better +20

    Light tanks being made redundant.

    Heavy armour buffs

    New heavy friendly maps, with reduced sniping positions and no climbs so heavies cannot get surprised.

    They nerfed arty so it could not one-shot the protected heavy species.

    It’s business – so the game play and players views do NOT matter.

    It’s a successful business $471m in 2017 so they are getting it right !

    How are they getting it so right ?

    Buy making sure you are pushed towards playing heavies or spamming premium rounds at them – pushed more so towards TierX.


    Because at TierX you lose credits – everyone on average losses 30,000+ each battle.

    With more premium rounds spammed that will rise.

    Then what?

    You have to raise credits to pay for it – premium, accounts and premium tanks – that’s where $471m comes from !

    So you can complain about premium penetration all you like – but it is a business and Business Is Good !

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