Clandestine Argentinian Floating Detention Centres Soon Available in WOWs


firstly, thanks to all the gentlemen in the RSR’s Discord that caught me up to date and gave me details on this matter as I am very much a casual WoWs scrub.

The World of Warships development team, to commemorate the upcoming South American tech tree, have decided to introduce their first ship. A ship that was used as a floating clandestine detention centre during the Dirty War to torture, rape and kill Argentinians and now they are trying to cater it to the very same people.

The Nueve de Julio:

To give more context, this ship has a particularly dark background, it was bought by Argentina from the US Navy in 1951 and by the mid-’70s, a decaying semi-abandoned and rat infested Nueve de Julio was refurbished, having its cabins converted into cells and then used as a clandestine detention centre during the Dirty War.

These centres were built to keep the victims (or the “disappeared“, as they are called), outside the protection of the law. There, thousands of people would be tortured, humiliated and dehumanized and mass murder was committed all while the government’s refusal to acknowledge the victims’ fate and whereabouts.

Despite that, the only naval action this ship has ever got was when her sister ship, General Belgrano accidentally rammed her.

And despite Wargaming having other far less controversial ship options, this is the ship the WoWs Dev team chose as the most fitting to start their South American line and now they don’t seem to understand why people are upset despite the fact they even were warned by the WoWS CCs beforehand.

Why they chose this ship? No one really knows but themselves at the moment but it’s beyond me how they did not see a backlash coming. It would not have been even an issue if they had decided to add it as USS Boise (Its original name while under the US Navy), for example. And for those who are more into WoT instead of WoWs, the equivalent of this would be the WoT Devs introducing a special edition “10th SS Panzer Division” premium version of the Tiger.

Tone deaf.

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