Common Test 1.6 part 2 Customisation

Eleven new decals have been introduced under the “Pin-up” name.


And more specifically:
• Jane
• Katyusha
• Sophie
• Isabel
• Tanya
• Sabrina
• Ayumi
• Elsa
• Maria
• Gretchen
• Amber

WoT Express.

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Common Test 1.6 part 2 Customisation

13 thoughts on “Common Test 1.6 part 2 Customisation

    1. Remember this is the company which recently released crew skins including a guy in a crayfish suit and – one I just acquired – a woman who supposedly joined the French resistance when the resistance didn’t EXIST (before the invasion) and was “assigned to the tank forces” despite the resistance never having tanks, and who carries an axe!?!?

      Also I’m sure they think these pinups will sell and that’s all they care about.

  1. wg=russain naggers says:

    WG “we can’t balance arty. we can’t balance battles. we can’t stop mission riggers. we won’t punish cheaters. we can’t balance maps.”
    Also WG “we can produce and monetize worthless tripe like decals”

    1. Robopon says:

      it takes a couple of hours to make new decals, how in the hell are you even complaining about that? Also I love decals, what’s wrong with them?

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