Common Test Version 2.

The test client got patched early this afternoon. If you want to join in the testing Download the test client installer (4,9 MB).

Patch notes

General Changes:

  • Improvements to Missions 2.0 and Specials section.
  • Fixed the issue of shifting the fire direction indicators relative to the screen center.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the counter of completed missions.
  • Fixed the issue of the scrolling text in the award screen.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the divider-pointers between the rank icons.
  • Fixed the icon text in the “additional” vehicle rank.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the purchase cost of Personal Reserves when purchasing with the discount card.
  • Fixed the issue of transition to a selected mission from the Battle Results.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the conditions in the mission screen.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the message about received Bonds.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the context menu on player’s own nickname (in the team list in battle).
  • Fixed the issue of improperly displayed rollers when vehicles are moving.
  • KV-13: fixed the issue of collision between the tracks and the terrain.
  • Fixed the issue of sound effects for magazine reloading systems.
  • Fixed the issue of improper switching between the statistical information and awards when selecting modes in the Vehicles tab of the Service Record section.


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Common Test Version 2.

17 thoughts on “Common Test Version 2.

  1. SpottableSky says:

    Ya guys should post about WGs terrible attempt in silencing SirFoch after he critisized their premium policies about the Chrysler GF. Censorship of the media is intolerable and WG should get it through their fucking heads that its not Soviet Russia anymore.

    1. Charcharo says:

      To be fair, tactics like these are very well known and used by both Eastern and Western companies. Nintendo is far worse than WG (or any other game company for that matter) and such pressure has been used by Intel, AMD and Nvidia in the past. Hell, more pressure even.

      Yes, F WG for silencing Foch. I think he is a whiny “Muh RU bias randoms lel” meme maestro, but doing this to his channel and him is unacceptable and he even has a point this time to boot. So I am 100% with you on this. Rita should help Foch.

      F u WG. U dun goofed this time… BADLY.

      1. Marc Schreiber says:

        Rita, let Jingles know and quick baby, we need more streamers on this topic of censorship. I mean common, it is bad already that WG only sees $ signs, but censoring any opinion on the game is bad.


      2. bbmoose says:

        Foch gave valid criticism, but used the F-word to much. That doesn’t devaluate his criticism.

      1. SpottableSky says:

        Trying to silence a YouTuber through unfair copyright strikes for critizing your game is nothing but pathetic and inexcusable. I can’t believe WG is taking WoT in a downward spiral towards the drain with the shit they’re doing currently and the shit they haven’t fixed.

      2. MadMax says:

        Everything that foch said in his own manner (i am not really a fan of the guy) is backed up by facts, so yes is valid criticism. If wg wants to remove him as cc, it is their option, but to threaten the guy for specking the truth (yes even with a lot of fck) is just outrageous, bolshevik mentality

  2. thiextar says:

    I believe that you already know what happened to foch, but just incase you didnt:

    Foch made a video criticizing wargamings latest tendancy towards releasing op premiums, as a result, wargaming censored him, blackmailed him, and removed his community contributor status.

    We as the community surely cannot stand for this!

    Hoping that you might consider spreading this by making an article or something about it.

    Wargaming really is going down the shithole.

  3. Charcharo says:

    And I see nothing has been done about the yeban new special equipment.
    WG, even I would whine from such an obscene move.. and I can probably GET those rewards for my tanks. This is unacceptable BS.

    One solution I have is to make current equipment a bit cheaper and always demountable (no need for gold, just maybe some 10-15K credits). These new equipment types to be extremely expensive and given out as rewards in the new mode or during specials as top tier rewards. Only demountable via gold though.

  4. MadMax says:

    wg thinks that EU is the same thing as their fking bolsevic rasha….wake up and stop with this communist censorship

  5. Rombat says:

    For a lousy retard youtuber is a great honour to be bann…wg did a great pr office for a retard who,s first word was fuck…the best way to deal with haters like sirfoch is to ignore them not advertise and matirise them with bans.
    Once again wg prove to be worst than a retard hater.

  6. Anonymous says:

    AgingJedi also make repeated criticisms of the Chrysler and the recent WG premium policy on his channel, but politely at least…

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