Comparison of Last 3 Accuracy Changes With The Sandbox.

Pictures of the Changes.

We have had some buffs and nerfs and now what could be a significant nerf.

Source WoT Express.

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51 thoughts on “Comparison of Last 3 Accuracy Changes With The Sandbox.

  1. atikabubu says:

    Great, just what we need – guns that could hit a target in combat from 2+ kilometers away with reasonable accuracy will have the effectiveness of defunct spud guns…. AT LESS THAN 500 METERS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. FleischMichi says:

    Iam on the sandbox server and this time its completely utterly bullshit. its fucking annoying to shoot at longer distances and the buffs to the autoloaders are even worse.

    it seems like the stopped playing their own game, just fix the bloody prem ammo and DONE.

    1. madogthefirst says:

      What do you mean this time? Last time it was unless you were shooting literally point blank you couldn’t pen shit because you lost most of your pen at 50, that is a five with 1 zero not 2, meters. This is the same shit from the first iteration that no NDA could make me stop yelling about.

      Spread the word and go enjoy your tanks while you still can because moronic changes they are hell bent on making are coming.

  3. Gkirmathal says:

    Dispersion should become a “function of the size of the aim circle” and max dispersion should be linked to the accuracy value of a gun.

    Thus non aimed shots (snapshots) get a higher more random dispersion and fully aimed shots give good dispersion where shots fall more to the center.
    With the latter of course how much to the center is dependent of the accuracy where 0.4 will have worse dispersion vs a 0.32.

  4. Rombat says:

    on sandbox 103 b is useless…with penetration drop on 50 m and accuracy nerf after 300m you shoot for nothing in heavies. My only damage was with he shells…battlefield is dominated by mouses and type 5’s….for the sake of 2 heavies they detroyed en entire class of tanks that have no armor and they rely only on camo, gun and distance.
    They force all to fight under 300m and tanks without armor have no chance in that fight.
    308 mm of pen on that tank is useless…if this shit gets on live server only premium ammo will be spammed.

  5. whitesample says:

    Fully aimed shots should be 2x more accurate.
    While snapshots or not aimed shots should get that accuracy.

    In current game where anything can snapshot a change is needed.

  6. wremisekrummels says:

    WG sollution of how to make armour worth again -> nerf accuracy, no one will hit anything and wohla~ armour of 1mm is enought

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thats what this game needs: buff to e5 alpha and nerf to accuracy so you can’t hit 3 pixel “weakspots” because apparently heavy tanks are undepowered right? right guys? right?
    Also lets ignore fact that if there is any problem with armor in-relevance its fault of premium not standard ammo lets ignore that, lets not even adress that cuz we need force people to shot more gold in order to sell more of those premium tanks. Lets also ignore fact that almost all maps in this game have been turned into corridors already giving huge advantage to anything that is well armored.

  8. pixywing says:

    Oh great now skill matters even less. Another 10 steps back into making competitive even more of a joke and clan wars a clown fiesta.

    1. whitesample says:

      Skill? You call skill going full speed and hiting your targets on the other side of the map with a KV2?
      I cal that bull****!!!

      1. whitesample says:

        Not aiming your shots and hitting is even worse.
        Aiming should be rewarded hit consistency.
        Nowadays accuracy is plain bad.

      2. andrebellons says:

        Those shots happen once in 20 games… and even those who get hit may laugh knowing is total RNG…
        Now anyone will cry… the one shooting and the one shooting back…

  9. VladCelTroll says:

    GG Wargaming. G fucking G. Now what? Nerf penetration even harder? This is the recipe for failure: nerf accuracy and pen. Do both of these and voila! Instant success.

    In one of their videos or Q&As, they stated that WoT will be a game like WoW or LoL. Essentially, they implied that the game will survive for 15-20 years before dying. Given the changes they’ve recently done/considered to do, shrink that number to 6 and you get it (hopefully).

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      Rita or any other of the mods: please do not delete this comment. I know it’s slightly salty and I’m sure you don’t want people here to spit curses in all directions, but seriously. How can you fucking think of nerfing accuracy for the 62932th fucking time when you know that it’s the last thing that should be taken care of. Are they purposely messing shit up or simply can’t pull their heads outta their asses? Seriously, this pisses me off. Rubicon was nothing compared to what they’ve recently done.

      Again, I’m sorry for spitting curses all over the place, but someone had to do it.

    2. As far as I’ve read on the sandbox forums, these changes are extreme, and WG will drop them down, but they had to start with the most shitty/exaggerated changes and keep tuning it until its right in order to get the right data. But any changes to accuracy imho is BULLSHIT, and yes the pen drop as of now is also crap, can’t pen anything after 200-300m with ANY gun. And that’s a problem, I believe 15% drop after 500m should be fine for APCR, and 12 for AP.

  10. A Dude says:

    This is the worst recent change WG makes to the game. Inaccurate guns are going to be even more of a pain in the ass now (at least having some alpha to make up for it) while supposedly accurate small caliber guns are pretty much left in the fucking rain.

    Imagine a snipy 75mm tank like the Panther I. This guy’s gonna get nerfed even more into the ground, and that while even being amongst the worst T7s in the game. It’s a nerf to primarily the german and british small caliber high accuracy guns.

    Careful aiming doesn’t pay off anymore since you can’t hit weakspots reliably anymore, which you are required to do so if you have a shit pen tank (at least if you’re a bad player and don’t know what flanking is. However, bad players and beginners make up the biggest part of the WoT population, so why’d you want to piss them off?). Heck, did WG even think this thing through?

    And the biggest joke is that in close quarters accuracy STILL doesn’t really matter, so you’d still just go gold and pew pew right through the lower glacis or cupola, so trying to solve this problem through making accuracy even worse can only be a fool’s idea.

    Hence these changes don’t improve armor gameplay by a long shot (and for snipy heavies specifically it even worsens the situation) while making sniper gameplay even more of a hassle. This is a direct nerf to every single class and therefore means a decrease in game quality.

  11. nocomment says:

    Don’t Worry HEAT still pens at any range and it does not need to be very accurate. As an added bonus highly sloped armour and stalinium tracked tanks will still rule supreme. all is well…..

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll nerf heat pen, why do you think there’s no gold ammo on sandbox? They’re just collecting data, that’s the reason for these exaggerated changes. Just wait for the next patch, the accuracy and pen will be adjusted to something inbetween and the tests will run again.

  12. SaltyPope says:

    ,,I play is-6 and i cant drive through the field of malinovka without getting shot to $hit by some Skorpions beep boop. Nerf accuracy and buff is-6 beep boop beep” – reason why were getting sucha retarded phase on sandbox . Played one game in it while driving buffed alpha E5 because it was clearly underpowered gun kappa. 8k dmg 7.5k blocked without any fancy tricks. Unistalled instantly. What kind of feedback we can give to this absurd bullcrap wg is cluelessly implementing ?

  13. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well this is almost worse than pre-8.6 accuracy which was the highest rng-dependent thing in the game at the time.
    SB doesnt go on the edges as much but hits the center much less than 8.5 too.

    I’ll try SB monday, but WG are just plain stupid. All we need to have armor fixed is a nerf or a removal of gold ammo. Increasing rng and decreasing pen will just mean nothing can be played at long range and if you dont spam gold you cant do anything.

    1. hmn says:

      They should consider altering dispersion values based on class/how they want certain tanks to be played with certain guns. Sniper-orientated tanks could have better dispersion within the reticle (not too good though). Tanks that are supposed to be well armoured still need to be able to perform as such though.

  14. siralexice says:

    WG is full of idiots.
    – premium ammo problem? make it 10x more expensive in credits and make it limited as % of total ammo carried; damage done using premium ammo to tanks 2 tiers bellow is not counted for credits or XP rewards.
    – arty problem? severely decrease damage to health, increase slightly chance to do damage to modules or crew
    – match making problem? take 3 more seconds before setting the teams to look for severe imbalances (top tiers MTs vs HTs, TDs in top tier, arty in top tier, make use of personal ratings or XVM statistics)

  15. HUP says:

    They add even more RNG, so what? It was always rigged to begin with, I guarantee you that new players and paying customers will, on average, have much less trouble with “””””randomness””””” than those who refuse to fill up WG’s bank account, no matter the dispersion. They can change the publicly known RNG factor all they want, engagements are decided by the rigged element of it anyway.

  16. steaders123 says:

    The only way I see them making armor useful again is very simple… make it so that gold ammo is difficult to aquire, more so than it is at the moment, or remove it entirely. Then armor will work again, like the old days when the game was amazing. Simply nerfing all of the other gun and ammunition characteristics will not help at all, and will only make thing worse. The game is already grindier than World of warships, and it will become even harder to progress if you can’t hit your targets and do damage. Their reasons for wanting to keep gold ammo are obvious, to make money, but I actually wonder how many people actually spend gold on gold ammo?

    I’ve never once spent gold on gold ammo and back when it was gold only and I had gold I never even thought about buying gold ammo. Besides all of this doesn’t seem to make sense: why would WG try so desperatley to keep gold ammo to make money off of ( if that’s thier intention) if they already make so much money from everything else? back in the day there also weren’t many of the packages of gold and credits, as well as many of the premium tanks that now exist, and based on how many premium tanks I see you can bet that they make lots of money off of them. If they go ahead with these chances to accuracy and penetration falloff it will make many tanks completely redundant and the only game meta will then be a close range brawl, which will be heavily in favour of heavy tanks, not to mention in order to pen thier targets people would have to buy even more gold ammo than they do now.

    I just don’t understand WG, many people over the years (and here in this comments section) have made many very good suggestions in how it might be possible to improve the game, and yet so far as I know WG has never actually listened to any of it. A lot of issues with the game have been going on for years and yet WG seems to have done nothing about them; almost as if WG is wholly ignoring our suggestions. After all, it is their product, and they can do whetever they want with it, but this kind of “dissconnection” between the community and WG has never helped relations and many people are very frustrated like myself. To end I have a question: how many people actually buy gold ammo with gold? people with more income will obviously be able to buy more gold etc. but do they actually spend said gold on gold ammo rather than buying it for credits?

    1. Duncan says:

      I understand what you are saying (and I agree with it): these proposed changes are seriously BAD for the game and the result will be: even more gold-spamming (esp. at higher tiers) as everyone wants to make sure they are penetrating their shots atleast.

      Can you imagine facing a T110E5 from the front in one of the massive amounts of corridors with these changes? That tank will be even more OP… except if you throw even more premium ammo at it then people are nowadays allready pretty much forced to shoot at it.

      To answer your question about who buys gold ammo with gold? I think hardly anyone to be honest (though I have no empyrical proof of that). BUT, people do buy premium account AND premium tanks to have the silver to be able to get the silver for, amongst other things, the next tier tank, equipment AND…. premium ammo. So, yeah, this might also explain why they are making their premiums more ”viable” versus fully developed ”normal” tanks of the same tier, so people can make silver with them, which will be needed esp. with these new changes.

      The solution for a lot of problems with WoT could be pretty simple mostly:

      1. put a limit on the amount of premium ammo a tank can carry (a percentage varying per tank class). I think premium ammo has a purpose and a use in the game. They are a viable means, but rightnow they are too dominant. On top of the limiting on the amount you can carry, maybe make them something like 20% more expensive, so WG can increase their income per premium shot (people will still keep shooting them, just less), while they lose income on the amount of premium shots.
      2. put a ban on 3 player arty platoons and limit them to 2 (or even better don’t allow arty platoons… but, that’s not happenning I think). Further reduce the amount of damage per shot, but slightly increase the number of rounds they can fire per minute, but allow arty to fire more types of rounds. Max 2 arty per battle imho would be ideal. IF arty players start complaining about longer waiting times before they get into a battle: too bad. They are simply too dominant in numbers of 3 or more.
      3. some premiums HAVE to be nerfed. E25 comes to mind in particular (Patriot should be another candidate, but that won’t happen). It’s a travesty they actually put it up for sale in december again (multiple times, mind you). There will be outrage, etc. But, it has to happen imho.
      4.create more maps with flexible game play, where corridors aren’t the norm. This is especially important IF they go ahead with this accuracy and penetration nerf where you want to evade those heavies from the front, but have difficulty avoiding that on certain (again, corridor) maps.
      5. be much more active (they have taken some really good steps the past year) in implementing mods into the game and for example allow more cross-hair types with more info on them, while at the sametime cracking down harder on mods that they determine have effects that they don’t want.
      Naming and shaming isn’t chique, but those who are perma-banned imho should be. Might actually be an extra deterrent for others to use stuff that’s just not ok to see the actual playernames that have been kicked out instead of just seeying a number.
      6. not sure if this is possible, but personalizing your tank would be nice. So, if you have a came-net then give your tank a rolled up camo-net on the upper side of your turret or hull, or make that binocular visible on your turret, whatever.

      It won’t solve everything, but it should help with a lot of crap and they wouldn’t have to make huge and drastic changes to gameplay, etc. More like finetuning.

      1. Duncan says:

        7. fix the gawddamn matchmaking! Can’t believe I forgot that one! 🙂 That should actually be priority nr. one or two. I love this game, but having a team full of TD’s, while the opposing side is loaded with clipper and Russian meds creats a disparity between the two teams. Often it’s mind-boggling why some tanks aren’t simply switched from either side. Not sure how you could fix or balance the nr. of good players on either team btw.

  17. Funding “gold ammo” spam, or even the occasional use of it with credits requires you to spend just as much real money, or even more than you would spend for gold.
    You need premium account all the time and 1 or rather 2 T8 premium vehicles.
    Making premium ammo available for credits is a much better business for those greedy fucker suits at WG, because this way much more players are tempted to spam it.
    They will never ever nerf or remove it.

    The accuracy and penetration nerfs serve two purposes in my opinion:

    1. WG wants to neutralise the skill of good players even more and make the game more appealing for complete idiots (~90% of the current playerbase) by dumbing it down to a mindless close range arena shooter.
    Idiots spend more money and ask less questions,the future development of the game and the pathetic attempts at “balance” will become much easier for WG.

    2. WG wants to force players to waste more and earn less credits by missing or bouncing the majority of their shots, thus they will progress much slower and need to spend much more real money on the game to negate the effects of these hideous changes.

    Some moron said to me once – “But hey, they need to put food on the table!”
    This is not about making a living anymore, they are a 1.4 BILLION US dollar company for fucks sake.
    This is all about insane greed, about extracting as much money as possible from their loser sucker cash cow players.
    And in return for our money they take a big fat shit on our face with every new update (or rather downgrade).

  18. james doz says:

    WG just wants more prem ammo Spam, isn’t it obvious, Tanks with Heat rounds will be the new FOTM and Heat will be spammed as will APCR if this comes , They are trying to get people away from Chai sniping btw, Which i really don’t have an issue with

  19. Anonymous says:

    I CANT UNDERSTAND WG, why can’t they just remove the gold shells and change them like that they have in AW, most of the problems solved :/ But Wg dont have a brain to lissen on the community.

  20. DZ says:

    Have already started to ween myself off of the game.. nothing good coming to this game anymore, its all about turning to crap and being a game where of “no skill required” just shoot and hope. f that.

  21. ol_cajun says:

    So you have tanks that stand up on their hind tracks and dance, cartwheeling tanks that don’t die, tanks tuning over when they hit a little rock, and this is what you get from WG. Well I guess the kids like it.

  22. Dexter5021 says:

    8.5 accuracy was the real BS: 19% of your shots goes to the edge of the circle!! But in 8.6 they overbuffed accuracy, since them landslide battles are very common. (before 8.6 they where exteremely rare)

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