Compensation for NA Players


I was checking my emails and my WoT NA account has just received a 2 day premium compensation for some outage with the following statement:

“Greetings Tankers!

Last week, we encountered an issue where some players were unable to connect to their server of choice for an extended period of time. This was due to some networking equipment failures.

We recognize that many of our players were inconvenienced during this time. We will be offering a token of appreciation to all of our current, active users for your patience during this outage. Everyone current and active who was potentially affected will receive 2 days of Premium Time.

A current, active user here is someone who logged in and played a battle in the week prior to the outage, or over the weekend immediately after the outage was resolved. We have pulled data showing anyone who logged in and played a battle from May 1 – May 9.

Later this afternoon, we’ll automatically place the 2 days of Premium Time on your account. The credits will begin to be processed at 3pm Pacific, but will take a bit of time to make it out to all of the accounts. You will receive an email when the credit occurs on your account.

Don’t forget to login to enjoy your Premium Time this weekend. Thanks again for your patience and happy tanking!” – NyxWGA (Player Experience Supervisor)

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Compensation for NA Players

12 thoughts on “Compensation for NA Players

  1. Isnes says:

    Meanwhile on EU: servers are having issues with connection almost every day for at least two weeks and no compensation.

    1. I don’t know, how it is now, but for the first several days there were even no official answer or comment about this issue in forums. Great customer experience and quality control!

      1. Delta says:

        Actually I am jelly. I love to be a pudding someday.
        NA tries hard to retain their playerbase.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the meanwhile, last week there were times where login in wasn’t possible on EU servers. Where’s our compensation? Oh wait, we get the ‘EU treatment’…

  3. DANCRAD says:

    I think the system glitched because I got that email twice, crediting my account with 4 days of premium.

  4. FeralGangrel says:

    I got it, and a sold 6 hours the first night. Then life and family events happened and I missed out on the remaining time. Oh well, it was enjoyable while it lasted.

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