WOT-Continuing Issues with personal Missions

First an announcement from Customer support:

Micropatch released (01.11) enabled personal missions.

Unfortunately, there are still problems with them, and developers are working on the fix:

  • Missions completed, where only secondary conditions are marked as completed
  • Incorrect amount of the orders
  • Rewards, not given, despite mission is marked as completed
  • Recruited female crew members disappeared

Compensation for the issues with the missions (1 female crewmember and 1 free order) are going to be added in the next week.

From WG staff on the forums:

I have an update for you. Even though the micropatch has been released and the Personal missions were turned on, please note that we’re still facing some issues, namely:

1. Extra crew and extra used Orders.
2. Players who have completed a mission suddenly found the primary condition incomplete, but secondary condition complete. Option allows for the condition to be completed with Orders but the button remains unclickable despite having enough Orders.
3. Problems with using Camo and Badges.

We’re currently investigating these remaining issues and trying to fix them asap! We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience.

Compensation will be handled after deploying a fix.

Thank’s to DoM1N for the heads up.


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WOT-Continuing Issues with personal Missions

26 thoughts on “WOT-Continuing Issues with personal Missions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t get the 1 female crew member and the thingy as compensation, nothing, nada zilz. also, dont bother messaging support, I sent them a replay where I got my LT-15 for T55A, my last mission for the tank as a whole, while they had the missions disabled, and they said there is nothing they can do, they made the missions easier so, GL with that 7k combined.. in this city map meta.. I am quite angry atm.. so.. I didnt get compensation.. I didnt get the mission done I deserve.. where to complain next?!

  2. Peter Nunn says:

    “Compensation for the issues with the missions (1 female crew member and 1 free order) are going to be added in the next week.”

    So is that ‘next week’ next week, or ‘next week’ this week, as they told us this last week?

    1. Peter Nunn says:

      Also, I’m confused, am I supposed to have received my female crew member & order already or not (haven’t got them so far….)

  3. Since that American guy left wot this game has become a screw up.They should bring him back ASAP.a patch gets released and everything is still screwed up.They changed Prokorovka so that if you spawn on the South side and where td’s and arty’s go which is K1 its completely flat.You’re a sitting duck and WG call this an emprovement.Their balancing department should be fired as well as their patch making.I start wot up and the tier 8 of the week is in Russian.Congratz WG you should call this patch the Rubicon as its a screw up

  4. Red line whiner says:

    I begin to enjoy! Second female crew?! Niceeeeee! Who cares for mission and bugs…
    World of bugs! Saga continues. 🙂

  5. Duddle says:

    Wargaming is having the worst incompetent service team of all all big online games.. I can only speak for Eu but it’s really going downwards and it’s feeling like they don’t give a shit.. I’m just happy I didn’t paid to much money to this twats and I’m sorry to everyone who invested up to 100 Euro in this game which is only giving you frustration since big change in 9.15.. gg wp

  6. Anonymous says:

    got my o260 and i’m almost happy.. tank is not so osom as i expected, but free is free, at least some compensation for 1.5years where i was stuck on MT15 😀

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