WOT-Continuing Issues with personal Missions

First an announcement from Customer support:

Micropatch released (01.11) enabled personal missions.

Unfortunately, there are still problems with them, and developers are working on the fix:

  • Missions completed, where only secondary conditions are marked as completed
  • Incorrect amount of the orders
  • Rewards, not given, despite mission is marked as completed
  • Recruited female crew members disappeared

Compensation for the issues with the missions (1 female crewmember and 1 free order) are going to be added in the next week.

From WG staff on the forums:

I have an update for you. Even though the micropatch has been released and the Personal missions were turned on, please note that we’re still facing some issues, namely:

1. Extra crew and extra used Orders.
2. Players who have completed a mission suddenly found the primary condition incomplete, but secondary condition complete. Option allows for the condition to be completed with Orders but the button remains unclickable despite having enough Orders.
3. Problems with using Camo and Badges.

We’re currently investigating these remaining issues and trying to fix them asap! We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience.

Compensation will be handled after deploying a fix.

Thank’s to DoM1N for the heads up.


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