Create a WoT Horror Movie poster Contest


over NA there was an interesting contest which was giving Type 59’s, basically all people had to do was create a Horror movie poster, some of the entries were actually very nice.

Winners (Type 59):

Runners up (1000 Gold):

Worth Mention:

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Create a WoT Horror Movie poster Contest

14 thoughts on “Create a WoT Horror Movie poster Contest

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I would have bet the cost of a type 59 on the M6 being in there.

    Rare, extremely odd shape and actually horrifying if you find that even gold shells are bouncing off and it’s still coming…

    Getting nibbled to death by e25 cockroach isnt the same thing πŸ™

  2. Nishizumi77 says:

    lol seeing the Tankzilla poster in small size I first thought there is the japanese flag on the sky, then I noticed that is Serb πŸ˜€

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