Wargaming, gave an account with everything unlocked to these guys:

I couldn’t figure out if was EU or NA, although these guys played on EU server, they gave NA links on the video’s description and WG NA is known to get all over anyone who has decent subscribers amount (or big enough fake tits) like a harlot regardless of what these people can actually bring/give back.

I asked WG EU if they had anything to do with this and they confirmed my suspicion, it was WG NA.

*Edit* And if you notice on the video thumbnail they added a “#1” which indicates they will do a series of this and most likely take high tiers, thank you WG NA for polluting EU matches!

If you want to save minutes of your life, invite account for NA on this link, it contains:

  • 7 premium days
  • 1000 Gold
  • Premium Heavy Tank (T5) : EXCELSIOR
  • Garage slot
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