Wargaming, gave an account with everything unlocked to these guys:

I couldn’t figure out if was EU or NA, although these guys played on EU server, they gave NA links on the video’s description and WG NA is known to get all over anyone who has decent subscribers amount (or big enough fake tits) like a harlot regardless of what these people can actually bring/give back.

I asked WG EU if they had anything to do with this and they confirmed my suspicion, it was WG NA.

*Edit* And if you notice on the video thumbnail they added a “#1” which indicates they will do a series of this and most likely take high tiers, thank you WG NA for polluting EU matches!

If you want to save minutes of your life, invite account for NA on this link, it contains:

  • 7 premium days
  • 1000 Gold
  • Premium Heavy Tank (T5) : EXCELSIOR
  • Garage slot
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63 thoughts on “Cringe…

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with the Yogscast hmm? They did this Duncan a while back who actually played WoT himself and got all the way to the Tiger P even though he had no idea what he was doing

  2. Nya-chan Production says:

    So if they gave them the gold (you can’t possibly give famous gamer YouTubers nothing and expect them to promote you for free at this point) and they bought tier 8 premium, it’d be okay? Or if they gave them one premium a week? I fail to see the problem – Yogscast are pretty decent guys who know their way around and can do some research between videos. You will also notice them not going tier 10 right away as one would expect.

    Or is it uncool only if someone else gets free stuff?

    1. “Yogscast are pretty decent guys”

      Yogscast are notorious for taking huge payments to present a game in good light. Even having agents who go around drumming up business.
      As well as having a reputation for being utter scumbags who aren’t afraid to rip people off and bully them if need be.
      Plus their whole failed “Yogscast Adventures”…

      Yeah really nice guys.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yea they kept the 150k. The game was a failure and you cant refund all of the money to each individual person that donated. It was a kick starter for a reason. Not all kickstarters are successful and this one wasn’t. And its not like Simon and Lewis kept the money for them selves. It either went into the company and was put out to pay staff or produce more content for you to watch. Also name one time the yogscast has “ripped someone off or bullied them”? Also did you forget the amount of charity streaming they do? They raise insane amounts of money in them. Also what makes you think they have agents going around to scam people. And just because they accept a market deal doesnt mean that theyre scumbags. You do realize LOTS of other channels do it aswell right?
        Next time do some research.

      2. Yeah, they don’t accept payments from companies just to give biased reviews, they certainly accept sponsorship deals but mainly only for games and companies they’re actually interested in. I’ve watched many of their streams and videos wherein they admit to prior mistakes they made when they were still young in their YouTube career (such as Yogventures), and often criticise themselves for accepting sponsorship deals they weren’t entirely comfortable with and often refuse it in the end because they don’t want to promote something they don’t believe in. I’m not saying they never have, just that they (especially now) try to stay away from it wherever possible. The Yogscast are decent people, they are a small network with a huge following and have only recently really got their shit together — for the most part they’re just nerds who like to play video games like all of us, and ended up making a living off it, of course they’re bound to make mistakes. By employing a CEO and community managers, etc. they don’t fall into traps like these anywhere near as often anymore.

        I wouldn’t start slagging off everything they’ve ever done wrong considering you don’t know too much about them with most of your opinions being formed off 3rd party biased experiences, and especially because you’re one to make mistakes yourself (publicly getting into meaningless arguments with players in forums, which you may not even realise is a mistake because of sheer naivety even to this day), etc.

        I notice how you failed to mention the charity work they do for Oxfam every year, raising literally millions through near endless livestreams and events, etc.

        I don’t mean offence to you, that’s not the purpose of my comment, but don’t look at mistakes they’ve made from years ago and judge them wholly on that, literally everyone fuck up every now and then.

  3. I will say, I love Sjin and Tirps but I wish it was me who got these accounts seeing as I have done wot for about 1 year now with about 113 subs atm, but I know more about the game then they do but then again I guess it is good publicity.

  4. That’s pretty awful, just bribe a huge youtube channel to cover your game (despite the fact that the audience has nowt to do with that style of game) and offer a discount code. Is it NA giving them EU codes and accounts?

  5. KermitWOT says:

    I certainly understand your cringe – and am doing more than a bit of that myself. But it is a glaring example of the learning curve of this game. Too bad they did not do the proving ground, which allegedly improves on this experience. But this does document too many new players user experience – at least for those without a mentor.

  6. Anonymous says:

    beep boop i hate on people doing game promotions for companies. Really rita? wtf. Do you hate on every youtuber who does promotional stuff? or is it just because its this game and you need something to hate on WG EU/NA. I mean i dont like WG EU and i dont care about WG NA but this promotional stuff gets done all the time. Its pretty low to stab them like that even though they just do their thing as big youtubers who do promotional stuff. Its not like they will be any different from high tier retard players or people who derped their way to high tier.

  7. joris0127 says:

    beep boop i hate on people doing game promotions for companies. Really rita? wtf. Do you hate on every youtuber who does promotional stuff? or is it just because its this game and you need something to hate on WG EU/NA. I mean i dont like WG EU and i dont care about WG NA but this promotional stuff gets done all the time. Its pretty low to stab them like that even though they just do their thing as big youtubers who do promotional stuff. Its not like they will be any different from high tier retard players or people who derped their way to high tier.

    1. So beep boop, your quote is nowhere to be seen in main post. I don’t think Rita hates people promoting games for companies. As you say this is a very normal practice. I think Rita hates these guys in particular. But hate is a stronk word. strongly dislike maybe. Check the other video posted above about these guys kickstarter scandal, and maybe you can understand the “hate” better.

  8. SlayerBR says:

    if WG wants to promote how bad this game is for new and inexperienced players right now, they are on the right track =P

    1. We have all been there, but i had kinda forgotten how clueless you are as a new player.
      Tried to show a friend this game some years ago. We get kampnikova. He drives forward into field and is ded in under 30 secs. He never touched the game again 😛

  9. DoctorBest says:

    Oh yeah, the Yogscast still exist. I remember watching them like three years ago, they should probably stick to what they are good at. Which is making jokes while playing a mindless game.

  10. Thank you Wargamings Community Departement to give such idiots a Test Account where I still sit here and have to buy myself to make reviews about them ( also yay so much money lost because the reviews give nothing). Also you do like ages before everybody infos about the Vk 45.03 and still QB gets way more views because he has a test account. This is so rageworthy… Not getting acknowledged for your work and the kings and queens of the genre get more and more. Better let the newcomers rot with nothing in hand…

    1. We can’t all be royalty mate even though we want too 😛
      I was a big shot once. Lead a revolution against cyberdyne, but i got sent to 2016 by a mistake, and now im passing time playing tonks. The future of mankind is still unknown, gotta grind to all the tier 10’s first 😀

  11. phdrvrba says:

    Well, their commentary is funny and they do good job of presenting the game to potential new player audience of considerable size. Do they suck at WoT? Yep. Is that is any way suprising or out of place? Of course not. They didn’t even play any high tiers, at least not in this video and went with tier1/2 vehicles, so I’m not really sure what are you whining about with this. Any let’s play video of a game with non-obvious gameplay mechanics goes kinda like that at first.

  12. Darth Kufu says:

    The link goes to I made a new player account but did not get: 7 premium days
    1000 Gold
    Premium Heavy Tank (T5) : EXCELSIOR
    Garage slot

  13. Anonymous says:

    Got up to the comment on the Vickers crew layout, couldn’t stand past that, the ego inflation I strong with this video (at least TheRusianBadger wasn’t full of himself and was down to earth alongside the new players that he probably brought in, plus he was funny and correct)

    1. Delta says:

      Whalelords might become SOI (loads of hints so far) But I doubt they are going to continou it sooner than Half life 3 being released.

  14. Really? The Yogscast? …Well I guess no matter how irrelevant someone gets, if they have subscribers you need to suck up to them.

    Everybody seems to be doing things like this lately, excusing bad plays from people who should know better, glorifying bad team-play because the tanker gets good damage…

    WoT is going downhill slowly but surely

  15. _Kitsune_ says:

    oh my god. please don’t let 13 year olds run this game to the ground. 1/10 practice rooms with soprano boys screaming on weekends is enough kids for WoT as is.
    that’s it fellas, it was a nice run. This game will no longer be the same and any and all oddball jokes will be unrecognized by the kids.

  16. _Kitsune_ says:

    also, their commentaries, is this what goes inside the head of every WoT player that just sits there in the open for your whole team to pick apart?

    1. madogthefirst says:

      You just got an inside look into the thought process of a scrub. I encourage them to keep doing these and rename the videos The Scrub Diaries.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Rita, but you cannot believe anything Drama Alert say. They make bullshit accusations about anyone famous on YouTube, saying that they’re rapists or Pedos. Keemstar is lying and once said he wants Total Biscuit to die.

  18. Anonymous says:

    For anyone saying WoT needs more players, its already up there on Twitch in the top 5-10 games being watched most of the time. If anything you’ll see the playerbase turn more LoL like in the next year or two. Glad I got out when I did.

  19. James M says:

    (or big enough fake tits) – Example? Can’t remember anyone matching this description doing videos of WOT. Could this be an exaggeration rather than actual journalism, any particular reason for baseless accusations of WOT NA? If I am wrong please let me know, otherwise stick with the facts please.

    1. tombosoldier says:

      She doesn’t have anything to write about so she made up some bs journalist affair (carnad). Typical move from her, just move on and don’t take some of her articles seriously.

  20. wremisekrummels says:

    come on, its so obvious, that half of their play is fake.
    they know how to repair, load he split with gold ammo, and their aiming isnt bad, they just shoot the most obvious hard armour part, cause only that they they can sream their “NOOOOOOO!!” in syncrone. btw, he even know that they can/ have drive back to get better gun elevation/depression….
    most of it is just fake to make a load “funny” video, theit the game can be fun.
    playing good is for non WOT players very steril and boring.

  21. Bigus Dickus Rome says:

    When do you cross the line from gamer to a non objective journalist? You should at least attend some journalism classes to understand how to cite a source when making an accusation. You make a unfounded claim against Yogscast. A real media person would have at a minimum three independent sources to back up a claim. You have none. There is tone of envy and butt hurt in your post that they got a code, and an offer from WG NA and you did not. The question is how can one stand on a soap box when you and many others take free trips and attended events as guest of WG EU, gold, tank codes, and what not then turn around and attack others for getting the same treatment? It makes you look like an entitled WG EU princess. Now flip the script would others be saying the same about you if you got the offer from WG NA and not them?

  22. Delta says:

    I know they are bad but this goes to show how a beginner starts.
    And then again Turps looks like he is the one who atleast watched a tutorial.

  23. Watching the Yogscast videos you get a sense that they really love games and aren’t just in it for the money although it is a job for them. Their videos are very entertaining even when they aren’t good at the games. I especially like Kim and Hannah’s channels. Those ugly Internet rumors just don’t jibe at all with how they seem.

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