CW’s new season Reward Tanks & Medals


This CW’s new season tank rewards are:

*All stats are up to date in the links*

And Medals:

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CW’s new season Reward Tanks & Medals

33 thoughts on “CW’s new season Reward Tanks & Medals

  1. TDMIllard says:

    Looks like they’ve drawn inspiration from the Royal tank Regiment’s cap badge for the two featuring the WWI tank

  2. I used to care about these vehicles, and went full Ash to catch them all, but it just led me to burn out over this game… Reached a point, where I just said, I don’t care. Even if I would get this one as well, I wouldn’t play 100 battles with it. Lost most of my interest in this game, but I keep following it’s events and updates, so have fun and good luck fellow players 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yup, just hit the same point as you. Lost interest in the game but its still kind of interesting to follow the recent changes and updates.

  3. Steve SEA says:

    So more OP tanks to give to the Warpak hacks and cheats on the SEA server. WG just loves to keep the common player down.

    1. Anonymous says:

      dude. the only good tank from this selection is the is5… cheiftan is shit needs a buff and so good of you to imediately blame cheats and hackers……..straight away., maybe you should get gud then you might see one in your garage Kappa

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Before, it was T95/Chieftain. Now it is Chieftain/T95. Basically, the turret and hull have been swapped on this model

  4. Ah damn, they made the KV-4 TD a Clan War reward…not a happy camper with that. Ah well, at the very least, there’s the Rheinmatell Skorpion to look forward to, as it’s being sold this month.

    Some day, they’ll put these CW tanks in $100 bundles, at which point I can at least buy one of them. Not holding my breath, though, as they seem intent on just letting HAVOCs and OTTERs enjoy the toys…just examples. 😛

    1. Dreamer78 says:

      this is not the same KV4 , this is the KV4 Kreslavsky and you are talking about the KV4 KTTS .

      and no ,there is very very little chance ( if we listen to them the chanse is 0% ) for those tank to be ever sold.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Just because you are either;
      1) Too lazy to put time into CW
      or 2) Too shit or in a shit clan to get one

      Grow up dude and stop bitching.

  5. Str0nkTenk says:

    Same small l337 group of no-life players will earn these rewards.
    ‘Normal’ players with families, jobs and outside lives will stand little chance of winning one of these.
    GG WG, totally balanced as normal.

    I cant imagine how much MORE money WG could earn if it was run by people who knew what they were doing.

    1. Knitople says:

      Hahahah, I love it how all the casuals are bitching here.
      I’ve gotten a tank from every campaign I’ve played without breaking a sweat in clans way below top 200.
      apparently now me and my friends with families are “nolifers” because some pleb isn’t happy to get a reward for not participating in a competition.

      It’s super easy to get these tanks

      Grow up

  6. Kyros says:

    The KV4 Kreslavsky is a total useless Tier 8, it would be a good Tier 8 with prefered MM or a Tier 7 with full MM.

    Compared to KV4 it has:
    ->less armor
    ->more weakspots
    ->less dpm
    ->less health
    >same speed
    +>slightly better movement (not speed)
    +>(-1° more elevation)

    The ONLY USE of this tank is sidescraping with it’s LEFT side, and ONLY it’s LEFT SIDE.

    The KV4 Kreslavsky was only added to this game for the use of a shitty new CW reward, so players without clan or below average WR would not cry all day with their opinion that ” WG gives good tanks only to their 5% CW clans, mimimimimi”

    If WG would have choose the AMX M4 mle.49, the Rheinmetall Skorpion or the T25 Pilot Nr.1 , then all this mentioned players would cry again and whine and shitstorm WG for giving good Tanks on CW events like always.
    Nevertheless stupid human beeings and special snowflakes will still cry cause in their opinion this KV4 K. is OP even though it is even written on “paper” that it’s not.

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