Decorations Easter Egg


Today, Yuri Pasholok shared something in his garage that made me smile:


If you look closely and if you’ve been part of the World of Tanks community long enough you know immediately what the “easter egg” is.

For those who don’t:

It’s the Mighty Serb’s nerf tool!

Love it! 🙂

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Decorations Easter Egg

26 thoughts on “Decorations Easter Egg

  1. PeterOHanrahaHanrahan says:

    there’s even more to it. in russian запилит means to create something in a form you want, to produce something. for example запилит танчик meants to introduce a tank, former job of serb.

  2. Rick says:

    WG and MM are full of crap.They say they make changes but nothing changes.Used to be I got the same map after a defeat,then that changed for a bit and now its back to that same thing.Too many times getting same map ,same tank after a loss.Their change was a change back showing how limited their options are.Even battles with same weight tanks can result in a blowout.They need to incorporate skill.

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