Deffender not to be sold on EU

Forum announcement by WG staffer Kandly

Many of you already noticed that players in some other regions of the world have the opportunity to get their hands on the Defender in February. We would like to be as transparent with you as possible about this question and let you know that currently we have no plans to put this vehicle on sale on the European Server for now.

Here is why:
When the Defender was first introduced back in 2017, many of you expressed concerns about its in-game performance as you considered it to be too powerful. We took the time to analyse the situation carefully and – after looking at the data and your feedback – we came to the conclusion that the tank should not be put on sale as long as we considered it to be problematic.
Fast forward to today, a lot of work has been accomplished on the overall game balance, changing the metagame significantly, and leading us to re-assess the state of the Defender. While we still believe the vehicle to be a good one, we also believe the current meta no longer makes it the be-all-end-all of top-tier heavies. However, we know that the European community has had particularly strong concerns about the Defender since it has been introduced. For this reason, we have decided not to re-introduce the vehicle in Europe for now.

We understand that some of you might not agree with this decision, and we will continue to pay particular attention to reading your feedback about this topic. Please continue to share your thoughts about the Defender, we will be listening.

See you on the battlefield!

Personal note. Then they bring in the Russian tech tree changes.

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Deffender not to be sold on EU

56 thoughts on “Deffender not to be sold on EU

  1. T. Duncan says:

    It is either OP or it is not. If it is OK to sell it in all the other regions then it is OK to sell it in the EU region, if it is OP in the EU then it is OP everywhere. Another cash grab with inconsistent excuses. Just be honest and say you want to sell the vehicle where people care less about it being balanced.

      1. Sandor Nagy says:

        We, EU players, got a big FU to our face because of the whiners… simple. Other regions were smart enough not to cry. Learn from it.

      2. Oh, I personally don’t care. I just have doubts about their reasoning. It seems like just another excuse. I think they should just adjust the tank to better fit the metagame. I don’t buy into this whole ‘they are not allowed to change premium tanks’, for one because it should be allowed if it is necessary for balancing, and secondly because they already have done it for some in the past.

    1. Anonymous says:

      They handed out the type59 and it simply lots its magic before that anyway.
      The defender is the new most wanted tank and they are trolling us.

      If these game balancing factors are taken in consideration then why sell E25, Skorpion on XMAS? Or these new russian tanks.. lol

      What a load of shit

    2. Genn Greymane says:

      They just said they’re not giong to sell it “for now”. So you can probably expect it on sale during the next noteworthy event.

  2. Alexandrow says:

    Imagine my shock *cough* E-25 *cough*. So let me get this straight: you create an OP tank, release it on the market, people buy it. You make enough profit and then suddenly you realize that it’s OP and pull it out stating that you never gonna sell it. Until some new event when you graciously announce you gonna sell it for limited time in some 200 eu bundle for us, the players. And this is a win-win situation – people will rush to buy it, because it might never show up again (hahahaha) and those who meet it in game will most probably empty their prem rounds reserve. You can almost hear what’s in WG’s mind – Ka-Ching!

    1. They took the E-25 out of the premium shop from normal circulation. They never said it would never, ever, be sold again. They never, at any point, said they would NEVER sell the Obj 252U again. That was assumption. They took it from being sold for an undisclosed time. This same thing will happen when the FCM is on sale again… a tank that they never said they would never sale again. Conspiracy theories that have obvious flaws are bad conspiracies.

      1. True, but they took their d*mn time to take it out of the store. It took them weeks, if not months to get that E-25 out of circulation, during which they still included it in several sales and events.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They also said that they will never again sell E25 and they sell it every christmas, also simple nerf to defenders front armor and damage would make it balanced

  4. DickHerMax says:

    “However, we know that the European community has had particularly strong concerns about the Defender since it has been introduced. For this reason, we have decided not to re-introduce the vehicle in Europe for now.”

    In other words, they are angry with us and will wait until we beg them to sell it again 😀

  5. xxtechmanxx says:

    You know I dont really think the Defender is the problematic Tank anymore, try to play Tier 9 and fight those new fuckin Objects… Not Penetrateable from the Side except for a small strip and front is also a joke when you play with sub 200mm guns on Tier 8 & 7

  6. Nameless says:

    Unbelievable. War-fucking-gaming has, for once, decided not to sell an overpowered premium on a server.
    But they’re still selling it on all other servers… huh, silly you WG, you never learn from your mistakes, do you?

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s not WG in general u twat, only their EU division. They leave regions autonomous when it comes to their servers marketplace.

  7. Anonymous says:

    – we know its too powerful
    – you may not have it
    – you may have fun fighting all the other people owning it
    – hahaha

  8. Anonymous says:

    E25 isn’t OP.
    1. The gun is Ok at T5, kinda bad at T7 as it verses T29s, T32s, IS3s and Jap heavies.
    2. It has no armour. Yes, that 1 in 1000 badly aimed shot will bounce, but that doesn’t happen constatnly.
    3. Mobility doesn’t mean much in small corridor maps
    4. It is nearly unplayable on current maps because of the render distance and corridor map design
    -you either shoot at people,get spotted and destroyed or they are behind a rock, a building or terrain.

    I do have an E25, I prefer to play Panther II, IS-3 or SU-100M1.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I really disagree. E25 is fantastic. It may have not high pen or dmg but insane dpm. I play it like a scout without a turret. You spot a weak point in enemy defences shoot them a couple of times and in the time it takes to face you you are long gone annoying someone else! And if all fails and can’t pen anything you can easily just scout (camo is op since its the old school one).

      1. Anonymous says:

        I used to be able to play it with good results, but I got bored of WoT and stopped playing for a while, when I came back I had lost my skill.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I never use gold.
        Even on test server.
        I want to see the real performance of a tank, not a buffed copy of it.

      2. Nameless says:

        So do I but the majority do the opposite.
        So it works. Not much you can do besides testing your computer for bunjee jumping abilities.

  9. Dusk says:

    This will only ad to its notoriety and because of it and will make even more money for them at a later date.

    Type 59 all over again.

  10. Nocomment says:

    “Personal note. Then they bring in the Russian tech tree changes.”

    Once those changes have bedded in then the Defender won’t seem so bad after all and can safely be sold again for many roubles.

  11. I dont see what some people’s problem is. you have two options: continue to fire regular ammo out your tier 7 heavy and bounce the defenders front armor and lose, or press 2 key, spend the extra credits, win the match, and subsequently make more credits because you won. its a clear choice to me

      1. Robopon says:

        Who cares? Historically ammo evolved to beat enemy armor. I personally think that all ammo should cost roughly the same.

  12. Peter Nunn says:

    Tanks are either OP or not.

    Whether it’s the Defender, E25 or whatever. If it is, but you won’t take it out of the game (because people spent real money on it), nerf it until it’s not OP. If it’s not OP, sell it like everywhere else.

  13. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, can’t wait for it to appear in a year in a 100$ bundle.
    Besides, it doesn’t even matter anymore. The game is so broken right now I couldn’t give less shit about the amount of Defenders driving around.
    440 hit from a Defender or a 490 from a camping Cancerion G, I can barely see the difference.

  14. skivster says:

    They maybe not sell it for €urosponges, but it wont stop them from making it winnable at a lottery in exchange for tokens bought for €urosponges

  15. DZ says:

    LOL… good for you all, you keep whining like little girls every time u think a tank is OP, this is what u get, u bunch of whiners.. pubbie shitlords = if i can’t right click, spam my 2 key and pen a tank, it must be OP because…. LEARNING WEAK SPOTS IS TOO HARD wah wha f-ing wah

  16. Dead says:

    problem is, to many of the wanker pubbies got to used to pref MM tier 8 tanks.. and for some reason, think all NON-Pref MM tanks need to be just as bad… sorry, once again, its the shitty pubbies whining all the time that are ruining the game..

  17. I have been excluded from my clans tier 8 clan wars 3 nights in a row, guess why?. BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A DEFENDER.
    By NOT selling the defender you hamstring your own game WG. You prevent new players from forming competitive clans, you prevent old players from competing in clan wars, at a critical time when you need new players to join WoT PC, you pull weird inexplicable marketing stunts. Well done. *Slow clap*.
    I’m a prisoner on SEA server btw, no sale there either as yet.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      look, a clan that insists that an IS3 or especially the VK 100 isn’t a good substitute for Defender, they are not worth your honor. that is, if you have any. knowing SEA (me being a SEA veteran), i doubt there remains any more old honourable players like me left, who uses no gold shells…we old demons are indeed a rare breed.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yep, long time sea player. Never cared for CW because of chasing the meta. Don’t shoot gold on principles, it’s such a stupid mechanic for balance.

  18. Q says:

    If only there was some sort of test server, where tanks could be tested to see how they match against their peers so this could be avoided…

  19. Toodlepip says:

    The damage has already been done – the thing has been on sale long enough, after all. This is nothing but a marketing stunt. I feel sorry for the community managers that have to sell Wargaming’s bullshit to us.

  20. Anonymous says:

    WG is only saying this so that hey can sold it later in 99e or 150e package with some gold and Tetrarch. And idiots will still buy it becouse they fell in the op meme. Defender is one of the easiest tank to kill if you just use some brains and hope enemy isnt using theirs, semi op tanks tend to make their drivers overestimate themselfs..

    1. Partybooper says:

      But that’s the wrong way to judge it. You have to compare the maximum potential of a tank against the maximum potential of another tank – that includes the player.
      Hey, I would win in any tier 10 tank against a super red tomato in any tier 10 tank. Does that mean that the tanks are “semi-balanced”? No!

      Me in an Object 140 would win probably at least 7 or 8 times out of 10 against me in a Leopard 1.

      But of course I would rip apart a terrible player in an Object 140 when I’m in my Leopard 1. But that’s not the way to compare them.

      In average conditions, two players with the same set of (high) skills facing each other, one in the Defender, the other one in the, let’s say, IS-3 (which is already a good heavy at tier 8). Who would win?
      That’s the right comparison.

      1. Anonymous says:

        And now you are making those same overestimations. Obj.140 and Leo1 have different roles all together. (Leo being long range sniper where obj is brawler)
        Also, IS-3 vs. Defender and most of time its IS-3 who wins.

  21. Anonymous says:

    De defender is not that OP longer reload tegen is-3 and not that hard i can penetrade his hatch with a kv5
    Wot have a plan to sell the defender with alot of profit later
    About OP every tier X Vs tier 8 is OP

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