From WoT NA.

A bit of an infomercial For newer players or those looking for a new line to grind.

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2 thoughts on “DESTINATION TANKS: USA.

  1. madogthefirst says:

    Really mention the turd that is the Jumbo but leaves out the glorious Easy 8 the true big brother to the tier 5 M4. No mention of the Pershing or M46 which are arguably the best MT in their respective tier. If it were me I would mention the M48 simply because I love the damn thing, so damn comfy to play.

    Then there is the M6 that has the most “balanced” gun of the tier 6 HTs.

    There was no mention of any TD which surprising given how the OP T67 is still a thing. Of course there is the M10 that is better balanced and generally good at everything. There is also the 90mm Gun Motor Carriage M36 Slugger/Jackson which has its historical armament and is all around a better TD that the M18 Hellcat that uses an unhistorical top gun. (Just saying)

  2. nrnstraswa says:

    Yeah kinda surprised the Pershing wasn’t mentioned or anything higher than tier 7 for that matter.
    My destination tank is definitely the M48 Patton, on the Pershing atm and love it.

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