Detailed Stat changes to Top tier Italians

We have Detail stat Screen shots with English overlays of the latest changes in supertest. We will compare with  this post HERE. Thanks to WoT News for the original Russian Tank Inspector screen shots. English overlays by myself. Old first new second, the changes include camo guns health and many other things, take a close look. Note these new screen shots don’t include the drum reload or DPM stats that were giving such bogus numbers.

P.44 Pantera

Prototipo Standard B

Progetto M40 mod 65


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Detailed Stat changes to Top tier Italians

10 thoughts on “Detailed Stat changes to Top tier Italians

  1. Indy_ah says:

    Hmmmm less armor, less engine power, less weight and therefore more dpm and camo. I dont know, they seem to be pretty meh when compared to other vehicles. But ill wait and see.

  2. Nicola Faraone says:

    Why 90/53 italian gun, in pantera, has 165 mm penetration ????
    Real penetration is 152 mm like in p43 ter (90/53 gun in game has 152mm penetration in p43 ter tier 7 )

    Please support our official forum page about p43 quater (with real italian project 90/71 gun without autoreload) in tier 8 instead this improbable panther.

  3. Anonymous says:

    More Camo
    Less PW/T
    Less armor

    If they are trying to make this a med long distance tank, maybe they should change the acc too. Like 0.32 should be good.

  4. Black_death_X says:

    Indeed! I see very strange stats and not only for the DPM (maybe the translating) I.E. see the hull armor for Tier 10 (40 in front 120 in the side).
    Very sorry for yur work but those “stats” are totally useless.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Once again WG show how idiotic and biased they are – let’s nerf the armour of those tanks, that almost don’t have it, but keep it on the Obj 268 4 and other ruski stronk tenks, DA

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fuck wg. Tier 10 is shit armor. And they say that it works best mid to short range on the official web page…

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