Dev. Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

The upcoming Swedish tech tree branch.

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Dev. Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

11 thoughts on “Dev. Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

    1. I’m still trying to figure out what researchable turret they have for the UDES 16.

      Or where the engine power and speed went from it and the 15/16…

      I’m cautiously excited for them, well the 16 at least

      1. there were two nearly identical designs of the UDES 14E (or 16 as it was later called) thatdiffered slightly in the length of the magazine behind the turret, there might have been some difference in the armor as well but iirc there was not

        as for the power to weight ratio and that stuff, thats just what you have to expect from current wagaming, they have not cared about any historical stat since early 2016

      2. Though I wouldn’t put it past WG to throw the UDES 14A turret onto it.

        I honestly don’t know why WG are so intent on butchering the Swedish tanks

    1. If it had power to weight or top speed then sure. Tier 10s got similar speed and power to weight as the M48.

      If it had the 544hp engine and estimated 70km/h top speed then sure. But in typical WG fashion they’ve given it an impenetrable turret while reducing mobility and gun handling

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