Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks

Soon, Italian heavy tanks will give their debut on the battlefield in the World of Tanks Supertest!

These vehicles will feature a unique auto-reloading system. Check out our latest developer diary, where the developers share all the details about the upcoming branch and the new mechanic.

We’d love to know your opinion of the new tanks. So, please share your feedback in the forum or below the video.

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Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks

3 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks

  1. Viddernas_Man says:

    Japanese TDs, Italian TDs, Swiss tech tree… But they want to put this line in because they can make the stats whatever they please.

  2. Soooo…we are getting what? Tier VIII. premium with 1000dmg per 6s, 50km/h and 13hp/t, 240mm ufp, 310 front turret armour, even better auto-reloader cause the standard ones are not OP enough, -10° depression? Oh..BuT iT iS BaLaNCeD bY 2.7S aIm TiMe

    This is a joke! This tank can f*cking 1v1 most tier IX. heavies!

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