Developer Diaries Online: Equipment 2.0

A new test is happening on the Sandbox Server. The vehicle preparation panel in the Garage will be reworked, and the Equipment system will be changed.

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Developer Diaries Online: Equipment 2.0

9 thoughts on “Developer Diaries Online: Equipment 2.0

  1. Tachenk0 says:

    I agree with equipment slots on low tiers being removed. I STRONGLY dissagree with only one/two consumable slots on tier II-IV! So if I play my 100€ premium tank or any vehicle I would like to play for fun, I cant have to choose if I want to make my crew alive, my modules fixed or die burning??? That sounds stupid.

    I like that change with Equipment classes being Tier dependant and not Class or tank class. It made no sence that Tiger had to use 600k rammer and E-50M with higher caliber had cheaper rammer.

    I really dont like those -/+ 2s to boing spotted effect equipment….that should be fixed at 10s and not changable….

    With some of those changes to equipments, the game becomes more of RPG title….you know what…I like it. We are way past the “historic” point. If something changes gameplay for better even not being historic/being more of a game mechanic, I welcome it.

    Specialized eqipment slots….hmm….well.. if balanced right, I like these changes. Could mean no more meds with 500m view range making LTs obsolete.

    Specialized sets of equipment….I dont know…could work 😀 Dont know why would I change some equipment…It costs 500/600k. Meaning to have 2 sets of equipment I need 3+ mil. of credits. That is half of another Tier X vehicle :/

    I would love multiple tureted tanks, I would love to have some high caliber MGs and canons mounted on tanks to work. Can you imagine that you could spray a passing EBR with a 14.5mm on your heavy? It would be amazing. Jap heavies would have their small turrets with canons do something.

    Also the “Collector vehicle” change should bring one thing to us. Some vehicles that did not fitted the Tech trees but existed in real life/plans. They could add that now! They dont have to be made premium tanks like they were before.

    I would also love to see German halftrack and wheeled vehicles.

    1. Michael says:

      But if they remove the equipment slots from all tech tree tanks but not from your PZ2J (cos it’s a premium), don’t you think it will be even more OP?

  2. Exo Nut says:

    GOLD AMMO!!! This is t he paramount problem of this game and why WoT is losing players. Bringing in new players won’t fix that.

    1. OUTFIT says:

      premium ammo and the fact that you NEED to use it. at least that made me quit. tanks that were compeltely invulnerable to standard ammo.

  3. Sadly many vehicles will have bad equiptment slots and will therefore not get any good equiptment and you can still circumvent the entire system with bond equiptment which is better than it is now since it gets buffed the game becomes to much pay to win with these changes and i cant wait for the bond version of the getting less spotted equitpment etc now if you dont play Gold spam ranked battles you dont get to play competetive machines

  4. Maltratatoru says:

    who in the right mind will change their rammer optics/vents and vstab for those things, most of them useless? improved hardening? really !? if wg will give us 2 or even 3 extra slots, then i will mount something else too.

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